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“You’re ugly” is not an argument: White Supremacist Edition

Who is this mysterious woman? Answer is below

Even the least-masterful debater knows you can’t win an argument by simply calling your opponent ugly. That’s not a argument; it’s an insult, an ad hominem.

Ok, but what if you call them ugly dozens of times in rapid succession; does that make it an argument?

That;s the approach one writer for the genteel racist site The Occidental Observer recently tried, bashing out a post of some 2000 words on the alleged evils of the leftist “Cult of Ugly.” Tobias Langdon managed to use the word “ugly” or a variation more than 50 time. And it’s still just a bunch of ad hominems in a row.

Langdon posits a world-historical battle between the forces of Ugly and the defenders of the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness,” to borrow a phrase from Hilaire Belloc. (No, quoting Hilaire Belloc doesn’t mean you’ve won the argument either.)

Let’s take a look at the opposing forces in this cosmic battle, at least as Langdon sees them.

On he side of Ugly we find:


Leftists do indeed hate beauty, which is why ugliness is the most obvious feature of leftism and its art, culture and acolytes. 

George Floyd:

In life, Floyd was at war with Truth, Beauty and Goodness; in death, he became a leftist icon not despite his ugliness and criminality, but because of them. …

From his dark skin and thick lips to his low intelligence and immorality, the destructive and criminal Floyd is the antithesis of a creative and law-abiding White. He represents Black savagery against White civilization.

A random women who was photographed offering her prayers to George Floyd:

It’s a perfect image for our insane and ugly age: an overweight gender-fluid Black woman in a Wu-Flu mask pressing her head in worship against a giant mural of George Floyd at the site of his martyrdom in Minneapolis. The martyr is ugly, the mural is ugly and the mourner is ugly.


I agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” 

Jewish ideas:

[U]gly Jewish brains have consistently created ugly ideologies that war on the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.”

Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki:

Sarnecki is very well-suited to serve as a high-priest in the lying leftist Cult of Ugly, because he has an ugly and unappealing punim (Yiddish for “face”). …

And it isn’t coincidental that Sarnecki is both Jewish and ugly. He’s Jugly, as you might say: that is, he’s ugly in a characteristically Jewish way.

“Jewish psychoanalysis”

Jewish psychoanalysis did sterling work on behalf of lies, ugliness and immorality, and is now a prime ingredient in the poisonous stew of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Transgender-Industrial Complex, where Jugly and immoral Jews are once again massively over-represented.


I’ve been struck by the ugliness of the menorahs with which Jews have increasingly laid claim to public space in Western cities.


Steve Sailer has noted that Antifa “tend to be ugly people with bad teeth and even worse taste in grooming.” The Cult of Ugly has ugly acolytes, just as one would expect.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg:

But even as they wage war on Whiteness, Jews accept White beauty as the ideal. The … very gentile actress Felicity Jones was chosen to play the very Jewish lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a recent biopic. RBG’s ugly [face] reflected her ugly politics and Jewish-leftist Hollywood didn’t want that reality to appear on screen.

Have you guessed the identity of the mystery woman at the top of this post? It’s none other than “Ugly Jewess” Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her younger years, when she was conventionally quite attractive. Langdon is basing his assessment of her alleged “ugliness” on photos of hers in her eighties. Literally no one looks their best at 87.

Now, not everything in Langdon’s world is ugly. Here are some of the things that he considers beautiful — and thus worth fighting for.


In my opinion: I would place soccer among the great artistic achievements of White Western civilization. … The beautiful game is a White creation whose best and most intelligent players and coaches are still disproportionately White.

Dutch artist Jan Vermeer/Dutch soccer-player Johan Cruyff (tie)

The paintings of the great Dutch artist Jan Vermeer (1632-75) are sublime and so, in a lesser but comparable way, were the skills of the great Dutch soccer-player Johan Cruyff (1947-2016).

Those are the three things that are apparently the most beautiful of anything in the world: Soccer, Vermeer and Johan Cruyff.

You may wonder where all this is going. It’s not really going anywhere; Langdon has basically put together a long-winded list of purportedly ugly people and things contrasted with a small and strange list of beautiful things.

You may also find yourself wondering what on earth is supposed to be the connection between physical ugliness and ugly ideas and ugly politics? It’s all in the face, according to Langdon.

What is the exact relationship between ugly faces and ugly ideology? And why are Jews and leftists “on average, ugly people”? If you consider that ugliness is a matter of asymmetry and ill-proportion, it would follow that there is some correlation between an ugly face and an “ugly” brain. The same biological factors – disease, inbreeding and harmful mutations – that distort the geometry of faces will also distort the geometry of the brain.

This is the closest that Langdon gets to making any sort of argument and, true to form, it’s a pretty bad one. There’s no data indicating that asymmetrical or “ill-proportioned” faces have any connection with ideoloogical awfulness or personal immorality that Langdon likes to attribute to leftists and Jews and a Supreme Court Justice who was 87 when she died.

Speaking of the ill-proportioned, here’s a photo of a number of the leading lights of the “scientific racism” movement at a conference held by the white nationalist journal American Renaissance several years ago. I don’t mean to cast any aspersions but if right-wingers want to call Jews and leftists ugly maybe they should take a look at some of their colleagues first.

Glass houses, you know.

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75 replies on ““You’re ugly” is not an argument: White Supremacist Edition”

@SadOldGuy : that’s not correlated with french reality. The muslim population is here since 40 or 50 years, and the decline of the left is only 10 to 15 years old.

If you think there’s more muslim now than when you were in college, either you’re basically a WW2 veteran or a mix of rose-tinted glasses, specific anecdote and propaganda is blinding you.

Also, my theory on why Europe left party are more to the left is basically that the american political evolution is 10-30y ahead of Europa. We got Sarkozy and Berlusconi not that long after American got Bush, for example.

@Fabe, Alan:
I hadn’t heard the story with the lion, but had heard a similar story involving a wolf up in British Columbia… from the guy involved who’d pretty much rescued the wolf cub and raised him. He used to do tours to local elementary schools talking about proper appreciation and respect for nature.

Wish I could remember his name now; this was close to 45 years ago. I know he took John Denver off on one of his jaunts and they filmed some of that… hmm.

B.C. still has a fair bit of natural landscape; among other things, most of the province is nothing but mountains, and once you’re away from the three main corridors of civilization (the coast, the Fraser River, and near the southern border through the mining towns in the Kooteneys) there are large chunks of B.C. that pretty much nobody has set foot in to this day because it’s just too difficult to get there without a helicopter.

I honestly thought the picture was of some 40s-50s starlet!

And the photo at the bottom shows the perfect example that this is the right wing going for projection again.

That George Clooney is sooo ugly. Women have hated looking at him for decades.

I thought soccer was a Commie European/Hispanic/Swarthy Hordes sport, not like good old ‘Mericn sports? With the low scoring, and the wimpy flopping in fake pain and all. You want white sports, look for the ones on ice.

@Alan: I’ve wanted to see that movie for some time. Somehow, it figures that The Party of White Jesus Lithographs goes in for the Renaissance equivalent of the same.

As regards your photos: KITTY!

@GSS ex Noob

I’ve wanted to see that movie for some time

It’s an amazing chronicle. Just how he set about proving the theory. Also, Penn Gillette isn’t in it too much; and keeps his mouth shut most of the time.

I’m quite fascinated by the painting. It’s doesn’t do anything for me as a work of art. I wouldn’t have it on a wall. But just the technical side of things. This is the version I have. It’s a composite of all the different ways they scanned it (x-ray, IR, UV etc)

The people at the Mauritshuis recently did a big study of how the painting was done. Short video here about all that.

@SadOldGuy : you can differ with reality. A lot of people love doing that because they don’t have to face their errors and prejudice.

I remember distinctly that in 1991 the future president of France Jacque Chirac made a rather disgusting speech on how muslims were basically freeloaders. That was 30 years ago. And it did not come out of the blue ; the far right had a decent number of elected official in elections in the 1980s by playing on the fear of muslims.

Theses same muslims were at the time *already* french because they were born in France. I know ; I talked to them at the time. They were in the same colleges I was on and I usually had the weed of the group because unlike them the police didn’t search me.

You try to hide your hatred and your lack of argument by saying few words, but the dogwhistles in your posts are deafening.

@Full Metal Ox – very cool! As is the Addams family story, which I had to read, because nostalgia (despite having a midterm to study for).

(Also, I didn’t mean to imply that only symmetrical things are nice-looking, in case I sounded like that.)


It is easier to take care of the sick and the poor when you believe that they are the same tribe as you.

Allow me to quote Sir Terry Pratchett: the viewpoint character is a novice witch, very strongly autistic-coded, rigorously logical, and with a keen sense of morality:

“All witches are selfish, the Queen had said. But Tiffany’s Third Thoughts said: Then turn selfishness into a weapon! Make all things yours! Make other lives and dreams and hopes yours! Protect them! Save them! Bring them into the sheepfold! Walk the gale for them! Keep away the wolf! My dreams! My brother! My family! My land! My world! How dare you try to take these things, because they are mine!

And how dare you support my planet being the kind of place where people can be hunted for sport for wearing head scarves and bowing at prayer?

Any mods about? My last comment (~10 minutes ago?) is “awaiting approval”; I don’t *think* I said anything not-ok in it, nor used a different email. Huh, internet is weird…

@Full Metal Ox

Tiffany Aching is made of sheer distilled awesome, only slightly less awesome by not being Granny Weatherwax.

Whenever someone calls another ugly, or worse, uses that statement to argue a point, they should display a photo of themselves so others can critique their physical appearance and face. I’ve seldom seen a bully or verbal abuser with perfect features.

Oops, I’ve just seen the photo at the top of the feed. Glass houses, indeed!

Tiffany Aching will be AMAZING when she’s old. Probably even awesomer than Granny Weatherwax.

@Katherine: There are many extremely attractive older white men.

None of them are in that photo. They don’t even rise to the level of average.

@Ohlmann: It was good of you to hold the weed. I once drove through Beverly Hills in a shared car instead of having my Black friend (who had done most of the driving on the trip) do it. She thought I had issues with her driving ability (nope) and I looked at her and said “Beverly Hills! Rodney King!”

@Full Metal Ox

Of course, I meant Tiffany now. She’s still a work in progress. Granny was a finished product. It certainly said something that Granny of all people had a special regard for her.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is ugly. None of it is in any way objective and this makes the whole “SMV” thing both ridiculous and poisonous.

I have learned to start appreciating the beauty of older faces and forms as I have aged and observed parents, relatives, and friends getting older.

I don’t care how conventionally attractive or unattractive someone is. If they have nasty opinions and beliefs, they’re ugly in my book.

Edited to add: I’ve taken a boatload of Art History and I have never been a fan of the Dutch School.


Just see France now that they have a much larger Muslim presence than back when I was in college.

In addition to what has already been said, could it be that you just didn’t see Muslims back then because you weren’t looking for them?

I realized a couple of years ago that all of my memories of my childhood are heavily skewed by how limited my circles were. I used to think that I never saw anyone wear a hijab until I was in my teens before it dawned on me that maybe everyone I saw before that was just “woman in a scarf” because I didn’t know there was any significance to it.

Even now when I think back to my university times I see that I didn’t really know that much about the city I was in, since I just hung around campus and mostly only met other students and such.

I had a really long comment that seems to have been eaten, but just as a quick summary, did SadOldGuy not notice that WHTM itself disproves his “it’s easier to care for those you see as ‘one of your group'” theory? We all speak up for people who are not members of our own group, all the time.

If my long comment comes through after this, I’m going to feel very silly.

Not to start anything, but WHTM is not exactly typical of the society I live in at any rate. Based on the behavior of the majority, right or wrong, engrained or socially learned, it seems to me a lot of people behave better toward their own social groups than those outside them.

Is it right? Is it a good idea? No, but if you were taking bets on a random person’s behavior…

We’re not talking about a random person, we’re talking about left-wing political activists in Europe. While it’s true that no movement is ever so noble that it won’t attract shitheads, leftists in general tend to be big on internationalism, acceptance of diversity, and mutual aid, principally because people usually engage in activism on matters they feel strongly about.

Dalillama, thanks, you clarified that a lot. I realise my comment was maybe misleading.

That may be true of the left wing, but what about the overall electorate, and thus the Overton window within which viable politicians must operate? If the electorate as a whole becomes less tolerant, the composition of the legislature will shift to the right and policy will shift with it …

Note that SadOldGuy do two differents claims.

The first one is that leftist care more about people like them. I let Dallilama handle that part, but as an aside french leftists have very often be targeted by that kind of slander. To the point that a famous speech by a center-left politician have been truncated to mean the exact opposite of what it said.

The other is that France have more muslim than it used to. It’s a french fascist talking point and a very loud dogwhistle about the spurious great replacement. It’s not by any mean less of a hate-filled drivel than the first part.

All in all, that guy either have drunk too much of far right kool-aid, or is a propagandist that hope we don’t know anything about Europe.

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