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>I’ve been watching the Men’s Rights movement, such as it is, for some time, with a mixture of amusement, horror and disgust. It’s a movement that’s bad for everyone — for men, for women, for children, and probably even for my cat, though I haven’t yet quite worked out how. The best thing you can say about the Men’s Rights Movement is that it doesn’t, and hopefully never will, have anything near the impact on the world that feminism has had over the years. And this blog, in its own little way, hopes to help keep that way.

So in this blog I hope to take on the assorted myths promulgated by the Men’s Rights Movement, to dismantle their rickety logic and their dubious statistics. I’ll round up assorted examples of misogyny, mendacity and just plain stupidity from MRA’s online and off. And I’ll highlight some of the best anti-MRA arguments I can find.

As for the boobz in the title, I do not refer to those rounded lumps of flesh and fat on the chests of women and some men. I refer to the classic definition of boob as “a stupid or foolish person; a dolt.” Too many MRA’s, alas, fit this definition to a T.

Oh, and the Z on the end of “boobz?” Someone else already took the “manboobs” URL. So I improvised. I’m crafty.

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Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
1 year ago

Wow, not sorry I missed this one. Teenagers are not fun debate opponents – they’re too ignorant to make interesting arguments. Sometimes they have a perspective on matters, but rarely do they actually know enough to realize that their perspective has come up before and already been discussed. This one is also too arrogant to even consider that he might actually be ignorant, and didn’t even explode in a fun way.

I might have started out by asking Acid to explain all the branches of feminism; since he’s so familiar with feminism and all, he must know all the various lines of feminist thought. But since he’s GOOD DAY’d us, no point now.

1 year ago


Hey, @Naglfar, just look up, “Have You Ever Beat Up a Boyfriend? Because, Uh, We Have” and that sort of title will be a Jezebel article. They literally happily proclaim beating up their boyfriends.

Did you actually read it? It was satire criticizing those women. Either you’re very dense or in bad faith or both.

Who said I was leaving?

Remember when you said:

I’m just going to stop this hear.

How’s that going?

Hell, if you even went back to the time period in To Kill a Mockingbird, you would have been believed. #BelieveAllWomen existed back then, and it caused COUNTLESS black men to be lynched.

When you definitely care about lynching victims and aren’t just using them as rhetorical cudgels.

We would never accept a person like that.

Who do you think you’re fooling?

Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering why I was trying to stop my arguing with you, I got tired of arguing with children.

Ooh, edgy.

1 year ago


I love his line of thought where he claims to believe i was raped but tells me I’m lying about everything i say about my rapist.

My rapist was charming, manipulative, funny, confident, handsome, and had good old fashion manners. He was polite and did everything he could to convince others he was a good guy. Even tricked me to falling in love with him. But this kid thinks he can’t possibly be in their movement and that he would be able to spot him. Nope he wants his male rights that feminist took away restored to him, he wants women to not be abke yo divorced, not ve able to get an abortion, not be able to tell their husband no to sex, and not to be able to get help if that husband beats her. All those rights that feminist took away from men and for good reason.

Hell if my rapist came in on here and told acid
“Look she’s lying, we had rough sex and she regretted it. But she consented, look here is a picture of us kissing in freshmen year, look how happy she looks. Do you really think i raped her?” Acid would go “your right, im sorry for doubting you. I’m on your side” and then ask me to prove it wasn’t just sex I regretted.

The kid has really heavy double standards and it basicaly boils down to “women are always in the wrong and what ever a man says is right as long as that man is nice to me and validated me.”

1 year ago


Acid apparently believes my rapists was either arrested the second i said what was done to me or he thinks i never reported or which is what i am sure he thinks I’m lying and is to chicken shit to be that hypocritical.

1 year ago

Yeah, so that flounce didn’t stick long.

Kiddo, since you don’t seem to know from context, a flounce is a statement to the effect of “I’m leaving and not coming back.”

Generally speaking, flounces include some distinguishing style elements, which gives them that delightful old timey feel of “You all suck and are terrible and I’m taking my toys and going home! You’ll miss me when I’m gone you losers!” aesthetic of stomping off in a temper tantrum or floating off delicately like a thunderstorm over the empty plains.

That is, there is a noticeable difference between a flounce and a “Hey, gotta go do some stuff. Bye!” or a “I’m done talking to this individual directly, but still exist as a commenter on the issues.”

Back in yonder olden days, we used to rate flounces on style and content. For instance, your first flounce probably would have been a solid 5-6: not the classiest flounce, but still pretty solid. Conversely, the second part of your second two comment flounce might have netted a 6-7 for brevity and panache.

However, usually we didn’t rate subsequent flounces, and instead applied a 1-2 point penalty for failure to “stick the flounce”. Some trolls of bygone eras managed to get into the -40s for flounce failures.

Mildly juvenile, yes. More juvenile than necroing a 10 year old thread to add pretty much nothing to the discussion? Nah.

Speaking of, kiddo, I hope you someday grow up a little more. I know high school me thought I was sharp stuff, and the crushing realization that I wasn’t actually the sharpest stick in the room was a painful stab.

I hope the stab is a bit milder for you, and that it occurs before you accidentally torch too many bridges with that flaming ego of yours. Because, well, the bridge here looks pretty flambé-d to me.

If you want to actually help with getting rid of the draft, better help dealing with toxic (or what I prefer to think of as limiting) masculinity, advocating for male domestic violence victims, and suchlike…

There are a few solid groups of feminists and egalitarian advocates out there that can help you get started without also feeding you a steady diet of MRA anger and misogyny.

Just, avoid the TERFs, because they kinda suck.

Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

Hopefully they will understand just how badly they want us to know they are leaving. Like it’s a general response to something, I think I’ve seen that around an example of that around here before somewhere.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brony, Social Justice Cenobite
Hunted a mammoth
Hunted a mammoth
1 year ago

So over 10 years later and the “manosphere” has grown by… like, 100x? MRAs are bigger than ever and they’re even getting documentaries and having their talking points become mainstream. This blog seems to not have done much to stop them

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