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Massive planned Men’s Rights protest fails because dude has a meeting at work that day

MRA planning a protest (Re-enactment)

By David Futrelle

As you may have noticed, Men’s Rights Activists aren’t really very, well, activist. Sure, they talk a lot online, but when it comes to organizing anything in the real world, they fail utterly. Indeed, the only real Men’s Rights protest I’ve seen in all my years running this blog drew fewer people than a ten percent off sale at the dollar store.

Not one to let a legacy of failure dissuade him from trying, one Men’s Rights Redditor called anonymousnerfer is organizing his own rally. And he’s not aiming low:

Anyone want to set up an MRA protest/ event in the same vein as the women's march? Perhaps an anti-circumcision march? Ideas?

The Women’s March was one of the most successful protests of all time, drawing more than four million to rallies in Washington DC and across the country. But it was organized by, you know, women. Imagine how much more successful a MEN’S March, organized by MEN, could be.

Admittedly, we have few details on this new planned march. In his post, which consisted of nothing beyond its title, anonymousnerfer failed to specify a date or a location — not even what country it would be in.

But these things can be worked out in time, as male organiz …

Wait, I’m hearing that there is a problem with the march.

Erodedragon18 3 points 1 day ago 
I’d love to participate but I can’t because I live in Massachusetts and I have important an important meeting at work. Plus I have a baby and a toddler.

But I love the idea.

The march will just have to be cancelled, I guess. Erodedragon18 has a meeting at work — and apparently quite a long one, too, conflicting with any possible date and time a march could be held.

Best of luck next time, fellas!

Organizing is hard.

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49 replies on “Massive planned Men’s Rights protest fails because dude has a meeting at work that day”

I would attend a march for awareness about circumcision if it wasn’t billed as a mEn’S mArCh. Feminists care about this issue.

I just find it really funny that no date is specified but this guy already has a meeting that prevents him from being there. Does he just have an eternal meeting that never ends? And if so, how does his boss feel about him using Reddit during said eternal meeting?

The women’s march lately has its own problems since it was taken over by TERFs and racists. Though I have a hard time picturing a men’s march that isn’t full of extreme misogyny and racism from the get-go.

My guess is that Donald Trump would be very happy about a men’s march. And Tucker Carlson would enthusiastically ramble about how great it is.

There’s a little Jake Blues flavour to that excuse.

As for the march: dude, saying “I want a protest march, now tell me what it should be about” is kinda backwards.


As for the march: dude, saying “I want a protest march, now tell me what it should be about” is kinda backwards.

Their chant could be:
What do we want? A march! What should it be about? You tell me! No, seriously, tell me.


Yeah, why doesn’t he just say straight out that he wants to protest women? He’s not hiding anything.

That reminds me of a pro-Meninist march we had over here a couple of years ago, in response to the more massive women’s rally, which was attended by a grand total of less than 10 men:

Don’t mind the other people in the park, they were not attending the march. They were visiting with their families.

Here’s a better angle:

One of the paragraphs reads “Some men mocked women by telling them to get back to the kitchen”.

@ moggie

“I want a protest march, now tell me what it should be about”

Yeah; not exactly Marlon Brando there.

This needs a protest song.

Come redpills and MGTOWs,
Please heed the call
“I can’t, there’s a meeting
From now until fall…”

I’m mad at the stuff
And we’ve all had enough
And it’s gone on way too long
But I can’t even bother to
Finish this song

For the times, they are

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live — at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!!!

“I can’t do Tuesdays.”

ROFL this is too perfect.

MRAs: “We don’t need women’s labor! We’re real men, we’re strong, we can do anything! We run the world! OOH RAH let’s have a march!”

Also MRAs: *have to cancel their march because they suck at planning and logistics, which is yet another example of the uncredited work that women and AFAB people constantly do for them*

These men are their own parodies.

To be fair, planning a protest is hard, and really needs someone with experience, and the ability to think of all the things. They should hire a woman to do it for them.

“Wait, it’s Saint Crispin’s day? Sorry, Henry old chap, I’ve got a thing”

There’s plenty of excellent protest organizer of all genders (that I know exist in human, at least), and really, it require more practice than skill in my experience. The thing is, MTGOW are not only hateful wankers, they are *lazy* hateful wankers. Most can’t be arsed to even do minimal efforts for anything.


Diego, that photo is priceless!

Not as priceless as the headline, which I just noticed!

Ni Uno Menos: A la marcha convocada en redes sociales no fue ‘ni uno‘”

No One Less: the march organized in social media was attended by ‘no one’

Maybe he uses “I have an important meeting and children” as his go-to excuse for anything he’s not keen on, and he failed to notice this particular event has yet to be scheduled.


that Crispin’s Day bit was the best. I’ve actually been going on a bit about the Crispin’s Day speech to my BFF lately because she’s watching Game of Thrones and there’s always another motivating, pre-battle speech, and none of them (apparently) are all that inspiring. But she wasn’t aware of Hal’s speech getting called the St Crispin’s Day Speech, and she didn’t remember a whole lot of is content. So I had to give her a benchmark, and now she tells me about how the latest battle speech rates in milliCrispins.


I just find it really funny that no date is specified but this guy already has a meeting that prevents him from being there. Does he just have an eternal meeting that never ends? And if so, how does his boss feel about him using Reddit during said eternal meeting?

You interpret it how you like, but I interpreted it as intentionally funny. Like the guy was making a joke.

I mean, even if the guy is a legit MRA and not a parody account or troll, it’s still possible that the person has noticed what we’ve noticed and is cynical about the possibility of men showing up. I mean, it’s even more likely that no one will show up for Mr. Rebel-literally-without-a-cause given the march has no, uh, cause.

I mean, I’ve made jokes on feminist threads about how if we’re going to come to consensus on something we’d better stock up the pantry with dry rice and beans so we don’t starve. I figure that it’s at least possible that someone active on those threads has a sense of humor. Possibly even someone not on there to parody the MRAs, who knows? Weirder things have happened.

@Crip Dyke

You interpret it how you like, but I interpreted it as intentionally funny. Like the guy was making a joke.

Could be, but I feel like that gives far too much credit to MRAs, who have shown themselves time and time again to have zero self-awareness. If it is intentionally funny, it’s probably a troll.

ETA: Checked his user page. He’s really into the movie Saving Private Ryan and seems like a troll but I’m not sure.

@Crip Dyke:

re: Game o’ Thrones… I saw a post on Farcebook about a “Game of Thrones sea cruise, and a lot of my Throney friends were wanting to go… I tried to warn them off because, sure as heck at the end of the cruise, a CGI dragon would set fire to the ship and burn it with everyone on board….

Well, since he seems to need an idea for his march, what if someone suggests that he should march carrying a red flag and talk about why workers should own the means of production and from each according to ability and to each according to need? It’s worth a shot.

Like Erodedragon18 and WWTH, I would definitely, definitely attend a men’s rights march — a very worthwhile event — but I have cats. Two cats. They miss me when I’m gone. Good luck, guys!

“Sorry, can’t do it — I have a meeting that day” is the new “Sorry, I can’t — I’m washing my hair that night”.

Wow. Gotta say, this makes even my less-than-stellar organisational skills look good by comparison. So their own skills (or lack thereof) are not completely useless, it seems.

OT: I heard that the new Invisible Man movie, which is ostensibly “woke” (the titular dude is an abusive, control-freak sociopath who fakes his death and continues to harass his wife -played by Elisabeth Moss from The Handmaid’s Tale, no less- after becoming visibility-adverse, and said wife has to try and fight back while the people around her think she’s going crazy, or at least that’s what I gathered from the trailers) has not only got good reviews both from critics and horror fans (well, those that hang around r/horror on Reddit anyway), but had a great opening weekend at 29M$ (top of the box office) out of a 7M$ budget.

Guess “Get woke, go broke” wasn’t exactly true here. Of course, the usual suspects griping about possibly-feminist movies (or mocking their woes, real or perceived) seem conspicuously absent for the most part from what I can see (I could be wrong, the search algorithms could be pulling a fast one on me), except for TheQuartering who amusingly enough bitches and moans about the movie’s negative critics (you’d think he’d slam the movie given his usual shenanigans). Of course I haven’t seen the thing yet so I could just be making a fool of myself, but as things stand that’s how they look from my side.

@Crip Dyke:

I figure that it’s at least possible that someone active on those threads has a sense of humor.

A right-winger with an actual sense of humor? I’ll believe that when I see incontrovertible evidence that eliminates all other interpretations of the data, and not one second sooner. 🙂

What a good job that no-one attending the Women’s March has young children!

Sarcastic eye-roll.

@CarrieV : in France, the two official excuses similar to thoses are “I have a session of aqua-poney” and “I need to wash my goldfish”

@Crip Dyke, I was going to say that a milliCrispin is a very small measure, too small to be useful, but then I remembered Boris Johnson.

The mammoths surely must have made it easy and hunted themselves off a cliff or something for the convenience of early humans.

“Yep it’s time for one of us to go off a cliff, should we do Rock Paper Scissors again or maybe draw straws?” …some mammoths…

That men’s march sounds great, unfortunately I have discovered that I go blind every time these things are supposed to happen and then regain my sight when they’re scheduled to conclude. Strangest thing ever, sudden blindness then not blindness, doctors can’t figure it out really but they have hopes they will some decade soon. I also have a busy schedule between the classes on how to train cats to herd goats, donating whatever vital organs I can spare, and singing songs to my dog who is getting old and needs constant attention and petting…I’d be a terrible person if I didn’t capitulate to her every whim, and she’s a lot more fun (and soft, with silky ears!) than the MGTOW/MRA crowd is anyway…

“I need to wash my goldfish”
That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that.

And then there’s this MadTV Patton spoof (I wonder if it was actually scripted by Patton Oswalt, I hear he used to be one of their writers) , which the great Phil Lamarr plays a general whose pre-battle speech rates about -10 milicrispins:

Always a fan of the one Howard Hessman used in his Spinal Tap cameo.

“I’d love to stay and chat, but I have to go downstairs and wait for the limo.”

A bit off topic, but I LOVE your phrase “fewer people than a ten percent off sale at the dollar store”

OT, but on the topic of Henry V and English monarchs in general, I found this really great doc series on YouTube by author and historian Alan Ereira about the Kings and Queens of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II:

Not only does Ereira have a charming dry sense of humour in his presentation, but he delves into the political situation in each time period that brought about events, such as the Peasant’s Revolt, the Wars of the Roses, the English Civil War and the Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution. Furthermore, it touches on how the British monarchy survived when so many of the European monarchies fell to revolution or popular uprising.

Admittedly, some of the stuff he mentions is apocryphal (and he’s clear when it is), but the overall thesis is that the English monarchy is unique in that ever since William the Conqueror, the reining monarch has belonged to a foreign family (Normans, French Plantagenets, Welsh Tudors, Scottish Stuarts and German Hanoverians/Saxe-Coburg-Gothas) and thus the key to their survival has been popular acclamation in a land that wasn’t theirs. I think that’s undeniable.

Sometimes I’ll put an episode on while I’m gaming just to hear Ereira’s voice and jokes. It’s worth the watch.

Organizing is hard, actually. It’s a lot of work. People get down on activists, but it is a lot of work. Much easier to pontificate online. I should know: here I am pontificating online, and it is much, much easier than any of the organizing I’ve ever been involved in!

I (stupidly) followed the link to the OP and one of the suggested posts at the bottom of the page was complaining about a photo of a bunch of women lined up in the men’s room at a Taylor Swift concert. How many of these dudes even want to go to a Taylor Swift concert?

But of course this isn’t about TSwift, it’s about excluding women.

@Mrs. Obed Marsh (love the name by the way; are you from the Innsmouth branch of the family?) – Given how much shit they tend to give Taylor Swift, somewhere between zip and nil. So your conclusion stands.

Personally as long as they don’t mind me using the urinal I don’t mind them using the toilets. I’ll just use the same unspoken rules of the men’s room (no eye contact, no chatter, no looking at the other person’s bits, do your business, wash your hands and go).

I’m sorry guys, but I won’t be able to attend the rally. I’ll be washing my hair that day… whatever day it is.

@Mrs. Obed Marsh

I’ve never been to a Taylor Swift concert, but I have been to Comiket a few times, and they’ll often switch a few men’s bathrooms to women’s bathroom for the duration of the event (though I don’t know whether it’s because women tend to take longer than men, more women than men attend Comiket (or Taylor Swift concerts), or just going to the bathroom in cosplay taking longer).

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