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Open Thread: Your favorite songs of 2019?

She Drew the Gun

By David Futrelle

So hey, let’s go OFF TOPIC today and talk about our favorite songs from the last year! Here are some of mine (a couple of them technically came out on video in late 2018, but all were on albums released in 2019).

I’ve got these and a whole bunch more on this Spotify playlist.

Let me know what songs/albums/artists you all have been listening to lately! Preferably from 2019 but earlier stuff is fine too!

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The best album of 2019 is “Careful” by Boy Harsher. They’re the hottest thing in bleepy industrial this year and they are awesome.

This is “LA”, the third single from the album and my bop of the year. Best YouTube comment: “I am a lesbian and can confirm that 2:12 is a realistic example of foreplay”

I like this song, but I can’t help but think that for part of it (probably after the second half), it sounds out of place in what is otherwise a generally peaceful space exploration and survival game – it sounds a little too aggressive and I feel like it might be better suited in some modern-day or futuristic military shooter:

Not from 2019, but from 2016 (bought the game on a sale though just a few days ago). I also prefer to keep the songs I enjoy, so I bought this song via Google Play Music.

As for more recent songs, sadly, I can’t be asked to keep up with 2010s music. I dislike the sort of melodies that mainstream 2010s music tends to go for, and on the occasion I do find songs I like from this decade, they’re likely going to be only on streaming services.

As I write this, I just remembered, I think I might have bought a song from around 2019:

This song seems to make me feel nostalgic for some weird reason.

It’s hard for me to pick best songs individually, since I tend to listen to whole albums at once (I might be the last person who still does this) but I can confidently say that this was my favorite album of 2019:

Venom Prison – Samsara

This is the full album stream. All the songs are good in my opinion, but the best are Uterine Industrialization (starts at 8:30) and Naraka (starts at 35:53). I especially enjoyed this album because unlike many other death metal albums which feature too much cartoon gore and violence, this album has many socially conscious themes and reflections on lead singer Larissa Stupar’s life. This includes opposing misogyny and homophobia and transphobia, which Stupar has also condemned extensively in the real world. As a result, the lyrics are also worth a look even if you don’t enjoy death metal. As one of the most overtly feminist death metal records I can think of, it also has very well-composed music with black metal and hardcore influences.

Honorable mentions:

Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites

(As with other releases by the band, mostly about ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology)

Godeater – All Flesh Is Grass

(Discusses environmental themes and veganism)

Wage War – Pressure

Born of Osiris – The Simulation

Although the album as a whole underwhelmed me, this single I enjoyed very much:
Cattle Decapitation – One Day Closer to the End of the World

For those of the vegan persuasion, this band is very vocal about their veganism.

“Show Yourself” from Frozen II. For some reason, Disney is trying to push the earlier song “Into The Unknown” as “the new Let It Go.” And while “Into The Unknown” certainly shows off Idina Menzel’s voice, it doesn’t have the MASSIVE emotional effect of “Show Yourself.”

This 40-year-old man was ugly-crying in a theater full of kids.


Not from this year, but I’ve been listening to Studio Killers a lot, especially Ode to the Bouncer.

That and Leonard Cohen, also very much not from 2019.

MAMAMOO’s “HIP” is by far my favorite song of the year.

There were so many good songs this year, though.

@Victorious Parasol

Thanks for the link to Six: The Musical. Very upbeat, very uplifting, very feminist.

Happy holidays to everyone who is celebrating at this time of year!

Off topic, mildly urgent:

Met a gal my age after Christmas Eve service who needed a place to stay. I’m letting her stay the night, but cannot house her tomorrow night because I’m headed out of town and my lease does not allow unsupervised guests.

Also because all we know about each other is names, but mainly lease.

Anyone who’s been homeless:
1) What would the most useful things to hand her tomorrow when I drop her off somewhere (hopefully) safe?
2) Best resources for finding said safe somewhere in the 11 hours I’ve got (counting sleep-time so realistically more like 5).
3) how to best curb my “I’m an introvert and there’s someone in my space” jitters so I don’t stress us both out. Also so I can sleep.

Water Bottles (above) should be in bold. The blockquote mammoth won’t allow me to edit. This is a cruel monster.

David, is there something wrong with stuff I post? Or is there something about my name or me that is offensive? You frequently don’t post my stuff and I don’t know why.

Typically that kind of thing is caused by the spam filter acting up. It’s not uncommon for it to target posts with links, either, which I imagine would be the case in this thread. 🙂 David has asked people in the past to email him and he can fish the errant post out of the spam filter for you.

I don’t keep up with normal people music too often, and my tastes are scattershot, but I can sure hook y’all up with something! From the original sheet music of Shovel Knight, put through many talented artists, and output with lovely levels in Just Shapes And Beats–


Favorite albums of 2019:

Lizzo: Cuz I Love You
Giuda: E.V.A.
Prince: Originals
Dillon Maurer: The Tails of Lobsterdamus

It’s not really a song as such, but I got to see this guy recently; and it was a pretty magical experience.

Update to off topic:

Resolved. Gave a lift to the next town on her journey after she decided none of the local options we found looked suitable.

Found some folks to help her for tonight in said next town. Let her cram an extra set of clothes, a few extra pairs of socks, and a bag of pilot bread, and other small useful things for the road into her backpack. She did not accept the water bottles I had because stainless steel, but I did rustle up a gift card to subway where water can be acquired tomorrow.

So, yeah, at least alright for another night.

I hate how stressful this was though, especially because I know daily life for her is probably WAAAY more stressful than one night of unplanned company. So still stressed, and feeling guilty about the stress.

So yeah. Back to the music recs! Off topic can be done! Categoried as local=resolved, global=needsWork.


True, thanks for reminding me of that. You also made me realize that I’m hyper sensitive to when I perceive I’m being ignored, so that’s something I need to look at!!

Anyway, I don’t think I can post a link because the piece may be too long (it’s about 49:00 minutes) but if you have a chance and some time, please check out Quiet No More (originally Stonewall 50). It was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. The performance by Heartland Gay Men’s Chorus is the only full version I can find online, but the version from Carnegie hall is a little better since it’s a mix of male and female voices instead of just men’s.


Im trying to get into kpop but really don’t have a good place start? Lol

So far, I like Park Kyung and SUMIN – Instant, BTS – BOY with luv and IDOL, Dia – WOOWA and EVERGLOW – BON BON Chocolat

I had heard of TesseracT before but I hadn’t listened to their music. That is a good song. Thank you.

Of course I meant @Tohka.

The songs are official videos unless I indicate otherwise.

Shinee- Excuse me miss from Shinee IV
TVXQ- Mirotic
Bigbang- Somebody to love (live)
NU’EST- Love me

Red Velvet- Peek-a-boo
Mamamoo- Yes I am (color coded lyrics)
BoA- One shot, two shot
CL- One and only

Loco and Hwasa- Don’t give it


I tend to do a lot of skipping around on YouTube to find stuff I like. I also notice a significant break (sometimes) between whether I like a song and whether I like the song’s MV, so color coded lyric videos are helpful. There are also videos that consist of entire albums with time markers for each track. A lot of kpop groups/artists have more variety in their back catalogs than their “title tracks,” so this is useful.

Seconding Mrs Morley’s recommendations. I also enjoy the Form of Therapy channel, where a video producer reacts to kpop MVs and puts them in cultural context for non-Koreans. Their enthusiasm is infectious!

“Hold You Dear” – The Secret Sisters
“A Catholic Education” (full album) – Teenage Fanclub
“Siku” – Nicola Cruz
“No Me Sueltes” – Celest
“Veils of Winter” (full album) – Blackwater Holylight

The winter weather is mild and there’s no snow, but at least I saw some stars when I went out. Also more rockets than usually, so I guess people had some great expectations.

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