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Retro French Femmes Dance Party and Open Thread

Brigitte Fontaine

By David Futrelle

Some days I just can’t, when if comes to the misogynists. So instead of one of my regular posts, here are a bunch of fantastic French singer ladies, mostly recording in the 1960s, starting with the amazing Brigitte Fontaine (whose later, less poppy stuff with the Art Ensemble of Chicago is also great).

Oh, and consider this an open thread. Obviously, there’s a lot going on. No trolls.

Fans of Mad Men will recognize this one:

And here’s a ringer: April March is an American who was a tiny baby when most of these songs were released, but who records a lot of songs in French 60s style. She did an English version of this song as well *”Chick Habit”).

If you want more of this kind of music, well, here’s 9 hours of it. Hit “shuffle” for more variety.

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Is there a telehealth option available to you, Lainy? That might be a better way to go, than asking randos on the internet.

(I admit I don’t know if this is a thing American states do…)


I could anonymously relay a problem to many different types of doctors and relay back advice, with the caveat that without seeing you every one of them will tell you they cannot officially do any diagnosing and to go to a doctor near you if you are concerned. However, I myself am not medical. (I am the black sheep in a super-medical family.)

@Big Titty Demon

It’s more of just a question about medications. See I take the pill form of hormonal birth control. It’s the only birth control my husband I use. I’ve been having problems with my skin so my doctor prescribed me an antibiotic called Cephalexin with the warning that it could make my birth control less effective, but since my husband and I are separated right now, I’m not worried about that. But Right now I am having an early period. about five days early from when the placebo pills are suppose to be taken that give me a period, this has never happened before since I’ve been taking it. It is also the longest and most bloody period I have had in a long time. I’m on day number 6 of it and I’m still bleeding heavily. My periods are normally only 4 to 5 days and light.

I’ve been bleeding so much that not just 10 minutes ago I was in the laundry mat, got up to get my laundry out of the dyer and suddenly the room was spinning and I got so dizzy that I fell down onto the floor. I’m suppose to take 4 doses of the antibiotic a day until my skin clears up then decrease to 3, then 2, till I’m just at one dose a day. I’m about to only start taking 2 doses and I was curious if just taking less of the antibiotic would make it not effect my birth control as badly and I wouldn’t have these issues?

@Lainy, it definitely sounds to me (though I am not a healthcare professional) that you should go back to your prescribing doctor ASAP to talk about what you’re experiencing. I know that’s not always a possibility, but if you can, I hope you do. They might want to take you off the antibiotic entirely, maybe they’ll switch it, maybe they could give you something for the period symptoms, but if you can talk to them you’ll be in a much better position, I think.

Ok but i never called women or PoC liars, i would never deny anyone that they have experienced bigotry.
And i never said that there is not a problem with disinformation.
Also this was not an attack against Warren or her supporters.

Fair enough and I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth. It’s just that the original comment I was expressing frustration with was definitely a “how dare progressives not adore Bernie” comment, and the answer is in large part because of the toxic stan culture around him.

But there’s definitely been bad faith attacks on him using his supporters too. Such as Chris Matthews Nazi brownshirts comment.

I’m obviously not in love with Bernie, but the Chris Matthews comments (there have been at least 2 instances) really did seem problematic. He’s not the only person to compare Bernie to a Nazi, and each time that happens I do get frustrated, because
a) Bernie is Jewish, so it’s rather insensitive,
b) There are actual Nazis in this country who need to be stopped, and
c) Declaring that democratic socialism and national socialism are the same because they have “socialism” in the name is like saying that birthday cake and urinal cake are the same because they both have “cake” in the name. It’s really just a display of ignorance or flat-out lying to equate the two.


I’ve also heard some people accusing Bernie from being either “a Socialist” or outright calling him “a Communist”.

For the latter it’s simply the Red Baiting equivalent of “calling anyone you don’t like: a Nazi” that right wingers often like to accuse and strawman left wingers of doing. Frankly Bernie isn’t a Communist by any stretch of the definition.

For the former Bernie is only a socialist if you stretch the definition of socialist, and even than; these bad faith accusers never seem to specify what kind of socialist Bernie is and that type of socialism Bernie supposedly would adhere to; because Socialism, as a political ideology and doctrine: is not a homogeneous monolith. If such accusers claim Bernie is a “traditional or baseline Socialist”; actual Socialists of that type would strongly disagree and Bernie himself would only fit under that category if you twisted and distorted the actual definitions and ignored the nuances of socialism. At minimum: Bernie is somewhere on the spectrum of Social Democracy, which is very light socialism leanings married with ideals of egalitarian democracy, at least from what I recall, if I am recalling things correctly; and honestly I fail to see how that would be a bad thing given that as a whole, to my fellow Canadians and to Europeans: Bernie’s position, perspective, policies and ideas are not even radical, and are in fact nominally sensible.

Honestly it seems to come across as people are either so politically illiterate that they don’t know what ‘socialism’ means or is, or are willfully trying to falsely claim and equate socialism and communism as being the same thing where they are in reality distinct from each other.


I can see that it’s frustrating getting blamed from other progressives. I am someone with progressive values because i want a better and fairer system and i would assume it’s the same for other progressive people.

I didn’t want to blame anyone who supports Warren because i can see many reasons why people like her.


Honestly it seems to come across as people are either so politically illiterate that they don’t know what ‘socialism’ means or is, or are willfully trying to falsely claim and equate socialism and communism as being the same thing where they are in reality distinct from each other.

A bit of both. I’m sure plenty of the top grifters (certainly McConnell) understand the difference but find it politically useful to conflate them and turn both into snarl words. At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who believe in Q.

hi I am sorry to intrupt this thread but one of my friends has got entangled with a groop called personal dev 4 men and nelson rodrigues I have read their website and there is some stuff that I find worrying I woned if any of you had heard anything about the group.

hi @francis, it might be worth posting your question again in a more recent thread (once they’ve got to a couple of pages long, even topic-specific threads are usually OK to do this – especially if you apologise for going OT just like you did here; people appreciate the courtesy I think). Because the older threads, like this one is now, tend to drop off people’s screens so it could be just that your post hasn’t been seen. Sorry I don’t have any info myself; hope you might get some more useful responses.


Every doctor asked said if you fell to the floor when you stood up, you need to go to get checked for severe anemia right away, and you should not drive yourself to do it in case you become lightheaded behind the wheel as well. It is a big problem and you should go to the doctor right away. One encouraged calling an ambulance, but the majority felt that having someone drive you would be good enough. Sorry! I hope things get better soon!

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