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Fellas, is it gay to date women?

We’re back in the Ask the Red Pill subreddit again, where one lost soul is wondering if dating women is s total beta simp move.

Is going out on dates beta male behaviour?,” asks the appropriately named Le_fapmeister.

Is dating another form of simping and is a strategy that appeals to the beta bucks side of hypergamy. But on the other hand I am not sure how to get into game without going on dates. My current finances (or lack) may be contributing to this idea. 

So weird that so many women prefer to meet and talk to a guy before jumping into bed with him.

The regulars are divided on the “dating is beta” issue. One responds with sarcasm:

Doing almost anything is beta. Even breathing Air is very very beta.

A real alpha should be able to exist on his sheer force if chadness. He is able to get girls by snapping his fingers and they appear.

Only betas would go out and do things with women (how gay).

Several commenters suggest meeting women over coffee instead of making a huge production out of a date. (Or they could just go out with women who pay their own way on dates, not that this ever occurs to Red Pillers.)

But one commenter called Kanadyan thinks that, yes, any sort of date with a woman is inherently beta simpery.

Beta’s take her out and “court” her and get her approval to get physical.

Alpha’s meet her and fuck her in a natural order and not this contrived awkward asking for a date on such and such a day. She wants it and flows naturally, no courting required.

Huh. Mocking those who actually get explicit consent for sex sounds a lot like a prescription for date rape.

In a followup comment, Kanadyan suggested that to boost his success rate with women he should, among other things,

[r]ead books on confidence, charisma and leadership. That way you improve yourself in general at a more deep level rather than (just for picking up girls, which in itself is beta).

So in order to become an alpha able to pick up girls with ease, you should read books on confidence. But if you read these books just to pick up girls, you’re being a beta. Such a fine distinction.

How many betas can dance on the head of a pin?

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