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Well that’s one creepy goddamn cartoon (Updated)

Even hamsters are creeped out

Rooting around amongst antifeminist memes yesterday I found a cartoon that threw me for a loop — a macabre vision of body horror disguised as a cute cartoon. At first you just notice that it’s a cartoon of a happy young woman on a bike — then, perhaps only microseconds later, you glance down and YAAGGHH WHAT IS THAT WHAT THE FUCK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS LEGS!?!!

Here you go:

Somehow the cutesy style just makes this creepier. I mean, I watch David Cronenberg movies for fun and this is a bit much for me.

What’s even more unsettling than seeing this meme is thinking about the sort of person who could come up with something like this. Someone who sees #feminism and thinks: Yes that is exactly like if a woman used a man for a wheel on her bike and ground his legs off.

Well, that’s our lesson in art appreciation today.


From Bernt, in the comments:

Long time reader, first time commenter. The artist’s name is Joan Cornella. I have read several of his publications, and I take them as an interesting though disturbing critique of the smug oblivion of ableism and privilege. I highly doubt he put the text there himself.

Also this, from Pazuzu’s Petals:

It’s a repurposed Joan Cornellá cartoon. Dude makes all kind of surreal, unsettling comics and cartoons like that. Some are funny, some are just a step or two up from stupid edgelordism. Dude has no particular political bent in his work that I’ve noticed. Some asshole just saw that and was like “omg #relatable” and decided to run with it.

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Chris Oakley
8 months ago

“Creepy” is too mild a word to describe this cartoon. One look at it and Hannibal Lecter would be like “WTF?!!!!!”

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