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Apparently Burger King’s new chicken sandwich will make you a homosexualist, or something

Time to take a look at some of the headlines in the right-wing garbage media to see what’s going on today in their parallel universe.

Burger King Rips Chick Fil-A With New ‘Woke’ Virtue Signaling Chicken Sandwich Promotion
Burger King donates 40 cents to child sex change homosexualist group with every new chicken sandwich sold…
Burger King called out for mocking Christians with slap at Chick-fil-A

Tag yourself: I’m Virtue Signaling Chicken.

It’s clear that strange things are afoot at the BK Lounge. But somehow I suspect that these headlines might be a eensy weensy bit misleading. I’m pretty sure that BK isn’t doing “child sex change” surgery in the back by the dumpsters. And I don’t even know what a “homosexualist” even is.

Let’s turn for a moment to the reality based news media to see what’s axtually going on. Here’s USA Today offering an slightly clearer explanation:

After renewed calls were made over social media to boycott Chick-fil-A, Burger King took it as an opportunity to show its solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy was identified last week by The Daily Beast as a donor to the National Christian Charitable Foundation, which has a history of funding opposition to The Equality Act.

Burger King, which recently launched the Ch’King sandwichtweeted Thursday it will donate 40 cents for every chicken sandwich sold in June (Pride month) up to $250,000, or 625,000 sandwiches, to The Human Rights Campaign.

Ah. The Human Rights Campaign does not support “child sex change” operations. It’s a respected LGBTQ advocacy group.

“This is a community we love dearly and have proudly supported over the years, so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to take action and help shine a light on the important conversation happening,” a Burger King spokesperson said in an email statement to USA TODAY.

The tweet seemed to be aimed at Chick-fil-A by saying it would continue its donations “even on Sundays,” when the restaurant is closed.

The right-wing garbage press offers up stories that only loosely correlate with reality. Information Liberation — which indeed has largely liberated itself of information — went after BK and the Human Rights Campaign in an article that seemed to be just a little bit tinged with antisemitism.

Burger King under the leadership of CEO Daniel Schwartz have begun donating 40 cents for every sale of its new chicken sandwich to a radical LGBT lobby group that supports child sex changes, the drugging of children with opposite-sex hormones and Drag Queen Story Hours.

Not Drag Queen Story Hours!

According to Eugene Delgaudio, president of a group called Public Advocate,

Burger King seems to have announced that their Chicken Sandwiches are homosexual chicken sandwiches by promising to donate 250,000 dollars to the homosexual lobby. …

Don’t support the gay lobby, homosexual chickens or donations to the homosexual lobby and avoid burger king.

Red State, meanwhile, insinuated that Burger King is racist because it launched the new sandwich during Black History Month.

Burger King announced its new chicken sandwich in February and I’m sure the fact that this was Black History Month played absolutely no part in this decision. …

There are, of course, more sensible critiques of “woke capitalism.” Just don’t go looking for them in the right-wing garbage press.

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28 replies on “Apparently Burger King’s new chicken sandwich will make you a homosexualist, or something”

Wouldn’t “homosexual chickens” be fowl who are sexually interested in their own gender?

Ah, look at me expecting the RW to understand grammar. They don’t understand anything except hate.

I’d be more supportive of Burger King if they dropped that “King” character. He’s always creeped me out. But not as much as the RW does, so I might buy a chicken sammitch.

It’s a pretty good sandwich. It’s even better since it’s making the right wingers so pissy.

I have only rarely ever eaten there, for two reasons: their penchant for screwing up burger orders (does nobody except Harvey’s understand the meaning of the word “plain”?!) and that time a few years ago when they blitzed the airwaves with annoying ads that featured a rolling BK logo and pop-up cartoon characters appearing OVER THE FUCKING TV SHOW YOU WERE WATCHING instead of during the three-minute ad breaks where all of the advertising is SUPPOSED to be confined. (Other businesses also sometimes advertise in this atrocious manner. Every one of them gets a month-long boycott from me, or more.)

Meta: David, could you please get rid of the “cache-control: max-age=600” header that you’ve added to all of this site’s pages a day or two ago? It makes catching up a MUCH slower and more tedious process, and it’s got to be costing you in extra server traffic as well. Frankly, I’m somewhat baffled; you experimented with that once before, a month or two ago, and then reverted to normal. Why reintroduce something you’d clearly decided against?

I’ll pass thanks – not a huge fan of chicken. Only time I go into a fast food place anyways is if someone needs the loo, and McD’s fries are much nicer as a courtesy buy.

>Meta: David, could you please get rid of the “cache-control: max-age=600” header that you’ve added to all of this site’s pages a day or two ago?

Surplus, I don’t know what this is; I haven’t changed anything about the blog recently. Where is this appearing?

BK’s food has declined somewhat to me over the years, but I’ll never not enjoy watching right-wingers flip their shit.

GSS ex-noob – I agree about the “King.” Plastic and creepy af. Leave it to the right fringe to get hot and bothered over chicken sandwiches. Almost as heart-attack inducing for them as not saying Merry Christmas or keeping your hat on during the national anthem, I’m sure.

Surplus, I don’t know what this is; I haven’t changed anything about the blog recently. Where is this appearing?

David, this may just be on my device, but your comment and your quoted text by Surplus appear as a very very pale green rather than black.

Anyone else seeing this?

@ bookworm in hijab

David’s comment is regular white on black to me (Safari 14.0.3).

One thing I do have is that when I type in the comments box the text is very light gray on white. Anyone else have that? It’s not a big problem or anything. Just curious.

I don’t eat out much and have been to Burger King once in… maybe ten years?

And me too for David in light colors. Firefox Focus on a cellphone here.

Edit: Also, David, I find it slightly unfair that you apparently have set the max age here to 600. I expect you’ll be hearing from some vampire’s lawyer in the near future.

Nah, any vampires still alive would have gotten over that “suing everyone I don’t like” stage by that time in their lives.
Vampires that out themselves don’t tend to last long.

While it is good that Burger King is getting onboard with plant based menus, as a vegan Marxist myself I don’t really support Plant Base Capitalism, ie: giving my money to a company that will use it to slaughter more animals. Still annoying the Usual People is pretty entertaining.

What’s the problem with homosexual chickens? All of the eggs we eat are unfertilized anyway and most roosters get killed as chicks.

> .45
Maybe Mister Slant would be interested in that. Time is not the essence for him.

One thing I do have is that when I type in the comments box the text is very light gray on white. Anyone else have that? It’s not a big problem or anything. Just curious.

I’ve been getting that too, using the site with the screen on dark mode as I usually do, and it’s hard to read. Oddly, when I switched modes just now while in the middle of commenting (to see if the comment text would go green while on light mode, as described) for once I got a nice legible comment text of white on black, hooray! Not that it makes the actual content of my comments any more intelligible, but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m fairly sure that “homosexualist” (and the related “transgenderistć) is used to mean” person who chooses to do and/or advocate homosexual sex acts, tries to recruit others to do the same” and the implication that there’s no such thing as “a homosexual person” just people who decide to do homosexual actions.

@GSS ex-noob, @Katherine the Adequate

Totally agree about King Burger . . . King. He’s gross, creepy, and makes my skin crawl.

“Homosexual chicken sandwiches” is a phrase that a grown-ass adult wrote on the internet to share with the world.

40 cents per $4.49 sandwich is just under 9%. Any donation is technically better than no donation, I guess, but 9% is fairly insulting

David’s comment is extremely pale green (thus unreadable without highlighting) to me as well, on whatever the latest Chrome is. Typing my comments is still black on white (like crime isn’t). Methinks his host has some bad code.

Everyone I’ve ever known named Gay has in fact been a straight woman.

BK isn’t marketing a Ch’King sandwich in Canada. The new chicken entry up here is called the Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I’m guessing this is another focus group thing. A few years back when BK offered crinkle cut fries they were called SatisFries in the US, but GratiFries in Canada. Focus group testing found Canadians liked the latter name better. Of course there’s not much point in specifically competing with Chick fil-A in Canada, since they have a grand total of 2 stores in Canada right now.

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