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4Chan responds to Trump’s COVID diagnosis with antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and … poetry?

So I thought I’d check in to see how our old frens over at 4Chan’s /pol/ board were taking the news that Trump has been hospitalized with the coronavirus.

And they didn’t fail to disappoint. The threads on the subject are filled with the typical 4chan mix of racism, antisemitism, conspiracy theories, “edgy” humor and … poetry?

Given 4Chan’s historic affinity for Trump, I was a little surprised to see how many of the anons in /pol/ were happy about Trump’s illness and eager for him to drop dead. But most of the posters there are still on Trump’s side; they just don’t agree on what exactly is happening.

For some, Trump’s ilness is a terrible blow to Western Civilzation. As one anon writes,

Let’s suppose Trump dies. Who else is there left to lead a country to fight clown world? What hope is there even left in man when the only guy that tried to oppose clown world dies?

I’m starting to think that maybe white people were a fluke, if they’re so willing to let their civilizations get overtaken by subhumans or let themselves be corrupted by kikes and their degeneracy.

Others are upset to find some of their fellow anons cheering on the virus.

All of you f*ggots deserve to get your country overrun by n*ggers and your people muttified, you all gloat for the death of the only man that at least fucking tried to fight back immigration and leftist brainwashing. Meanwhile what the fuck will you all do as the water boils, you sitting frogs? None of you have to guts to rise for your precious ethnostate because you know the jew will strike you down, yet none of you support what is a baby step towards that goal done by a man with the -power- to change things.

Have fun with Biden 2020 cunts.

Some think that this is an assassination attempt — that Trump was either deliberately infected with coronavirus, or poisoned in some other way because the “the jew flu aka the holocough” is a hoax.

My theory is they have had Biden percolating a super-bug waiting to be released at the debate, knowing it was the only way to get close to Trump. Biden gave it to Trump. Hope got it from Trump but got tested first. Biden is the would-be assassin. Can 2020 get any crazier?

Others offered variations on this basic theory.

if he does die then it was obviously an assassination by the Dems.

A cloth mask doesn’t protect you from airborne pathogens. These are just magical amulets. The jews love their amulets.

Another anon writes:

i will believe that he was infected on purpose by some deep state agent. I’ve said from the beginning that corona was biological warfare. It created the perfect alibi for the deep state to get rid of a non-globalist president.

Others think it’s an attempt to make the “fake” virus look real:

Covid is fake as fuck and no one that is slightly sane believes in this plannedemic.

If trump dies it’s because pedocrats and the deep state managed to kill him to scare impressionable sheeple like you with this meme flu

Others agree that there’s a conspiracy afoot, but think Trump’s the one in the saddle. Echoing QAnon delusions, one anon claims to know what’s really going on.

Insider here: Trump does not have Covid-19. A highly credible plot to overthrow the government was discovered. Trump is faking Covid-19 for his own protection.

Trump is secured at Walter Reed as an insurance policy while the Secret Service will be making arrests tonight. Obama, Hillary, Bill, Biden, George Bush and Dick Cheney will all be arrested immediately. Lesser accomplices, such as Pelosi and Schumer, will be rounded up in the coming days. They all have sealed indictments and warrants for their arrest. All will be taken directly to Guantanamo for military tribunals for treason.

Mike Pence is en route to North Korea, where Kim Jong Un has offered him protection, backed by Putin, to ensure that any other countries do not intervene.

It is happening.

This was posted yesterday, so its predictions have already failed to come true.

Other anons responded a little more creatively, with some posting short poems/lyrics to presumably lighten the mood a bit. Here’s the most notable example I ran across:









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epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Naglfar – Yeah, few other people got that vibe too. But even if it wasn’t some femdom kink, the insistence that women were better than other genders was weird even before he got to the “white women are better” crap.

Like, no, we weren’t ranking huge and disparate groups of people in the first place.

@Moon Custafer – Ha! I’d put “pedocrats” in that category, for sure.

1 year ago


But even if it wasn’t some femdom kink, the insistence that women were better than other genders was weird even before he got to the “white women are better” crap.

There was also the bit where he brought up a bunch of weird questions about which porn he should watch and then claimed all penetrative sex was misogynistic. It’s like he read a few pages of Valerie Solanas out of context and then decided to apply it to his boner.

1 year ago

Why do think we have the big meetings @ Chinese restaurants while Christians are busy with their Christmas?

Think about it.

I know you’re just having a laugh (or are you?), but this is the sort cultural difference that can really confuse westerners.

What do Chinese Christians do on Sunday? Shop. A lot.( I had a store near a couple of asian businesses).
That seems odd to western raised Christians…. Sunday is a day of rest!

But in many Asian cultures you do things like shopping on lucky days, that are often holy days. And for traditionalists you do not mess with the luck!

Chris Oakley
1 year ago

Would anybody miss 4Chan if it suddenly disappeared tomorrow?
(Rhetorical question. Of course nobody would miss it.)

1 year ago

Well, some people would miss it. That’s a solid indicator that they are shitty, but it’s another problem.

4chan isn’t entirely bad, but it’s in absolutely no way worth the effort finding the “good” stuff given there’s so few of it for so much crap. Plus, it’s still a far right breeding group and it still induce extremism.

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