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Goodbye 2020, we’re not going to miss you: New Year Open Thread

Goodbye, don’t come back now you hear

Glad that’s over. Let’s celebrate the end of a terrible, terrible year and welcome in the new one, which we can only hope will be a little bit better.

Open thread. No trolls.

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45 replies on “Goodbye 2020, we’re not going to miss you: New Year Open Thread”

It’s been a Year™, indeed. Good riddance!

Unrelated: how does one edit their avatar ’round here? Genuine question.

Here in the USA, I’m very much looking forward to January 20, 2021, the day of the presidential inauguration. My boyfriend and I both predict that President Trump will not show up for the inauguration because of hurt feelings and such. Boo-hoo. Of course, Joe Biden will also be a problematic president — but I am completely thrilled at his appointment of Representative Deb Haaland, a Native American, to lead the Department of the Interior! Joe, it’s a good start.

What a crappy year. Waking up this morning with a slightly foggy head makes me feel grateful that at least I live in the south of Scotland. Waking up with my partner and beauty of the landscape are the things I love this morning.


My cats are righteously skeptical.

Never have I seen such adorable-looking skeptics.


Waking up with my partner and beauty of the landscape are the things I love this morning.

Aww. That’s a beautiful start of the New Year.

@Patty Thinkerer

Unrelated: how does one edit their avatar ’round here? Genuine question.

Sorry that I don’t have an answer. Possibly another Mammotheer does.


Happy 2021!

Happy new year to all of you, from France. Despite the curfew, police had to intervene in places where a lot of people were gathered (because who care of the health of others ?). Hope yours was safe !
Best wishes for 2021, for those you are caring for and yourself ! A l’an qué ven !

Yesterday: Hopefully, a new year for everyone.

Today: Hope a full new year for everyone.

@Patty Thinkerer
Go to and create an account with the email address you use to post here, then you can upload a picture.

I agree that Trump will not show up. Last I heard he was planning an event in Florida that day to distract from the inauguration.

We have opened the latest calendar of Cuddly Kittens – a Parasol tradition for calendars. Mr. Parasol has booped the nose of the January kitten.

Boiled the ham last night – I cure my own and this one is cider/mace/grappa cured – and it’ll be going in the oven to bake in about an hour. Maple syrup glaze, cause why not? 😀

I’ve only just woken up, about an hour ago. I’ve undecorated, except for the paperchains I can’t reach. I really hope 2021 is better than 2020. I’m a bit down about Brexit and the new strain of SARS-CoV-2. Worried about my sister’s kids and my gran. Feeling low, but I’m late taking my meds and I haven’t eaten yet today.

2020 can go fuck itself. But I’m so glad I have the mouse to enjoy the new year with!!!

I hope 2021 is so much better for all of us (although I wouldn’t mind making it a very disappointing and sad year for Trump supporters)

@ North Sea Sparkly Dragon

I’m a bit down about Brexit and the new strain of SARS-CoV-2. 

I love the irony that it’s called the “UK Variant”. I guess this is sovereignty and ‘taking back control’.

2020 was the longest and crappiest decade ever! Hopefully 2021 will be better.
Three and a half weeks and counting until I leave for surgery, I’m getting more and more nervous, and that’s not counting the nervousness with having to go into a hotspot to get it.

I lost like half my friends this year, and the ones left either barely talk at all or require constant emotional support. Meanwhile the US has gone full psychopath; Trump thinks it’s totally cool to murder hundreds of thousands of people, Biden thinks it’s totally cool to let him get away with it and demand “healing” and “unity”, half the population doesn’t give a damn or even wants this, and none of the general public is capable of doing jack shit about any of it.

I am beyond exhausted, and rapidly losing all hope.

Happy fucking New Year. If this one is as bad as last, I doubt I’ll survive. Not for lack of trying, but holy fuck everything is just incredibly dire right now and IDK that I see it improving ever.

Pro: Gabapentin seems to help with my restless legs.
Con: It seems to come with a side effect of thumping headaches.
Sigh. Maybe it was just a coincidence; I do often get headaches. I’ll give it a few more tries before I go back to the drawing board. (And no it’s not a hangover, we had one bottle of Prosecco between 4 people and that was at 5:00.) (Also please do not make suggestions I am sure you think are helpful, like have I tried cutting back on caffeine. I’ve had RLS since before it had an official name and I’ve tried all the non-pharmaceutical, lifestyle changes.)
Anyway, happy new year and all. 2020 was the most exhausting year of the nearly 5 decades I’ve been on this rock, and Covid (in the US) is going to get worse before it gets better. If we stay at the rate we’ve been vaccinating people, we’ll reach herd immunity in 7 years. That’s not taking into account the vast numbers of people who will refuse to take it.
Ugh. I’m going back to bed and listen to old records and pull the covers over my head.

Sympathies with the headaches – I get ones from sudden air pressure changes which last anywhere from an hour to a week at a stretch. They are somewhat annoying.

A warning about the idea that Biden’s inauguration will be peaceful for everyone: allegedly the Proud Boys are planning to infiltrate the crowd that day and be violent.

I don’t know if this site is the most credible one out there, but this kind of plot isn’t beyond what I know of that group either.

The fear that arises from the hope that 2021 can’t possibly be as bad is that I feel we’ve said that about every year since 2015.

Seriously, remember back when 2015 was the worst year ever? Good times, good times.

ETA: As for the crowds at Biden’s inauguration. I’m assuming Trump is already salivating at how he’s going to get to crow that he got a bigger crowd for his inauguration, and not even be lying this time. And then he’ll argue that that proves the election was stolen.

I imagine there will be extra security measures in place due to the pandemic and the danger of Trump supporters. The Sun is a British tabloid, so I wouldn’t give them much credence. That said, I think the day that is likely to have violence in DC is January 6th, as that’s when the electoral vote is counted and various far right groups are planning to visit.

@sarah_kay_gee: Stick with the gabapentin as long as you can. It gave me headaches in the beginning and then they stopped, and it’s been good for… I dunno how long, either 10 or 20 years depending on how long you count 2020 to be. Start on a really low dose and work up, if you aren’t already.

Also for some reason Tylenol worked better on those headaches than aspirin or NSAIDs? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Aww. That’s a beautiful start of the New Year.

Thanks so very much!

We went for a walk around the river near us yesterday and met our local wild bird friends. There was a goose who was alone there for months but met a lady goose, and also they both met a swan couple that they hang with now, and they are always together.

That was lovely. And my partner and I also took some time to talk about house plans and how we might (and where too) like to move, so that felt good.

I went out onto the balcony at midnight and yelled, “Sod oiff 2020!” at the clouds. I must be getting old. ,@Skiriki’s idea was better.

I usually start the day with mindful cat snuggling. I highly recommend this.

I’m worried about political violence in the USA, but the secret service must have seen the proud toddlers plans too. I hope they’re in for a dose of reality. And there have been several occasions where theright wing have planned a huge rally and 25 people have turned up. I’m not saying it will be fine, because they’ll try something, but I’m hopeful that it will be less serious than one day of COVID

We joined the rest of the country in lockdown after boxing day. Thanks tourists! I still had a reasonably pleasant NYE though. Gyms are still open, so I had a festive lifting session. Then I went to stare at the, now shut, pub I was going to go to.

Later, I had a lovely evening of renewing my ‘EHIC’. That’s the card that lets me have free healthcare in the EU. Due to the last minute nature of our Brexit deal they didn’t have time to deal with EHICs, so existing ones will still be valid until they expire. Hopefully within the next five years we’ll have come to a replacement arrangement.

What could be more seasonally appropriate than wondering around a deserted city centre and then a bit of bureaucracy?

So uh, completely and totally OT, but:

Anyone notice that when news media run stuff like this, it’s almost always about a man rescuing a woman, with a heavy undercurrent of “women should be grateful”? Feels a bit like the difference in coverage of deaths of a male soldiers (“He Died For His Country”) vs. female soldiers (“such a tragedy to lose a beautiful woman so young, it was foolish of her to serve”).

Bias: it’s what’s for breakfast.

@sarah_kay_gee: There’s a new comment by “GSS ex-noob” that might interest you, that you might have missed because it was inserted out-of-order halfway up this page instead of added at the bottom when it appeared.


I hate that bullshit. I still believe men are pathetic compared to women only if because they’re victims of their own horrible gender policing. If men are so great, then why must their self-esteem be derived from farming affection and admiration from others?

I’m… wanting to talk to people so much,but feeling I have nothing to say

Also, my home country is nz. And I live in Europe. I’m really struggling not to scream at people about how shittily they’ve handled this. Like, deaths per capita, roughly the same as USA, which they hold up as obvious failure. And deep in my soul is the knowledge that this could have been over in less than a year, and I constantly want to scream it from the rooftops. And I’m beginning to feel I’m insane for point if view…


Sympathies. Seriously.

You’re not insane. The reason for all this is that the rich and powerful believe in eugenics, and literally want us to die. Millions of deaths is their plan for the pandemic, and billions is their plan for global warming.

IDK how we’re going to survive, honestly, but keep holding onto the truth that it didn’t have to be this way.


And deep in my soul is the knowledge that this could have been over in less than a year, and I constantly want to scream it from the rooftops.

I feel the same way. This could have been over, but now won’t be for a while longer. I’m so frustrated but have no way to change things at the level that matters.

Thanks folks.

Oh man, the thing the drives me most mad, is the excuses.

Oh, cmon, NZ is only fine cause its an isolated place… islands are easy (except UK, for reasons). China is only fine cause actually they’re lying. Vietnam is only fine because authoritarian. Taiwan… I mean, Asians are just ants, right, they automatically obey everything, also island!

I’m ranting cause at the end of my tether a bit. Just, the western world has made impossible a decent approach of almost anyone else to the virus. You see that with e.g Sri Lanka failing 3-4 months after Europe gave up. There are so my organizations im never gonna trust again

@Surplus to Requirements: thanks. I think what happened is that, being new (hello), my comment was held for approval which meant it then got posted where the original timestamp said it should, which of course was after you guys had already said more things. I hope it helps sarah_kay_gee.

Had a quiet NYE with my husband. He, by the way, is secure enough in his masculinity to have bought feminine hygiene products for me without getting the vapors or needing to complain about it on Twitter.

At this point, I will settle for 2021 being “just not any worse, please”.

> Fishy Goat
Hail to our over-the-sea cousins ! And good year, adamantium health to you !
We are going to need it, because the end of the year and the beginning of 2021 is not that fun : three gendarmes killed by a conspiracist (which was also a DV recidivist), five soldiers (both women and men) killed in Mali, one young bystander killed and some other injured in the first shooting of the year in Bordeaux…
On a lighter side, there is a joke aroung here saying that we should make a wall between England and Europe and make them pay for it. Weak parody of We-Know-Who, but the Brexit is going to be a hell to manage in my administration. Oh well, this is the life.

Have a nice day, everyone !

Thanks for the advice @GSS ex-noob. I did take it again night before last, and although I woke up with a headache it was very mild and went away after a single dose of Advil. (I’m very intolerant of aspirin—it gives me dreadful stomach pains—and Tylenol might as well be sugar pills, except placebos sometimes work.) I’m still working through free samples; if I continue to have good results I’ll talk to my doctor about a regular prescription. Would be nice to have one less thing causing sleepless nights.

I’ve just spotted that the astra-zeneca vaccine is called “chadox” and that sars-cov-2 is a member of the betacoronavirus genus. Maybe I’m a few weeks late on that one, but it still made me giggle.

I can’t wait until the 21st when Trump is finally gone. And I can’t wait until the vaccines are readily available for everyone. I hope we actually start seeing real life social changes, but sadly I am kind of pessimistic.

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