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Messages designed to ruin your Fathers’ Day from the MGTOW subreddit

I‘m not sure which of these is worse. This first message is from a father to his son, who is also a father, and it’s mostly about how shitty the “females” of the world have been to both of them, allegedly.

Father’s Day (self.MGTOW)

submitted 4 hours ago by Adventurous_Line_943

My son I am proud of you. All the distractions of life and the harping of females… it’s all noise in the machine. You work hard everyday, and I see it. You struggle with your personal demons, and I see it. You set the alarm, work an honest days labor for an honest days wage, and I see it. I let you down on occasion because I had to work, and I see it. I didn’t take you on all the trips, or teach you all you needed to know, and I see it. I was not perfect, and I see it. You have been betrayed by females so many times, and I see it. You have had children of your own, and languish whether you should divorce or bear the burden, and I see it. You are my son. I am your father. You are a good man. In you my son, I am well pleased. My son.

This one is, if anything, even ruder to the mothers of the world.

Father's Day is a time of mourning not celebration. (self.MGTOW)

submitted 8 hours ago * by MGTOW_and_Bitcoin

We have to be willing to acknowledge the absolute death of fatherhood.

This is not that we can't as fathers acknowledge other fathers, at least so long as that term carries only symbolic meaning.

To all the men who did not want to have children my heart goes out to you and your children for their mother selfish acts.

For all the disillusioned fatherd who believe they have been a father: thoes that choose to ignore the fact that -if they were impactful, it was because the mother allowed you to feel that way.

But most of all my heart goes out to all the men who wanted to be a father and was refused that opportunity to decide how to raise that child.

You are all good men in my opinion.

I suggest that we refuse to go along with the empty platitudes and celebrations, rather I think we should spend the day in mourning.

Have a happy non-MGTOW Fathers’ Day, everyone.

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37 replies on “Messages designed to ruin your Fathers’ Day from the MGTOW subreddit”

Ding, dangit… I sent a txt to my son (also a daddy), and I got one from him, but we BOTH forgot to even MENTION the awfulness of women. Guess we were too caught up in the “father’s day” thing….

In you, my son, I am well pleased.

Isn’t that something from the Bible? Jesus-related? (Christian upbringing, spotty memory.)

Mildly related: My boyfriend took me out to a restaurant for my birthday today (I’m 33! restaurants are finally open again!) but on the metro I was working on a Sanskrit translation exercise for my linguistics class. One sentence was particularly stubborn, so I went “Jesus, this sentence is hard” and then “I mean, Vishnu, this sentence is hard” (Vishnu being mentioned in the next one).

I keep doing stuff at the last minute. 🙁 But the restaurant was nice.

As for Father’s Day! I feel a bit bad about not remembering. My dad just came back from a week-long trip (he had to go to the next province to get a minor surgery done) and I forgot to say Happy Father’s Day. No wonder he waited after he said “Happy Birthday” to me; I didn’t catch the hint.

But yes, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers…except if you blame everything on women, you’re going to make yourselves and/or other people miserable. So don’t do that.

OT : I have had a lot of discussion about police and what to do with it. Which lead me to the fact I don’t have a good reference for a project to replace the current police. Outside of the anarchist PoV of replacing it by nothing.

I would say we really need to have more specialized services instead of a one-size-fit-all police that do everything from helping domestic violence victims to arrest dangerous criminals. But I am not sure it would solve all the problems, nor that it would be practical in smaller communities.

This was a hard Father’s Day weekend for me this year. I read a dad joke to Mr. Parasol, commented that it was EXACTLY the sort of joke my dad would’ve liked, and then burst into tears.

These animal dads set a better example than our MGTOW friends.

There’s maybe also some advice for incels; or is this gorilla PUA tips?

Some evidence suggests that might be part of what makes the 400-pound apes so attractive to females in their group. “We think what’s going on is that females prefer the males who are nice to kids, and spend time with kids,”

completely OT for this thread, with apologies; I just noticed that one of the two organisations that Corbyn names in this tweet is the very one that Alan mentioned the other day – ShelterBox

Happy to highlight the work of two fantastic, innovative British charities :


, who I met a few years ago & Cornwall-based


who work with local partners to help refugees & displaced people – not just during #WorldRefugeeWeek but 365 days a year.

@ VP

All the internet hugs to you. Loss is hard, and anniversaries/special days can be real tough.

Hang in there.

@ Ohlmann

I am no expert, but from what I’ve gleaned in casual online readings, you’ve about hit it on the head: Not complete elimination of the police (unfortunately we need armed people willing to go hands on and hunt the most dangerous game), but a reduction, and the addition of other services such as trained people to intervene in mental health crises, more EMTs, private investigators, that sort of thing, so the cops really only need concern themselves with the more violent offenders. It sounds good in theory, but like you, I have my doubts. Still, it is certainly worth a try.

Father’s Day – one of only 365 or 366 days a year dedicated to complaining about the ladies.

@epitome of incomprehensibility:

As for Father’s Day! I feel a bit bad about not remembering.

That’s a perennial problem with all holidays and occasions that refuse to stay put on the calendar, unlike decent well-behaved ones like Hallowe’en, Christmas, Canada Day, Independence Day, and people’s birthdays. You can’t just memorize a date, let the blatantly obvious commercial spamming of the upcoming event jog your memory once it gets to a couple of weeks away (months in the case of Christmas), get a card, and make plans for Month the Someteenth. Instead, you’ll be vaguely aware that it’s coming up, but uncertain what date it actually is, and then at some point you decide to go look it up somewhere, and surprise! It was yesterday. Or worse, you decide to go shopping on what turns out to be the exact day and when you get there, surprise! The stores are all fucking closed in the middle of what would be their normal operating hours on any other Monday. Or you go to work and everything’s locked and darkened and there’s nobody there. Etc.

I’d wonder if it was all a conspiracy to sell reminder apps, except that it’s been this way since before the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’s eye.


Which lead me to the fact I don’t have a good reference for a project to replace the current police. Outside of the anarchist PoV of replacing it by nothing.

Which wouldn’t work. Some biker gang would appoint themselves the replacement, unilaterally. “True” anarchy is unstable against some group gathering (or making) a bunch of guns and than declaring their leader to be Emperor Whatsit.

Avoiding despotism seems to be achieved in practice, when it is achieved, by having multiple competing power centers, and particularly by distributing power out toward the edges of the network. The problem with doing that with weapons, specifically, is that you get a lot of local fiefdoms that get into turf wars around their edges. See also: medieval Europe.

So you need some armed group to have a monopoly on all of the stronger weapons, but to lack autonomy to do much more than maintain that monopoly against would-be usurpers. They need to be legally compelled to follow the orders of a civilian government authority, and that then needs to have the power distributed out to the edges. In theory, that’s what happens with the police: the vast majority are the metropolitan police of some city, under the command of local politicians chosen by local elections. The military meanwhile is restrained by (in the US) the Posse Comitatus Act to mainly operate abroad, and control of them (and of federal law enforcement) is supposed to be vested in an elected federal legislature that draws representatives from districts spread out all over the country, again spreading out geographically the power.

In practice, of course, we’ve seen these systems corrupted up and down, from election irregularities to special-interest capture of the federal government to corrupt LEOs and military units, and we’ve seen cops and soldiers carry out coups in various places and times, rather than remain obedient to the civilian government. Even in the US, there was police and military complicity in the failed putsch on January 6.

It’s definitely a thorny problem.


Not complete elimination of the police (unfortunately we need armed people willing to go hands on and hunt the most dangerous game), but a reduction, and the addition of other services such as trained people to intervene in mental health crises, more EMTs, private investigators, that sort of thing, so the cops really only need concern themselves with the more violent offenders.

I’d be concerned that the “trained people to intervene in mental health crises” will end up given the power to have people committed, and this will inevitably get abused against the usual targets of oppression, and against “troublemakers” who give the wealthy and powerful sufficient sleepless nights, as a way to have people imprisoned indefinitely without trial. That could end with replacing the police with something even worse, since at least the police are limited to two options: summary execution, with an escalating risk of triggering widespread civil unrest, or the whole arraignment/trial/jury verdict route, habeas corpus rights, defense attorneys, and all.

Notably, they can’t remove a troublemaker without making a lot of noise. Either there’s a dead body on the spot, and likely eyewitnesses, or there’s an arrest record and other paperwork at a bare minimum. That it happened at all will quickly become public, and judicial review is very likely to occur at some point — always, if someone is arraigned.

Empower the cops or their replacements to quietly disappear people without trial and we’re immediately staring down the barrel of defacto dictatorship.

In theory, there’s a defense right now: don’t actually break the law, try to have an active enough social life to be alibied for every minute of every day, don’t arm yourself, and stay very still in the presence of police so there’s no way they can think (or just argue later) that you are drawing a weapon on them. Then — again in theory — they can’t shoot you, they can’t hold you for very long without arraignment, and you then get to have a lawyer and your day in court and if you didn’t break the law you should have a strong defense. In practice, they can still get you, at least with a good enough roll of the dice as it were, but you made it difficult for them, and impossible for them to do it without raising a public fuss.

Against widespread agents of the state with the power to commit people to asylums, there’s no defense whatsoever. They say you’re a danger to yourself and others and need to be confined, then they lock you up, and then they throw away the key. No trial, no defense, no lawyers, not even a guaranteed maximum sentence duration after which they have no choice but to let you go; no way out unless they decide of their own volition to release you some day. They hold all of the cards and don’t have to roll any kind of dice. There’s no contest that you can potentially win by some combination of ingenuity, luck, and not actually having done anything wrong, where if you do win they have to abide by the rules and let you go no matter their own preferences. All that will matter is the “prosecutor”‘s preferences, and the preferences of the government higher-ups and their wealthy shadowy backers who are holding the prosecutors’ leashes.

It’s an authoritarian’s dream and a maverick outcast’s nightmare. Someone can just knock on your door one day, for any or no discernible reason, who is holding the combined powers of cop, prosecutor, judge, jury, and jailer and feels like using them. After we’ve just spent centuries trying to separate out all of those powers into separate people in separate organizations with various (however flawed) oversight mechanisms precisely to mitigate the danger presented by having such a concentration of power in one individual, whose whims and potentially corrupt dealings would never be exposed to public scrutiny, let alone the withering glare of cross-examination at trial.

@45: “hunt the most dangerous game” was maybe not the best choice of phrase given that the story it comes from centers on a rich, sociopathic bastard who feels he has the right to hunt and killer “lesser” people because he’s bored with any other sorts of fun.

@Victorious Parasol – My condolences, and to everyone who’s grieving their fathers (or have ones who are/were neglectful or abusive).

@Full Metal Ox – That was it, thanks.

@Surplus – Yes, the moveable holidays are annoying! They should stay put! But when I said sorry & Happy Father’s Day today, he said he didn’t remember hinting at it last night.

He was very tired, having just spent half an hour on the phone with my brother who insisted on discussing the internal conflicts of Canada’s Green Party. With the poor man still feeling woozy from painkillers. I’m nicer to him; I just ramble on about linguistics. 😛

@ Surplus

I was thinking along the lines of person acting delusional in public and gets someone more like a nurse to talk them down, rather than a cop rolling up with a taser right off. Going full totalitarian government and giving said “nurse” the ability to act as judge, jury, and executioner was not the plan. One might argue we already have that going on enough with the cops already.

@ Nequam

True, but I like the story anywho. Short little thriller.

Edit: Concerning the guy rambling about being proud of his son despite those meddling womens… yeah, so I see someone’s bitter about not winning custody.

@45: Oh, I agree it’s a great story, but it still feels like a phrase I don’t want to associate with law enforcement (or soldiers for that matter).

That’s a lovely pic, Alan. What is the name of the place?

The problems we have with police forces abusing their authority certainly won’t disappear at the stroke of a pen, but defunding – significantly reducing the remit the police are supposed to have – would at least be a useful step in the right direction (and would be good for anyone decent there might be on the force as well as for us).

The more I learn about some other people’s fathers the more grateful I am for the one I had.

Both my husband and I had good relationships with good fathers, and it’s my sincere hope that one day both of our sons will feel the same way.

@Surplus : there’s a reason for which to be interned in most country you need either to be willing to be interned, or have a judge decide you need to be interned. Which is exactly what you say.

That being said, currently suicidal peoples and people in mental crisis of some sorts tend to be dealt by either the police or medics, and neither really are trained for that. I have seen quite often people who

> In theory, there’s a defense right now: don’t actually break the law, try to have an active enough social life to be alibied for every minute of every day, don’t arm yourself, and stay very still in the presence of police so there’s no way they can think (or just argue later) that you are drawing a weapon on them.

Depending on your social status, that’s either useless or very overkill.

If you don’t break the law in major way and are relatively privilegied (typically being white), you won’t ever have problems with cops. They actually have a lot of work to do, and few incentives to just create troubles.

On the other hand, if you are in the crosshair of the cops, all the alibis in the world won’t help. One of the constant across all western countries is how all cops can pretty much invent anything and get away with it, at least in the short run, so even if you follow all that they will invent you were armed or say you attacked them bare fisted.

I don’t think having an active social life is helpful for what you say, and TBH it seem to come out of nowhere.

Magical. (I guess the colour in that one has been just a wee bit pushed, considering it’s the middle of the night, but even so, wow) (so I looked up the name – it’s named for pasture by the elder-tree farmstead??? which, if so, presumably dates from several thousand years after the stone circle. Hard to get one’s head round the thought of people living so long ago in such a different world)

@ opposablethumbs

Yeah, I was wondering how he took that. It seems that somehow he’s got a long exposure but without the blurring. Maybe it’s some sort of night vision filter thing? The reason I think that is, that glow on the horizon. That can only be a place called Lamorna, which is a little cove. But there it looks like Manhattan. So somehow he’s really upped the light levels. We’re bound to have a photography expert(s) on here so maybe they can suggest.

Having said that, the stones are shot through with some sort of reflective rock; and one of them is a single block of quartz. So if you go there when the moon is bright it really does glow like that.

Thanks for the internet hugs and other kind words, folks. Much appreciated. Would write more, but I have a cat standing on me.

Victorious Parasol, adding this late, but I’m sorry for your loss. Internet hugs to you.

That first one isn’t too good at being a miggie if he’s got kids AND grandkids. That’s 2 generations of FAIL. FAIL at everything.

@VP: Hugs. It does get easier.

Thanks again. Dad’s been gone since 2013, but every year hits me differently. The worst years are when my birthday coincides with Father’s Day, because I was born on that particular Sunday, and thus was my dad’s first excuse to celebrate. That wasn’t the case this year, but what can I say … grief has its own logic.

“To all the men who didn’t want to have children”, you should have wrapped it, and are just as “selfish” as the mother. Learn from it.


Hugs if you want them.


Great pics.


Those Litterbox comics amuse me. I’ve seen them before. But as they’re mostly about parenting, I can’t relate.

I’m not entirely sure what to do about the whole policing system, but they very much need more training and screening, and much less access to military weapons.

@ Mostly_Lurking

You know, I don’t quite get this whole access to military weaponry concern. In the US, AKA the police shooting capital of the rich countries, 99% of police killings are done with their sidearms, which are not procured through access to the military. (For that matter, assuming we are talking about the modern police use of Glocks, they were using them before the military decided to try them.)

If the idea is that they shouldn’t have guns with seventeen round mags or something, why not just say that? (And many of the killings are done with less than six shots too, so not sure what that even has to do with anything for that matter either.)


You have a point about the sidearms. I guess I just don’t like seeing this trend of cops with heavily armored vehicles and high powered weapons. Leave that to the SWAT Team if necessary. I think it fosters a sense of being at “war” with the people they are ostensibly supposed to protect.

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