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Watch out for the womb burglars, Gender Critical Redditors warn

At the baby factory

You may remember the MGTOW I wrote about who wanted to use human wombs as a sort of deluxe version of a 3-D printer — though only after removing the wombs from possibly unwilling donors.

This may be the most extreme example, but quite a few MGTOWs (and some alt-rightists) are obsessed with the idea of the artificial womb, which they believe could make cis women obsolete.

Now some Gender Critical types are getting just as worked up about artificial wombs but for an opposite reason: they want to shut down all research on uteri. “In this nightmarish dystopia we need to keep an eye on our wombs,” a Gender Critical Redditor called carnalhag wrote in a recent post on the FightFemaleErasure subreddit.

She posted a meme to make her point clearer:

“Don’t think this is outside the realm of possibility, wrote a commenter called sickendImagination, “this could definitely happen. The question to ask is, ‘why wouldn’t they?'”

ShmookyTheOpossum agreed:

These men have no shame, trying [to] make the pipe dream of birthing a child from a dead woman’s uterus come true.

When one decidedly non-Gender Critical Redditor asked the OP and her supporters why they were against organ donation, the question inspired a small flood of comments from a Gender Crit called Nuclear-Nuggets.

[T]his is sick shit. Only females need uteruses. It’s why no male has one. It’s not a heart or a kidney. Donating this organ will not improve any male’s health

The critic pressed further, asking

Would [artificial wombs] not make women’s lives so much easier? Would that not make childrearing so much easier for same-sex couples?

Nuclear_Nuggets went ballistic:

There’s no need to be venturing down of this perverted, disgusting & abominable road of trying to defy our biology to this extent so trans-freaks can cross off one more thing on the list of things that don’t make them men/women like cisgender people, because that’s all this is really about.

It’s good that none of these people — the MGTOWs, the alt-rightists or the Gender Crits — have any say in this research.

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Sheila Crosby
10 months ago

I believe there are people working on making 3D printed kidneys a reality. I don’t know how close they are and I don’t have hours to sort the hype from the reality.

But artificial wombs? I’d have loved to “park” my pregnancy for 48 hours so I could enjoy alcohol and mayonnaise and/or climb a steep hill and breathe without having a baby crammed under my diaphragm. Far more importantly, one of my friends would have loved anything that would carry a baby for the full 9 months instead of getting to almost 8 and then malfunctioning. Three times. I’d support research that might save other people from going through that.

10 months ago

Surplus – Yep. Didn’t think that part through while sitting in front of my wooden desk eating a pop-tart.

Not enough coffee. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

10 months ago

I would gladly give away my womb, I don’t use it and it only gives me physical pain

Yui Han
Yui Han
10 months ago

I have to admit the idea of artificial wombs is scary precisely because I start to believe that some people would really do try to remove women because of it.

I’ve stumbled over a discussion on Reddit were people debated on how “Real Dolls” and other forms of robotic women would mean we should screen for female embryos and control their numbers. Because we would only need a few women to stabilize the number of people and any additional females were just a burden on society. It’s easy to find more articles and opinions on that and the idea is always: if we had artificial women, that would make people who are born as women obsolete.

Their argumentation is of course that women are naturally inferior and it would be better to have more males. They do not even debate on that, it’s given as a fact.

9 months ago

If someone wants my uterus, they can have it

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