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Natural Getting the COVID vaccine is pretty much exactly like being gassed in a Nazi death camp

These are happening too

Natural News is a health site gone bad, given over to New Age quackery and right-wing conspiracy theories. It won’t shock you to learn that the people running the site aren’t exactly big fans of the COVID vaccine.

But it might surprise to see just how much they hate the vaccines and the lengths the site will go to try and discredit them. Consider the post that recently ran there under the headline (deep breath now):

Bad logic of vaccine zealots is like Nazis claiming Jews were “procrastinating” for failing to report to concentration death camps and gas chambers

Let’s try to break this down. Thankfully the post itself, written by S.D. Wells is a little easier to follow than the headline.

Vaccine promoters and fanatics describe anyone who refuses the deadly China Flu jabs as experiencing “hesitancy” and guilty of “procrastination” because those fanatical vax-freaks don’t want to talk about all the injuries and deaths caused by the Covid vaccines, and vaccines in general, as the true cause.

Hey, I claimed it was easier to follow. I didn’t say it made any sense.

Anyone who has not gone through with the gene therapy, blood-clotting, heart inflaming inoculations for China Flu are not “hesitant” or “procrastinating.” We’re not talking about crossing a busy street or putting off mowing the lawn here. We talking about deadly, invasive medical procedures where the risks far outweigh the benefits, if there even are any.

This allegedly “invasive”medical procedure consists of a quick prick in the arm. But neve rmind, because HERE COME THE NAZIs!

The CDC and WHO are trying to downplay the dangers of vaccination, like the Nazis explained to the Jews who didn’t want to board the trains that they were just going to ghettos were they will be joined by like people.

Not sure these things are in any way comparable, but let’s continue on to see if they explain this strange logic in more length.

The Nazis also told the Jews they were going into mass shower facilities, when in fact the SS police were dropping deadly insecticide pellets in the air ducts and trapping the Jews until they were gassed to death. Nothing to see here except some stinky smoke from the “processing plant.” Anyone with gas chamber “hesitancy” should stop procrastinating and walk on in.

Nah, it’s still not making much sense. this attempt to equate a jab in the arm with the world’s most infamous mass killings.

Oddly, the more they try to flesh out their “logic” the more confusing it gets.

How can the CDC and FDA convince the other 50% of Americans that the vaccine gas chambers are “safe and effective?”

Are you procrastinating getting all of these “side effects” induced in your body and brain so you won’t catch the common cold or the flu? You must be a right wing extremist or something. You’ll be getting a “friendly” visit from Jill Biden and some armed FEMA goons (SS-Vaccine-Police) called “Strike Force” soon to end your hesitancy and that nagging procrastination problem.

It’s true that BIden has talked about sending teams door-to-door to try to nudge more people into getting the shots, but we’re not talking armed Gestapo thugs. Calling these doorbell-ringers a “strike force” seems to have been a really bad choice, though; along with Natural News, Infowars and other far-right conspiracy mongers are having a field day predicting the worst.

No worries. There are re-education camps in America where you can be bussed or taken by train where the CDC and FDA can help you overcome (by forced vaccination at gunpoint) your petty fears and dispel those senseless myths about the gas chambers (dirty Covid vaccines).

I don’t think they mean any of this literally; they’re just sort of taking the Nazi comparison to its logical conclusion. But I can’t help but wonder how many readers will assume it’s the literal truth.

The article ends with a casually chilling bit of self-promotion:

[C]heck out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

Ah, yes, the “vaccine holocaust.” Is that what they’re calling it these days? I cal it “getting a shot that may save your life.”

Despite it all — the scaremongering, the lies, the whole Nazi thing — I do have to give the folks at a one-handed clap for at least remembering that the Nazis were the bad guys, which is rare on the far-right these days.

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Castrating Harpy
Castrating Harpy
2 years ago

Ooooof, so the linked “side effects” article takes you to a post regarding a UK report apparently stating that the majority of COVID deaths are now in vaccinated people. I waded through several layers of similar blog posts before I found a link to the original report.

Notably, this is a report on variants of concern, not on fatality and vaccination. However, there is a table on pages 13-14 showing stats for Delta-variant-positive cases presenting to emergency departments by vaccination status. Of 117 people who died within 28 days of testing COVID Delta positive, 44 were unvaccinated, 50 received two vaccine doses, 20 received one dose, and 3 had unknown vaccination status.

Obviously none of the anti-vax sites accurately reported on this data, and they certainly didn’t point out the very first line of the report: of 92,029 total Delta-variant cases, only 7,235 were in people who had received two vaccine doses. Furthermore, the report doesn’t state (presumably for lack of data) how long post-second-dose the two-dose individuals were, or how many were potentially infected before receiving their second dose. Nor do they mention that of the 8 people under age 50 who died, none were fully vaccinated.

OK, back to doing the science I actually get paid for.

Katherine the Adequate
Katherine the Adequate
2 years ago

What I don’t get about these far righties is expediting the vaccines was Trump’s doing. Trump, their saint. I think he even took the jab. So have lots of others on the right holding political office. Are they part of the conspiracy (TM) too? Maybe? Of course Trump also caught COVID and to this day gives it an anti-Asian slur for a nickname. So, that probably appeases them. Still, he got the vaccine and allowed it to hit the market.

These people contradict themselves so much it makes my head hurt.

Edit again, my whole family and I have had the Moderna series. We’re all alive and kicking. And I’ve seen before. What a site, chock full of medical wisdom from the 1930s, some done by doctors who weren’t convinced of the germ theory. And not getting the smallpox vaccine was healthier, some wrote.

Last edited 2 years ago by Katherine the Adequate
Chris Lombardi
2 years ago

David, know that your work is _essential._ And my most right-wing relatives are all natural-foods woo-woo types. This one is spot on.

2 years ago

Natural News is a quackery site that was never anything *but* bad.

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