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Some “Gender Critical” feminists want to remove more than the “T” from LGBT

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By David Futrelle

So-called “Gender Critical” feminists — that is, the artists transphobes formerly known as TERFs — like to fantasize about removing the “T” from LGBT, severing trans people from the solidarity and support of the broader community of which they now are a central part.

But some in the GC crowd want to go much further, effectively removing all the letters except for the L for Lesbian. Consider this highly upvoted comment from the Gender Critical subreddit painting gay men as slavering predators who’ve supposedly ruined the movement with their sexual obsession.

“The worst mistake lesbian women made was allying themselves with the gay male movement,” GCMAdamXX begins.

“Gay liberation” was only ever about unfettered male sexual desire. The first riots were about the police raiding sex clubs (where prostitution was common). Stonewall itself was a known hangout for underage boys to sell sex to closeted businessmen. Sylvia Rivera himself was only 17. His lover Marsha Johnson was 26.

FWIW, every source I found online that refers to the two trans activists describes them as “friends,” not lovers, but why let the mere facts dissuade you when you’re trying to portray female trans activists as gay male pedophiles?

Within a year of the first AIDS cases the cause and the vectors were understood, and yet gay men fought to keep the sex clubs open and resisted using condoms. So AIDS kept spreading. Because men refused to give up their sexual “liberation”.

It took a lot longer than a year for people to understand what was going on with AIDS.

Now we have drag queen story time peddling this shit to children.

Apparently reading stories to kids while dressed in drag is equivalent in GCMadamXX’s mind with pedophilia and knowingly spreading AIDS.

Gay liberation has always been about male lust. Trans is just an extension of that into ever creepier realms. Including pedophilic realms.


Lesbianism is about liberation FROM male lust. It’s time the L split from the G as well.

Presumably bi men — and possibly bi women? — would be excluded as well due to all the “male lust” involved in bisexuality.

A quick tour of GCMadamXX recent comment history on Reddit reveals that she has similarly strong feelings on a number of topics.

She’s really, really into women making babies.

The acme of HUMAN experience is the creation of another human. That is correct. Every other thing humans have ever achieved has been driven by the desire to reproduce or improve the odds of survival for offspring or relatives. …

Until we recognize our power and learn to wield it we will never be free.

In another thread she waxes poetic about women and their wombs:

Literally what matters in this world more than the creation of life? Everything you believe about being a woman is a lie told to try to control us. We are the goddesses of this world. Not only can we create life we can create more goddesses. We are eternal and powerful.

As much as she loves the baby making thing she’s not so thrilled that men are a part of it, and would seemingly prefer it if the world were free of most men beyond a few sperm donors. She sounds more than a little like a MGTOW dreaming of a world in which flesh-and-blood women are replaced by compliant lady sexbots.

Males are dispensable and most are superfluous to the continuation of the species. Females are not.

She doesn’t think men should be watching porn:

Combine a dating app with a porn blocker. For every month a guy doesn’t watch porn he gets to contact one woman. If he stays off porn for a year he unlocks the whole site. Women would pay for this.

But she herself sometimes indulges in a little porn-watching — and her favored genre of the stuff is a little surprising:

I try not to watch porn at all but when I occasionally slip, I watch gay porn. You’re so much less likely to find someone being horribly abused in the m/m scene.

edit: I’m not a gay male LOL

No, we didn’t think you were. And she’s not a lesbian either. Despite her strong opinions on LGBTQ politics, and her general low opinion of men, she’s evidently a straight (or possibly bi?) woman with a husband and kids 

Regardless of her furtive interest in m/m porn (which she nonetheless thinks should be eliminated from the face of the earth) , it’s doubtful she’s be a good fanfic author as she is probably the least erotic sex-describer I’ve ever run across, at one point describing the penis as “something through which small gametes are excreted.”


Oh, and she’s a fan of JK Rowling with has very definite opinions about the proper management of wizard schools:

Trans kids WOULDN’T be allowed at Hogwarts. The stairs to the girls’ dorms turn into slides if boys try to use them.

Wait, what? So she’s assuming that the stairs are making their decisions after scanning the students’ genitalia and not, say, by looking at how they present themselves to the world? That’s more than a little creey.

The inside of the Gender Critical mind is a deeply weird place and I’ve had enough of it for the day.

H/T — Thanks to Zinnia Jones, who reposted the “drop the t” comment to Twitter.

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2 years ago

For all its claims of equality, anarchism is ableist AF. Underneath it all, even left-wing anarchists seem to have a “might is right” mindset or equivalent.

Well I appreciate and well receive most of your constructive criticism, anarchism needs to sort out its priority and organization, etc., some have that “all or nothing” or Bernie or bust, but this is a bit unfair, but mostly non correct as insinuation :).

2 years ago

I didn’t mean that as a personal attack, more just a criticism of anarchism based on some followers I’ve known. I’m sorry if it seemed like a personal attack.

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