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Rough night for Mitch: Senate Open Thread!!

We’re still waiting for a bunch of outlets to call this thing, but the Economist has called the Georgia senate races for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

So let’s … celebrate?


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45 replies on “Rough night for Mitch: Senate Open Thread!!”

I’m up watching CNN; it’s the only TV I can get online. There’s a lot of maths in these elections!

“This county has X% of the voters, there’s Y% of the vote to count, and the Dems are ahead Z%…”

Would it kill you to use finger puppets!

This must be pretty embarrassing for the Republican Party. Anyway, I’m very glad that we’re taking the Senate, but at the same time trying to keep realistic expectations. It will still be important to hold Democrats in all branches of all levels of government to do what we need them to do. The GOP won’t go away, nor will the millions of angry Americans they have radicalized, and we need to deal with that threat.

I have family in Georgia – at least one of whom has been spending all her leave and free time since June working to sign up democrats and help them vote. I’d love the democrats to take Georgia, not just because it’ll mean avoiding four years of lame duck presidency, but (far more selfishly) I’d like for my family to be able to feel a little pride in the place they grew up in and still love.

I’ll go to bed hopeful!

A tied senate still has Joe Manchin in it. It’s not going to be a progressive body; it just won’t be quite so aggressively regressive.

A bit ot but I had to share this somewhere on here, kind of hoping it will become a post. Wasn’t sure where else to put it where it might be seen.

Video on robot companies looking into….robot boyfriends for women! Comment section filled with manosphere whinging,ranging from “nuh uh, female robots will replace women long before that happens” to “any woman who wants a robot man is an ugly cat lady who can’t get laid (unlike men who want female robots, they’re just studs with high standards)” and of course the typical screaming about feminazis and genocides and women won’t buy one unless she can steal its money because women don’t even like sex.

Couldn’t not share such hypocritical manly tantrums with this group! They’re just too tasty!

One race is already called for democrat. Let’s hope the other will work out too, so that Moscow Mitch can become Powerless Mitch.

Personally, I’m hoping that the House forwards D.C.’s request to become a state to the Senate on the 21st, because I can’t wait to watch Mitch call it an unprincipled power grab on the Dems’ part.

I keep searching for results of the Ossoff race, but so far, nothing. I’m really happy that Warnock won. I listened to his post-win speech, and he closed by saying, “God bless these United States of America” (emphasis his). Yes! Let’s make sure that the Civil War is finally and truly over, over, over — and that no new civil war breaks out.

I wonder what this means for the number of idiots who are going to be babies during the electoral vote count. Also the amount of violence.

I see Trump is already claiming that it’s all a big, big lie. I’d laugh, but his shitbag second son is threatening people too.

Perdue is doing what it seems all Republicans will do from here on out: talking about “legal” votes, threatening lawsuits, claiming victory, etc.

Haven’t seen a response from Loeffler yet.

@SpecialFFrog last i saw she was claiming it wasn’t over, lots of votes still to be counted and there was “a path to victory”
So keeping the door open to milk funds from the deluded for “recounts”

Update from 7:45 AM EST: Warnock is up by over 53,000, Ossoff by about 16,000. With about 73,000 votes remaining, Perdue would need a miracle to win.

Back in Nov when it became clear there would be 2 runnoffs I didn’t think the Democrats could even win one, let alone both – a GOP stung by losing the presidency throwing a unified effort into keeping the Senate and stymying the Biden administation seemed all too likely.

And yet here America is….

@Paul Browning
I thought then that Warnock would likely win against Loeffler because she is very unpopular and was appointed, not elected, but that Ossoff would lose to Perdue because Perdue is from an established GA political dynasty. While it was closer for Ossoff than for Warnock, it is now clear that Georgia will be sending its first Black senator and its first Jewish senator to Washington.
This is the result of on the ground organizers in Georgia, such as Stacey Abrams, who have worked extremely hard. I think the other thing this shows is that most (or at least some) of the southern states aren’t red so much as purple with a lot of voter suppression.

O/T: Is that a plush Cthulhu in your avatar?

I’m a Brit so my view of what happened on the ground is limitted but it really does look like the organiser did an incredible job of getting the vote out.

Proof that the vote is there, you just have to work to mobilise it (and if you spread lies about voting being rigged they can come back and bite you in the arse).

So congrats to everyone who’s worked to delivery this.

And yes that is Cuddly Cthulhu. Sadly my real one is still on my desk at work, so I wont be seeing it for a while 🙂

Yes, the ground work was amazing as far as I can tell. I particulary love that the final nail in the coffin of the GOP was due to the hard work of a black woman.

Now, the next step is to pressure democrats to act at least centrist and not right wing with a bit of tolerance sprinkled on top.

@ Paul Browning

that is Cuddly Cthulhu. Sadly my real one is still on my desk at work

Wow; that’s quite some job-share arrangement. How did you meet; LinkedIn?

“Hey Cthulu, can you cover for me for a few days?”

“Mglw’nafh fhthagn-ngah cf’ayak ‘vulgtmm vugtlag’n!!!”

Some outlets are saying it’s “still too close to call” (a phrase which has triggered my vomit reflex since the 2000 elections), but others are calling it for Ossoff, based on the fact that he’s slightly ahead and the still-uncounted districts are Democratic strongholds. Either way, that stupid grifting twat Loeffler is outta there. I’m sure she’ll be offered wingnut welfare someplace where she can scream for the next 20 years about how antifa BLM socialists and the ghost of Hugo Chavez stole the election from her.

Okay, great. Now we need to make sure we can KEEP the senate. Start by making DC and PR states. Then pack the electorate: give automatic citizenship to anyone who graduates from college in the U.S. (if Republicans oppose this then clearly they hate Job Creators), automatic citizenship to anyone with a green card (if Republicans oppose this then clearly they are against simplifying government), and a fast pathway to citizenship for all other immigrants. By “fast,” I mean one which takes less than two years so they can all vote in 2022.

Also, reform drug laws with the “Arsenic Test:” if using arsenic to do X is legal, then using a substance less dangerous than arsenic to do X should also be legal. Expunge the criminal records of everyone convicted under drug laws that the arsenic test repeals, so that they can all vote in 2022.

We need to make sure to get, as Donald Trump said, “levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again!”

Personally, I can’t wait to see Murder Turtle try to object to anything a Democratic senate does….

Bye, Mitch-Leica!


The government can’t make Puerto Rico a state. It’s the people of Puerto Rico who get to decide on that. Otherwise it would be annexation. But I agree that DC absolutely needs to become a state.


Thought the people had already voted in favour of statehood a few years back.

Being from Georgia and having voted both in November and now for both Warnock and Ossoff, to see it so close is tantalizing. I still feel like I did all night Nov. 8 2016 and all week election week 2020. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep until both races are officially called.

Latest from BBC

Democrat Jon Ossoff is leading Republican David Perdue by around 17,000 votes.

In a news conference, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said that Ossoff will probably get enough votes to avoid an automatic recount.

“Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the .5% to avoid a recount,” said Sterling.

He also referred to Ossoff, who is yet to be declared the winner, as “Senator to be, probably, Ossoff”.

As for Cthulhu my managers would probably agree that he’s less of a pain in the neck to manage than I am 🙂

Quite the opposite is true: only Congress can make PR a state, and they aren’t going to do that regardless of what Puerto Ricans do or say. This is because the annexation happened back when we made PR a colonial possession, that being rather what annexation means.

The short answer is no, they didn’t; that referendum only got votes from a quite small portion of the population, because the more popular option (not being a US possession anymore) wasn’t on the ballot, and because most Puerto Ricans know perfectly well that Congress is never going to grant them statehood or independence, so there’s no point in jumping through silly hoops about it.

@all the puppet fans:

There’s a GZERO Media YouTube series called Puppet Regime, devoted to puppet skits satirizing U.S. politics:


Video on robot companies looking into….robot boyfriends for women! Comment section filled with manosphere whinging,ranging from “nuh uh, female robots will replace women long before that happens” to “any woman who wants a robot man is an ugly cat lady who can’t get laid (unlike men who want female robots, they’re just studs with high standards)” and of course the typical screaming about feminazis and genocides and women won’t buy one unless she can steal its money because women don’t even like sex.

There was at least one classic and beloved YA SF novel about a girl and her robot boyfriend:

(The sequel, Metallic Love, is deliberately written as a Watsonian self-insertion fantasy; the original Silver Metal Lover exists in universe as a memoir, and a fan of the story finds love and adventure with an updated model of Silver; Lee died before completing a planned third novel.)


You’re right. I didn’t express myself particularly well. But yeah, we need to stop treating DC statehood and Puerto Rican statehood as the same.

Gunshots outside the House chamber.

What do you want to bet that if the protesters were Black, most of them would already have been killed by the cops?

Can my fellow Americans STOP being such [obscenity deleted] now, please?

Like my frontline and first responder cousins don’t have enough to worry about.

Off-topic, but are you folks keeping track of the chaos going on at Capitol Hill right now?

So native Americans try to protest a pipe line that will poison their water sources and go through sacred land, but a bunch of white people extremist storm the capital and try to cause blood are allowed to stay there. Tear gas and rubber bullets would have been brought in for the native Americans by now.

Make DC a state, make Stacey Abrams a saint.

Vlad’s cool with the coup, but he isn’t going to be happy with Mitch.

@Demonhype: The incels are unaware of the long existence of vibrators? Figures. Not to mention Jude Law in “A.I.” and romance novels. Women like sex fine, they just like satisfying sex, which they know they won’t get from incels/MGTOW.

@Battering Lamb: thanks for the laugh. Much needed today.

@Paul Browning:

my cuddly plush Cthulhu is at my parents’ house. And it is easier to deal with than my mom.

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