“Everyone who called the cops ‘murderers’ has blood on their hands,” and other bon mots from Stefan Molyneux, MA

Mr Molyneux, saying something racist, probably

By David Futrelle

The protests over the police murder of George Floyd have gotten YouTube “philsopher” Stefan Molyneux all excited, in part because they have given him a fresh excuse to indulge in one of his favorite hobbies, racism.

Actually, that’s a little unfair to Mr Molyneux; racism is a huge part of the “philosophy” he spews on YouTube and Twitter, and thus his racism is something more than a hobby; it’s his bread and butter, part of how he makes his living.

In any case, let’s get on to the protests, which Molyneux sees as fundamentally illegitimate. First off, he’s not convinced that there even was a murder at the hands of the police, but rather a death due to preexsisting conditions that just happened to coincide with a police officer pressing his knee down hard on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes.

As Molyneux sees it, the protests are all Soros-funded communist plots first hatched long before Soros was even born:

Oh, and also they’re the fault of barbaric Somali immigrants.

And possibly some college professors as well:

Public schools are also somehow to blame:

And welfare, let’s not forget the insidious evil behind programs designed to keep poor children from starving to death:

He also tsk-tsks black protesters for allegedly playing into stereotypes by burning down a Wendy’s. (I’m not exactly sure what stereotypes he’s talking about — the stereotype of there being Wendy’s franchises in black neighborhoods?)

But don’t worry! Despite all of his posting about the protests, Mr Molyneux has managed to find time to post about the most important subject of all — that is, of course, Stefan Molyneux, MA.

It’s good to know that even in the midst of a dramatic crisis that Mr Molyneux can keep his eyes on the prize, himself.

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1 year ago

Trump trying to declare war on all antifa

1 year ago

@Alan Robertshaw
Can you get state flags that way?

Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ naglfar

I’m afraid I don’t know. I had to read up a bit on flags when I was looking at doing the US Bar exams; but only the federal one You have to be sworn in under “a flag of the United States”. So I wanted to check the Grand Union Flag would count. It does.

comment image
1 year ago

When Tucker Carlson writes an opinion piece about how the destruction of white property is more of an outrage than the destruction of black lives, isn’t it a logical conclusion to burn buildings?

tim gueguen
1 year ago

Of course it should be noted that Stevie Molyforbrains is posting from the comfort of Canada, which has yet to have mass riots this year. Meanwhile the death of Regis Korchinsk-Pacquet has increased tensions. She fell from her 24th story Toronto apartment after her mother asked for the police to check on her. I’m sure whatever it turns out happened to her Stevie will blame her for her death.

epitome of incomprehensibility

Apropos of what @tim gueguen said –

I was reading about Korchinski-Paquet today. I thought of the times (twice at least) my parents called the cops because I’d “run away” as a teenager (i.e. taken the bike or gone for a run at night when they thought it was dangerous – they were probably overreacting but I did have behaviour issues.) Anyway, replaying those interactions in my mind, I can’t imagine them ending up with me dead. One time the cop scolded me and called me “crazy” (not nice but not life-threatening either). The other time one of them talked nicely to me, asking me what my career goals were and such. But if I were black or Native…?

Anyway, it’s no (new) news that Canadian cops have a racism problem. There was Fredy Villanueva in Montreal back in ’08, shot and killed by police for apparently resisting arrest (and the cause for arrest was so stupid – they claimed they’d moved in on him and some friends for playing dice in a park, since this was considered gambling, which was against a bylaw).

They were also saying, oh well, but, we suspected his friends were gang members. Which is why you always hear about police shooting and killing white-collar white-skinned criminals…oh wait.

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
1 year ago

And elsewhere in Canada…

Families, Children and Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali-Canadian, said in a tweet Sunday that he has “heard from people who have said that we should not worry about what is happening in the U.S. because that is not our problem.”

But he said racism is “a lived reality for black Canadians,” and he asked other Canadians to “step up” and “raise your voices and ensure that real inclusion accompanies the diversity of our country.”

He said black Canadians are disproportionately followed in stores by shop owners fearing theft, while black drivers have every reason to be anxious when they’re pulled over by a police officer.

“Check the unconscious bias around you and within you,” Hussen said.

That tweet received an angry response from Ed Ammar, a former chairperson of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, who tweeted at Hussen: “Don’t bring this to Canada you f—ing loser.”

Tweeting a video of the destruction in Montreal, Ammar, a Lebanese-Canadian immigrant, said: “Don’t bring what’s happening in the U.S. across the borders.”

Stay classy, Conservatives.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
1 year ago

@Rabid Rabbit:
Wow, Ammar’s response there is just such a pitch-perfect demonstration of exactly what Hussen is talking about, it makes you wonder how he didn’t notice that he basically walked straight to the bullseye and stomped over it a few times. Granted, ‘United Conservative Party’ means he probably has lots of practice in not noticing such things.

Didn’t we have a discussion before about whether or not there was a racism equivalent to Lewis’ Law? (Every discussion about feminism ends up demonstrating the need for feminism.)

Royson James, a (now mostly freelance) columnist for the Toronto Star, writes about the level of racial biases in Canada fairly often. Here’s a bit from his article on the review panel into racism charges for the Peel District School Board, because the entire school district is being investigated for human rights violations:

After hissing and spitting and groaning through the first few pages, it is page 12 that did me in. It reads:

“We met with parents of a biracial student who told us that when they attended a curriculum night at their child’s school, they were each, upon entry, given a pamphlet on school programs: the Black parent was handed a pamphlet on applied programs; the white parent received the pamphlet on academic programs. This situation is cogently illustrative of the institutionalized racism that manifests in the PDSB guidance system.”

Pretty much the entire school district has been sidelining black students from the start. Literally, a straight ‘A’ black student was ignored by a guidance counsellor who then finally suggested he take non-academic courses (which wouldn’t get him into University).

While they’re not cops, this both demonstrates exactly how things get set up to make sure the students will run into trouble later by preventing them from getting ahead at the start, and is an example of exactly the same sort of ‘bad apples and their enablers drive out the good ones’ that happens with cops as well.

1 year ago

Well, today the music industry did a blackout and record labels and sites stopped working for a day.

Maybe I should have posted this in the other thread. Oops.

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
1 year ago

There’s a good interview here with Desmond Cole about racism in Canada. I’ll have to track down a copy of his book once the libraries reopen.

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