Incel furious about couples eating sushi on dates

By David Futrelle

Today’s morsel of raw hate from the forums: A dude mad at couples eating sushi.

[RageFuel] Im sick of seeing couples eating sushi on dates
Yesterday at 3:41 PM
Inceldom Discussion
Oct 7, 2019
61d 7h 20m
Yesterday at 3:41 PM

This has become the new cool hip phenomenon where couples will go on a sushi date.
Just a few minutes ago i was watching my chaddam friends snapchat story and he was eating sushi with his qt girlfriend in the car.
By going on these sushi dates the couples are showing three moggs.
First is the financial mogg since sushi is madly overpriced so youd have to be relatively well off to afford all that sushi on multiple dates. And second is ofcoarse the relationship mogg where they can post pics and laugh at all the subhumans who will never have a relationship
The third is the "quirky" mogg. Since most of these couples doing this shit are white, they go out to eat sushi since it allows them to virtue signal about how they love eating exotic and nonwhite foods. But ofcoarse you wont see them eating actual exotic foods like feseekh

Incels, you really need to develop some hobbies, dudes; this is getting ridiculous.

On the lingo: MOG is short for AMOG or “Alpha Male of the Group,” a bit of PUA lingo the incels have enthusiastically adopted. If you get “mogged” by someone, it means they’ve shown themseles to be more alpha than you.

H/T — @EXPELincels on Twitter — you should all follow this account!

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Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
1 year ago

3/10 would not have this troll entertain me again.

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