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MGTOW Redditors agree: Covid is the best thing that’s ever happened to MGTOWs

Nearly 300,000 Americans have died of Covid already and cases are spiking nationwide. Meanwhile, over in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit the regulars have been talking about what a great thing Covid has been for MGTOWs, at least according to their own perverse logic.

Covid was really the best thing for MGTOW yet,” someone called Luciano700 declared in a recent thread, and his fellow MGTOWs were quick to agree. (This isn’t the first time MGTOWs have declared Covid an “ally,” but the reasons they give this time around are a bit more varied than the ones they gave the last time I caught them doing this.)

A commenter called fritobandito214 set forth a whole list of reasons he thinks Covid has been a gift to MGTOWs and men more generally.

Covid has been good for men in general:

We’ve been givin the right to keep women 6ft away from us without any repercussion for once.

Restaurants are closed, no expensive meals to buy, now the whores have to come over to our place and get plowed or keep their sorry ass at home.

Strong wymyn are being forced to stay at home to deal with and home school the monsters they’ve unleashed on society. (This one i especially love,love,LOVE!)

Men aren’t attention whores vs. women who are losing their minds in quarantine with no one around to give them attention, ENTER OnlyFans, exposing them for the true whores they are.

MGTOW men for the most part live a life of solitude so it’s business as usual during this pandemic, while wymyn are becoming pill popping, alcohol soaked addicts.

Other commenters suggested that Covid was exposing women’s perfidity — and tendency to cheat in relationships. Usual_Sir wrote

The thots can’t hide the truth to their beta provider, about Chad and Tyrone. Text messages and late night phone calls. Look for those covid red flags guys.

Some think that Covid essentially makes the case for MGTOW for them. Isthisthelasttime34 explained:

From purely a social perspective it has given men much firmer ground to stand on for not wanting to go the traditional marriage, kids, and soul crushing job route. Who can argue with somebody anymore for not wanting to do that? Absolutely nobody. And while we knew all along what we were doing, now all we have to do is point to the events of 2020 to shut down anybody getting upset about it.

Still others are glad that something has come along to disrupt daily life for everyone:

“Covid is good,” wrote non-w0ke.

It brings some balance back into play. Monkey branching is extremely hard after a major disasters, such as World War. Because people do not behave when asked nicely (kids, Karens) they are forced to deal with harsh reality. Reality and natural selection are the best teachers.

Others waxed rhapsodic about the possibility of even more apocalyptic social chaos — which they think will “put women in their place” again, like in the good old days.

“[I]t’s a nothing bug,” wrote Mozambique4Life.

But a wake-up call. if we had widespread Ebola for example, what would the world resort too.

Funny thing is we all know if society really turns to anarchy women will fall back on very traditional roles, just hide behind big strong men and suck cock to survive. nothing new there.

Keep dreaming, boys.

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4 months ago

I critique Mgtow as I also oppose 3rd wave Feminism-because they are both encompass hate group identitarians spawned or instigated by cultural Marxism-an ideology spun from European class warfare into the present Maoist culture war here.
This is the Frankfurt School, under a masquerade of “Liberalism” but in reality THE current state of today’s fascism (“hate”speech/compelled language laws, discriminatory gender&racial quotas and one way “diversity” hypocrisy -also “equity” policies(neo communism).
These are not “compassion” nor are they “equal opportunity”, but purposed through anti nuclear family envy & resentment(the currency of Marx himself)to pit people against each other- tribalism WITHIN western nations- until our society falls to a socialist totalitarian police state.the Venezuelan basket case today is an example of how bad this becomes.
This is a whole lot different than Women Rights -or human rights in general- which I suggest was a LEGAL constitutional battle already won by classic Liberals at least one or two generations ago. the current generation of “woke progressive SJWs” are destructive “useful fools” ,some such as BLM and Antifa openly displaying Soviet or Marxist symbols.

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