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Thanks to your generosity, the pledge drive has been a success!

As I bring this more-urgent-than usual pledge drive to a close, I’d like to offer a huge thanks to everyone who made it a success: we’ve raised what I needed to keep me and the blog going. I asked for more than usual this time and you came through. I’m grateful for everyone who donated, from small donors to those who truly went above and beyond. It’s incredibly heartening to see how many people support this blog and what it’s trying to accomplish.

If you meant to donate but haven’t gotten around to it, please feel free to click the button below.

I also want to offer my huge thanks to those who donate between pledge drives, whether one-time donations or monthly pledges.; you play a critical role in keeping this blog afloat.

And if you aren’t able to donate financially but still want to help in some way, I always appreciate comments on the posts, promotion on social media, tips on possible stories to cover, fan art, technical help, or really anything else you can come up with that might help the blog. (Send your ideas to dfutrelle at gmail.)

Thanks again!

— David

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O/T, but did anyone notice that last week was the 9th birthday of this site? The first post went up September 17, 2010, so last Tuesday would be the 9th anniversary. I probably should have mentioned this then, but it slipped my mind until now.

Thank you, Naglfar! Wow, that was a good catch.

And happy belated anniversary, David! You’ve got a great blog.

I’m not entirely sure that’s the start date. I suppose it’s possible that David started creating the site earlier, and that was just the day he happened to make the first post, but that’s the closest I can find to a start date. I’ve only been involved more recently (I started lurking last year and started commenting in July of this year), but I know there are a few people still here who have been here for much of the last decade.

David, if you’re reading this, what would you consider to be the start date? That day, or some day before it?

Depends on how exactly you define ‘first post’ whether Sept. 17, 2010 is the start of this blog. The first version of this blog was started on Notepad I believe, before getting moved to WordPress a few months(?) later. So possibly the first Notepad post would be the first Mammoth post.

I definitely second the Patreon suggestion! It’s a great way to “gamify” donations and this blog is prominent enough that I think you could attract a fairly substantial patron base.

I didn’t even think of that. The first post I found was originally posted on blogspot and like many of the early posts was eventually ported over to WordPress. It’s possible there are earlier posts that weren’t ported.

Is this an open thread? If not, please disregard this as off-topic.
Since Ben Shapiro has been doubling down on his rap-isn’t-music claim, I really want someone to autotune something he said into a rap song. I would do it myself, but I don’t have the software or skills.
I’m not really into rap, but I recognize that it is music. I more just want this to mock Ben and his stupid ideas (this and other much more consequential ones).

Ben Shapiro is wrong and will be forgotten. He makes noise about how rap isn’t music to get attention and money from old conservatives. Rap is here to stay.

There have been naysayers grumbling about new art forms and new ways to do established art since we started making art. It wasn’t that long ago when photography wasn’t considered art.

Thanks, folks! Can’t believe I missed the blog’s birthday! And yes, the first post (“opening statement”) was on the 17th. Nine years. Wow.

Also, feel free to consider this an open thread. You can consider most threads here open threads.

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