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MGTOWs debate the best way to “Red Pill” 14-year-old boys

Getting them while they’re young

It’s depressing to think that some Men Going Their Own Way have children. It must be awful for their daughters to have to deal with such floridly misogynistic dads, and the situation isn’t that much better for the sons who have to endure hateful and unhelpful “red pill” prothletizing during their formative years.

On the MGTOW subreddit today, some of the regulars are discussing the best ways to “red pill” one commenter’s 14-year-old son.

Fphilippe45 wrote:

I know I’ve already gave him a few red pills like : “woman does not love a man like a man loves a woman”, or “the most important thing in life is your freedom, your health and relatives”…

I don’t want to tell him to GYOW abruptly, but I definitively want him to understand his self-worth and to not worship pussies.

Any idea of the few red pills I can already give him at 14 ?

Commenters fell all over themselves responding with their suggestions, the most enthusiastic propagandist-by-proxy being a fellow called donersbruv2, who spewed out more than 600 words on the topic in the form of an 11-point list, with suggestions ranging from “Never marry” to “If you remove the vagina from the equation, women are terribly boring creatures” and “Women virtue-signal to be able to capitalize on their hypergamous nature.” 

Because there is apparently nothing more appealing to 14-year-old boys than an earful of MGTOW jargon.

“Women are always trying to find a better suitor, be it higher status, more money, better looks, etc. due to her hypergamous nature,” donersbruv2 posited.

She’s essentially always talking to, meeting, and looking for a new guy behind her bf/husbands back. Only once she’s found a better suitor and solidified the relationship (with lots of sex) will she tell her bf/husband she “wants to take some time off” or something similar. As if this isn’t bad enough, she could possibly come crawling back later. Yuck!

Never mind that men cheat more often than women, with 20 percent of men admitting they cheated during marriage as opposed to only 13 percent of women, according to the General Social Survey. Clearly the MGTOWs are working with what Kellyanne Conway once famously called “alternative facts,” otherwise known as alternatives to facts.

Other commenters have their own bits of “wisdom” they think are worth sharing with barely teenage boys. Some were merely inappropriate. “First show him safe porn and let him have a coom in peace so he will be thinking with the correct head,” advised CelebritySteam.

After that lay out AWALT [All Women Are Like That] behaviors. If he’s smart now that he knows what he should be looking for he will see it himself. If not so smart he will get thotted a few times before getting it.

“Post nut clarity is a wonderful thing,” agreed Griever113.

Before you make any big decision, rub one out. If you still want to make that decision, spend the night and think it over.

Boys just love it when their dads are creepily obsessed with their masturbatory habits.

Some commenters offered advice that was simply baffling. “I would simply advise him to be discreet and discreet,” wrote RecentFix1.

But the majority of the commenters stuck with typical MGTOW misogyny. Silly_birb advised:

I would tell him

“Never trust females, especially those you like because they know it due to a sixth sense and they will try to use you”

“Females will throw you under the bus to be with the hot guy or to protect themselves to look bad in front of people”

“Women will judge a man only on his looks, which is not how he dress or act but simply genetic characteristics like a wide jaw, narrow eyes, face ratios, how tall he is and muscles”

“Most important thing: a girl is her friends.
She will always follow the group and they will condition her about who to date, and when she should leave or cheat”

What wonderful things to fill the head of a 14-year-old with.

“Tell him that often women will use a man for money or free food,” Shimakaze4 insisted.

She might say she likes you but does she really like you, or does she like you because you do something for her. Even my mother told me when I was 12 “be careful of girls, all they want is money and free stuff”.

Great job, mom.

“Never emotionally invest,” encouraged Hiromant.

If you like her, immediately distance yourself mentally. You can be nice to her within reason but if you fall in love and get oneitis, it’s over. Women love men who are somewhat indifferent to them.

I can’t think of a better formula for bad (or no) relationships.

DrPr0ctr credited his dad for instilling some red-pill wisdom when he was young.

My dad used subtle sayings like “don’t look them in the eyes” and things like that. It sort of fostered this natural distrust of women from a young age.

Uh, red pill aside, what the hell kind of advice is this? Women aren’t going to steal your soul by looking you in the eye.

In some ways the most depressing replies came from other MGTOWs fathers who admitted that they had tried at least a limited amount of “red pilling” with their sons of similar age.

Fill a kid’s head with shit and you’re likely to derail his life.

I can only hope the kids in question are able to see through the bullshit and forge a better life than that of their dads.

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

In the UK, overall girls get significantly better results from single sex schools than mixed.

Boys also get better results, but not to the degree girls do.

If you just look at children from under-privileged backgrounds though, then both girls and boys get significantly better results in single sex schools.

Only about 15% of state schools here though are single sex.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ olhmann

a japanese warship who is depicted in a popular game as a <16 year old girl

I’ve pondered on this for a while but my response is still “Huh!?”

I think I’ll just stick with HMS Belfast.

Fun fact: The guns of the Belfast are aimed at Scratchwood Services on the M1 motorway.

Officially that’s to give an idea of their range by reference to a place people are familiar with. I suspect though they’ve just eaten there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alan Robertshaw
Threp (formerly Shadowplay)
Threp (formerly Shadowplay)
1 year ago

I’ve pondered on this for a while but my response is still “Huh!?”

Kantai Collection: Complete Girls Fleet Collection (or Kancolle, if you’re short of breath). You play it with your browser – I think. Grandson plays it from time to time.

It’s weird even by “12 year olds with big boobs” standards. (Kid’s of an age where that’s appropriately interesting. 😛 )

Last edited 1 year ago by Threp (formerly Shadowplay)
1 year ago

Military hardware or commanders depicted as girls is an entire genre in Japan.

Note that “pin ups with guns” is also a genre in the united states. While the way the japanese do it is arguably weirder and ickier in a lot of sense, it’s “just” glamorization of war.

(I remember a picture where Robert Nivelle-as-a-young-girl were playing with dolls representing soldiers over the Chemin des Dames, before losing them all. Probably a good representation of how some generals use their troops …)

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
1 year ago

Regarding NASA:
Interesting, yet vague. I mean, we already know a number of odd things about the moon, like the prevalence of minerals there which occur extremely rarely on Earth (because they can only form in the absence of water), but I’m not sure what they’ll be announcing then.

Regarding warship girls:
Yeah, that’s a thing. Some aspects of Japanese culture seem infatuated with the idea of creating cute girl mascots for all sorts of things, called ‘-tan’s, which is based off of ‘-chan’, which is the honorific used for girls.

There was an entire sequence of them done for various versions of Windows. ME-tan was clumsy and kept falling over (because Windows ME was so crash-prone). It’s… yeah.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 year ago

And then there was this:

comment image

… Yeah. <smh>

Threp (formerly Shadowplay)
Threp (formerly Shadowplay)
1 year ago


Got a fondness for noseart pinups – Gina Elise is a casual aquaintance, we met when I interviewed her for a side gig – and I’ve had her calendar each year since her second one 🙂

It’s a cute enough game, seems fun enough, just seems a bit odd to me. The whole glorifying the dull and usually mind-numbingly boring business of war just seems really, really, really strange in the first place, and then when they try make it cute … it goes places my mind can’t be coping with.

1 year ago

There were also some far more explicitly racist “corona-chan” drawings.

1 year ago

I remember a man in his 60s who identified as MGTOW saying he goes up to young boys and tells them to keep away from girls.That’s not creepy at all…

1 year ago


I don’t know what’s wrong with kids and teens becoming MGTOW. I am a 12 year old MGTOW and my friend Igor is a 14 year old MGTOW.

Because it’s a misogynistic movement? It’s bad when anyone joins it, and that includes kids.

1 year ago


yeah, child you can’t be MGTOW for the first reason is that your not a man. your a baby. your a child. the worse thing that’s ever happened to you is that another 12 year old girl told you she didn’t want to sit with you at lunch. Your like in what? 6 grade? chill out.

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