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Fellas, is it gay to date women?

We’re back in the Ask the Red Pill subreddit again, where one lost soul is wondering if dating women is s total beta simp move.

Is going out on dates beta male behaviour?,” asks the appropriately named Le_fapmeister.

Is dating another form of simping and is a strategy that appeals to the beta bucks side of hypergamy. But on the other hand I am not sure how to get into game without going on dates. My current finances (or lack) may be contributing to this idea. 

So weird that so many women prefer to meet and talk to a guy before jumping into bed with him.

The regulars are divided on the “dating is beta” issue. One responds with sarcasm:

Doing almost anything is beta. Even breathing Air is very very beta.

A real alpha should be able to exist on his sheer force if chadness. He is able to get girls by snapping his fingers and they appear.

Only betas would go out and do things with women (how gay).

Several commenters suggest meeting women over coffee instead of making a huge production out of a date. (Or they could just go out with women who pay their own way on dates, not that this ever occurs to Red Pillers.)

But one commenter called Kanadyan thinks that, yes, any sort of date with a woman is inherently beta simpery.

Beta’s take her out and “court” her and get her approval to get physical.

Alpha’s meet her and fuck her in a natural order and not this contrived awkward asking for a date on such and such a day. She wants it and flows naturally, no courting required.

Huh. Mocking those who actually get explicit consent for sex sounds a lot like a prescription for date rape.

In a followup comment, Kanadyan suggested that to boost his success rate with women he should, among other things,

[r]ead books on confidence, charisma and leadership. That way you improve yourself in general at a more deep level rather than (just for picking up girls, which in itself is beta).

So in order to become an alpha able to pick up girls with ease, you should read books on confidence. But if you read these books just to pick up girls, you’re being a beta. Such a fine distinction.

How many betas can dance on the head of a pin?

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29 replies on “Fellas, is it gay to date women?”

I’m waiting for one of these guys to write a post saying, “Is asking what’s beta male behavior beta male behavior?”

A real alpha should be able to exist on his sheer force if chadness. He is able to get girls by snapping his fingers and they appear.

Breatharianism, but make it manospherian.

[r]ead books on confidence, charisma and leadership.

I can almost guarantee he means Jordan Peterson.

Wasn’t there another article with basically the smae title within the last year or so? Is this really becoming a maisstream manosphere thing?

That’s a troll post with trollish answers I would say. The first answer is obviously sarcastic and flippant, the second one is in the poe territory (it’s ridiculous enough to just be sarcasm and trolling, but still believable in the context of a red pill board), his second response seems to place it in the serious category and makes the said Kanadyan a fine example of a “fart sniffing” pseudo-genius PUA.

I absolutely refuse and abhor traditional dating but not for the reasons these creeps think.

Yes, man with strange screenname. Spending time with women is beta. Even messaging a woman is beta. Leave women alone forever. Thank you.


You are so funny and intelligent, as always, but I’ve said enough of my life and relationship style these days here that you know exactly what I mean. But you’re hilarious though and I appreciate you so much.

@personalpest I laughed when I read your comment. I find these dudes so weird. How old are they? If 12 yeard old boys were asking these questions and were so unsure and clueless how to talk to other people I would understand but many of them are adults. What’s even worse is probably the people giving the most terrible and evil advice are at least 30 and are like Roosh V and other advocates of rape and misogyny.

Alpha’s meet her and fuck her in a natural order

Meet a woman? How quaint. How Victorian. No, an alpha will just get straight to the business at hand. Introductions are neither necessary nor desirable. Why do betas need to have everything explained to them.

No, an alpha will just get straight to the business at hand.

In fact, the truest of true alpha is just blipping from one instance of fucking to the next with no intermediate time, like some omnipresent essence of fucking (which sounds like a really gross aftershave-scent). Therefore, not actively fucking is being a simp, and any Alpha seen in the wild who is not engaged in fucking is actually a well disguised beta.

Or something like that.

I don’t understand why he’s asking the question.
It’s not like he’s ever going to actually be on a date anyhow…

Bunch of damned fools, they are.

They’re asking each other “Is XYZ beta?” and the answer is always yes – because they’re total betas for doing the asking.

Chad wouldn’t need to be asking this crap – Chad does what he wants and sod anyone else’s opinion.

There. For any Miggie fools reading this, I just saved you buying a bunch of books by total frauds pretending to tell you how to be an “alpha.”

The truest alphas fuck, but are utterly unaware of the woman. Women alight and depart, coordinated by the air traffic controller of hypergamy. Meanwhile the alpha continues uninterrupted with the important business of stockpiling cryptocurrency and tactical shower soap, without ever having to lower himself to recognize the existence of other genders.

Even typing the word “woman” is beta.

I have to admit, reading self-improvement books on how to be a better person sounds like decent advice for someone who’s struggling. Unfortunately there’s lots of bad advice out there so they might not come out ahead.

As for the advice of being so mighty and awesome that she’ll just want to jump into bed with you… that’s actually kinda how my good relationships have gone?

If you’re dating and kind of enjoying each other but the spark isn’t there, and you try to convince a reluctant partner (and yourself) to have sex — it’s just a bad idea; stop and reassess.

I’d caution against self help books unless there are specific ones to recommend, there are a lot of really terrible or just overly normative self help books as well.

As for the advice of being so mighty and awesome that she’ll just want to jump into bed with you… that’s actually kinda how my good relationships have gone?

I think the difference is that you probably had consent before any of this happened, while I read the OP as implying date rape or pickup artistry.


I think you are absolutely right in what you see as the difference between what the creeps do and what numerobis was saying: partners choosing *each other*


You are wise and right. Either the attraction is there or it isn’t. I’m definitely not like a “normal” cis woman and being the way I am is part of how I resist patriarchy. Physical attraction is always my starting point with a partner for some partners (my subs) that and his creative ability are the two most important part of our relationships. That I find him hot actually helps the creative part.

I really find offensive guys who think they can convince or persuade me to be attracted to them if I’m not. It’s entitled. Nice-guy-ism is the creepiest and most slimy version of that but the version where the keep wanting to date as if I’ll finally come around pisses me off too.


@personalpest I laughed when I read your comment.

Thank you! That means a lot.

Anyway, both you and David make great points here. The guys who worry about “alpha/beta” bullshit are trying to live up to an impossible, idealized standard that no mere mortal can reach. In the process, they’re hurting themselves and the people they interact with.

Oh, and Happy Holidays to David and everyone at WHTM!

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