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MGTOW Redditor: I hate women, but not as much as I hate everything else

Today’s incoherently angry rant comes from the MGTOW subreddit, written by a man who, for some reason, wants us to know that women aren’t the primary focus of his anger. I mean, he definitely doesn’t like women but there are other things that get him even more pissed off.

You may have to read some of his ramblings twice because he is definitely not what you’d call a great writer. I’ve removed some of the least coherent bits because no one really deserves to have to read them even once.

“Despite how women think the world fucking revolves around them,” JimProfitSkeleton begins,

and all the shit I won’t put up with involving them and their stank pussy …

No, no women you aren’t that fucking important. My day was going bad even before you opened your whore mouth to say something incredibly stupid and selfish.

Well, aren’t you a little ray of sunshine.

Before the slut at work could beg me to do something for her she was perfectly capable of doing herself, my day was already going bad because get this… I don’t like having to work so many hours I only have enough time to sleep and shit.

Yet somehow you manage to have the time to post long rants on Reddit.

Before the thot could post another generic selfie on Facebook and get 10k likes, my day was already going bad because I can’t even bully you to get some attention myself because I’m on a 3-day ban over something I said like a year ago because Mark Zuckerberg is just that petty of a k*ke and is smart enough never to leave his house where I can put a bullet in his head.

Boy, I can’t imagine why Facebook would feel the need to ban such a wise and eloquent commenter.

Before a woman on Reddit could poorly argue with me and get her harpie friends to either downvote or reportfag me, my day was already going bad because Reddit has become a toilet of SJW counterspeak where the people who cry about rights and equality the loudest respect neither.

Perhaps you should consider shutting up and going away?

Women are not the centerpiece of my life, it just further proves how none of this is worth cooperating with society over. Society doesn’t give me SHIT. And I can’t even say “well at least I have a loving wife, some kids, and a family who make me a proud man”. No… because that ship sailed a long time ago for our culture if it ever existed in the firstplace. So no money, no bitches, why am I not part of Isis again?

Because even ISIS wouldn’t want to put up with your bullshit?

Oooh, maybe I can squeeze an hour of week into a hobby that will undoubtedly get me called a loser anyway assuming I’m not just banned from all it’s subreddits first. I JUST LOVE THIS MALE PRIVILEGE GUYS. I FEEL SO FREE.

You could always take up model trains and somehow figure out how to post about your new hobby without using the word “whore” or threatening to kill anyone.

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1 year ago

@Battering Lamb – My thoughts exactly.

Mood kindred? (obscure joke unless you’re a fan of Bruva Alfabusa)

1 year ago

You could always take up model trains and somehow figure out how to post about your new hobby without using the word “whore” or threatening to kill anyone.

comment image

Can’t say “Hornby” without saying “whore”.

1 year ago

Paireon: given these people generally believe masks are for cucks, the mask hasn’t really ever been on. At most, it’s been placed on their chin.

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