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Happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday

Safe and Happy Thanksgiving, to all those celebrating it! Enjoy a lovely dinner with your special COVID buddies. And be thankful i didn’t use the Eraserhead chicken gif I was thinking of using for the graphic here.

Also enjoy this OPEN THREAD.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. To the rest of the world, thank you for putting up with us as we get our house in order.

Not to rain on the parade, but American mammotheers would best be advised to be extremely careful for the next few weeks. Seeing as Thanksgiving will likely be the start of millions of new cases, it seems best to step up personal lockdown measures if possible. Try to avoid going out in public unless absolutely necessary. If you can, try to get an N95 or KN95 mask. The next few weeks will be bad, so be extra vigilant.

I’ve eaten so much i feel like a elephant seal laying on the beach, I’ll tell you what it’s worth to sit here and watch the dog show after.

I had a lot to be thankful for personally today. I got a new route away from some pretty abusive management that is also smaller. Nobody I love has gotten any sicker. I cooked for my Someone for the first time today and he loved it.

Dinner was three types of stuffing (gluten free, vegetarian, and gluten-y chicken-y goodness) herbs de provence (with lavender) turkey (the secret is to make herb butter and put that inside the turkey skin so that the butter melts the herbs into the meat and not just onto the skin), biscuits, potatoes, gravy, three kinds of pie, deviled eggs, ham, pancit, and cranberry sauce.

I made the stuffing, turkey, potatoes, and gravy. We totally forgot to make the beans or salads, so I’ve got things for those in the fridge.

I feel good. For the first time in there years, I feel good.

I had a zoomsgiving party. It was lame compared to having a big party full of friends and family.

It was great to catch up with people all over the world, who couldn’t have shown up anyway normally.

I spent Thanksgiving with my parents. I spend a lot of time with my parents. They are suuuuuuuper salty about the election, and my dad expended way too much time today ranting about the latest conspiracy theories as to how the election was “stolen” from Trump. I have a hard time keeping a straight face when he starts going off about 300,000 (or was it 700,000? he had both numbers today) illegitimate votes in Pennsylvania. I thought about pointing out that this would be an interesting allegation to make, in court, with evidence, under oath, but ultimately just listening to him rant was much, much sweeter.

Ironically, the only case of voter fraud I heard about from PA was a Trump supporter who tried to vote twice by mailing a ballot as his dead mother. The lieutenant governor of the state jokingly sent the report to a bunch of GOPers who claimed to be searching for voter fraud.


I saw several reports on Reddit during the lead-up to the election of people who said they had requested mail-in ballots, but their parents filled out the ballots for them, voting for Trump, and returned them, and what could they do about it? It was always parents voting for Trump on their children’s behalf.

The 700,000 vote conspiracy theory is that Pennsylvania sent out x number of mail-in ballots and received back 700,000 more than they had mailed out. I had a hard time not literally LOLing at the idea that this is totally a true thing that happened. He also had exact numbers for how many of that 700,000 overage voted for Trump vs. Biden, which becomes more and more hilarious the more thought you put into it.


I saw several reports on Reddit during the lead-up to the election of people who said they had requested mail-in ballots, but their parents filled out the ballots for them, voting for Trump, and returned them, and what could they do about it? It was always parents voting for Trump on their children’s behalf.

I hadn’t heard about that but doesn’t surprise me. I did hear that mail in ballots made it easier for people to coerce their children and/or spouse’s vote because they could see them filling them out. As always, when the GOP accuses Democrats of something, they’re telling on themselves.

Re: extra votes
That part is reminding me of how Trump’s legal team tried to claim there were more votes than voters in Michigan because they used voter registration data from Minnesota. Yes, that’s right, lawyers working for the US president confused Michigan with Minnesota.

my husband called me after I had stuffed my self with food and he had also stuffed himself with food. he laid on his bed and i laid on the couch and we both made beach whale sounds at each other for a good 20 minutes. Being married is awesome.

@Lainy; I always love hearing your stories of daily life with your husband. I hope some day I’ll get that lucky.

So a sequel to Ready Player 1 is out, that has a character track down another character’s birth certificate and learn she’s trans. But it’s ok, cause dude has had so much cybersex that it doesn’t bother him anymore!
For fucks’ sake

I’ve never read either book, but combining this with the Cyberpunk 2077 thing, it’s really frustrating how this year’s science fiction views trans women.

I spent it playing with family dog and cleaning dishes. Food was decent but could have done less with people telling me to sit down.


I was trying to figure if whale noises was some kind of innuendo, but either way, it sounds funny. ;D

My spouse and I had Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors. None of us have been in circulation, as the saying goes, so we were safe, I think. I’m not a real big fan of turkey, and it was a relief not to feel obligated to cook one.

Dormousing_it: this Thanksgiving really shows who among my friends actually likes turkey, and who’s just doing it for show.

Most of my friends skipped the turkey. A few cooked 20′ turkeys just for themselves and their one or two young kids.


So a sequel to Ready Player 1 is out

Seriously? I haven’t seen so much as a single trailer, and I usually have a TV on tuned into a sci-fi channel as background noise around here for hours every day.

So, what have I missed now because of the damn virus? Black Widow; whichever MCU film was originally supposed to be out this fall (was that Shang-Chi?); and now Ready Player Two, or whatever the sequel is called … And counting. For each of which I’ll have to wait an extra year or so for the Blu-Ray, and meanwhile cross a minefield of potential spoilers whenever I go online. And by the time I finally get to see one of them, there’ll be another one meanwhile that I missed, so the minefield will not become safe again until a year after the vaccine has become widely available. And that’s on top of the minefield of I-might-actually-catch-the-virus whenever I do go out …

Meanwhile, in countries like Finland and New Zealand that have been able to more or less stamp out domestic transmission of the virus, people are enjoying normal life and missing out on nothing.

What really galls me is that until about mid-August Canada was on track to domestic eradication as well, and then … I don’t know exactly what happened. Somebody changed something, and unless it was a mass shift in the behavior of the entire populace, it must have been a decision made by some higher-up somewhere. And the case numbers, down to double digits in most provinces and a few hundred Canada-wide, stopped shrinking and started growing again, and now it’s basically running rampant throughout the country.

I would very much like to have been consulted on the August Decision. Instead, I don’t even know what, exactly, this decision was, other that that it was a very big mistake, and that whoever made it should be strung up by their toes with their eyelids taped open and forced to watch endless reruns of Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict, and every other terrible failed attempt by Gene Roddenberry to duplicate the success of Babylon 5. With the final two seasons of each of BTVS and Smallville thrown in. And Star Trek: Enterprise.


Not a sequel to the movie, but a sequel to the book Ready Player One that’s called Ready Player Two.

@Numerobis: Aaaahhh, turkey is OK. I’d rather have a pork roast, tho. One year I just cooked a turkey breast, following a recipe for ‘herbed turkey breast’. It was pretty good… the herbs jazzed up what, to me, is a bland meat.

I like the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. I made an awesome cornbread stuffing, a few years in a row. I also love creamed onions, but rarely make them, because few people seem to share my enthusiasm for them. One year, I made them, and waaaayyy overestimated the amount I should make. It was like looking at a big bowl full of eyeballs.


The Goldsboro Books SFF Fellowship book for December is signed first edition of Ready Player Two. I emailed to cancel for December, because of what I’d heard about the first book. I am pleased I did now. I wasn’t impressed by the blurbs for either, and I got a bad feeling about them. January’s is a Star Wars book. Not sure I want that either. It’s a shame because some of the books I’ve had from the subscription this year have been fantastic, like The Bone Shard Daughter, Phoenix Extravagant, Red Noise and The Story of Silence. Phoenix and Silence have Enby main characters too.

@USian Mammotheers,

Happy belated festivities, enjoy your extremely late harvest festival. Safely. Don’t kill any family members unless they deserve it. (joke)

Tomorrow, my sister and her family, myself, and our younger sister and her partner are all having proper Sunday dinners delivered. I haven’t had a Sunday dinner in ages. I’m getting roast beef and Yorkshire puds. There is sticky toffee pudding and custard for afters. We’re in different towns, but the restaurant that delivers is in between. I can’t wait. I might make extra stuffing if I have any Paxo in.

@North Sea Sparkly Dragon

Aw, man, now you’ve got me missing my mother’s roast beef and Yorkie pudding.


When you’re eleven, it’s more fun to bounce around the kitchen and chant “Yorkie pudding! Yorkie pudding!” 😉

To me, Yorkie pudding is what the raccoon had in mind when it grabbed my neighbor’s Yorkshire terrier and tried to run off with him.

Ben is fine, btw: Jason the neighbor intervened. We do blame that raccoon for the death of my cat a week later, since all we found was half of him.

Re: Covid-19

Meanwhile, in countries like Finland and New Zealand that have been able to more or less stamp out domestic transmission of the virus, people are enjoying normal life and missing out on nothing.

Er, Finland gets this reputation as a successful country because we’re located in Europe and that kind of lowers the peer group standard. It’s not anything like NZ level of success.

Last spring, we caught the first wave somewhat early, and racked only about 60 deaths per million people. Then we did almost entirely stamp the virus out in summer. The slow decline continued for many weeks after we returned to pretty much normal life. People were still somewhat cautious, and we had a pretty good tracking system.

Then the virus began slowly rebounding, probably due to a combination of increased international travel and people relaxing their behavior. The government began gradually reinstituting some restrictions on restaurants etc. plus recommending masking. It didn’t help, probably because some people were still relaxing their behavior and because the weather was getting cold. Still, while the rest of Europe was plunging deep into second wave, we were at least delaying the inevitable. For a while, the curve even seemed to have plateaued at relatively low level.

Now, the shit just got real again over the last couple weeks. We have a partial lockdown in parts of the country, and probably more to come. The death tally is (I think) on track to rising past 100 per million, though hopefully not past 200.

Raccoons got our rabbits when I was a kid, little fuckers learned to unlatch the cages. We had to literally chain the garbage cans shut to keep them out of those. Pretty sure they got our chickens the first time too; the second was foxes for sure, we caught one of them at it and then they set up house under our back shed to raise their pups. We pretty much gave up on outdoor animals at that point.

My friend thought a fox was getting into chicken coop somehow. We put a camera to see if we were right. And i shit you not, i watch this fucking footage of a fucking mountain loin come into that coop and take a chicken.

Gotta say, y’all are succeeding at making carnivorous raccoons look far less scary than they did a minute ago. Um, thanks?

Off-topic, I know, but have any of you folks heard of a MGTOW YouTuber named Think Before You Sleep? He started showing up in my recommendations last week and from the (fortunately) limited exposure I’ve had to him so far he strikes me as a weapons-grade jerk even by miggie standards.

@Alan Robertshaw: I know this thread is getting stale, but thanks for your post about the Fanta Menace’s Wisconsin recount. It brings joy to my heart🤗. Even though, it probably not his own money he’s wasting.

@ dormousing_it

My pleasure.

We’ve been following the various cases in legal chit chat spaces. With a mixture of bewilderment; and also that thing where you’re glad it’s not you having to do something but you’re embarrassed on their behalf. (I think there’s a German word for that).

We’ve all had to fight doomed cases. But there’s a professional difference between a hopeless case and an unarguable one.

Generally, we have to run with any instructions a client gives us. However what we mustn’t do is lend ourselves to ‘an abuse of process’. That can be a disciplinary matter in most jurisdictions. Hence a lot of the legal firms withdrawing.

Ouch. I twisted my ankle last summer even without a dog, out of my sheer clumsiness and foolhardy propensity for walking off road. If I were Biden’s age, there would likely have been either a minor or a major fracture.

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