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MGTOWs unsure what the point of old women is

The Golden Girls are unimpressed by MGTOWs

By David Futrelle

What’s the point of life? More specifically, what’s the point of living if you’re some old lady random dudes on the internet don’t want to bone?

That was more or less the question that one intrepid Man Going His Own Way put to his colleagues in the MGTOW subreddit not long ago. “I’m genuinely interested in what the purpose of old woman is,” wrote Governator.

Let’s assume that the granny in question is way past any thoughts of sex. She has some kids, some grandchildren, no husband or a husband who can’t get his willy up, some property, a proper job.

What’s her MO? Let’s assume that she is unhappy and bitter – what could be the reasons?

I don’t know, maybe she’s bitter she ended up with a grandson like you?

Any way to point her to a proper purpose in life?

​Reason: a relative of mine.

As you might imagine, Governator’s pals had some thoughts on the matter.

“Baking cookies for the grandchildren,” wrote one. Teaching grandchildren skills they don’t need “like sucking eggs or darning socks,” wrote another, and serving as “a cheap babysitter.”

“They help and guide others with their decades of experience and wisdom. Sometimes.” wrote another MGTOW Redditor a bit more generous in his appreciation of old women than his MGTOW buddies.

Others weren’t sure the old gals had any reason to exist. “There isn’t a purpose,” wrote yooshio.

Old women aren’t women…they are simply old little girls.

They waste the resources they’ve accumulated throughout a lifetime…most likely procured from a man they’ve manipulated and nagged.

There is an overriding behavior I’ve noticed and that’s: manipulation.

It never stops.

My thesis is that character trait truly is genetic.

Another commenter seemed a little bit like he was working out some issues he has with his own female relatives.

Their life purpose is the same as ours: control. Men seek control and power through overt physical means with the world around them. Women seek it through covert means with the people around them. She will demand all her children and grandchildren communicate with her constantly so she can use guilt and withholding approval to control what they do, say, think, etc. Anyone who dares to withhold information or defy her will immediately become the black sheep of the family and have their social safety net torn away until they get back on granny’s plantation.

Hmm. Dr. Lechter, do you have any questions?

A commenter called user_miki couldn’t seem to get past the fact that some older ladies are out there having sex.

Before the madness an old lady had a vital social purpose.They advised young girls how to become women and what marriage is like and what men to seek for marriage.Don’t whore around, wait until marry to open up your legs,how to cook and be a good wife, aso. Now the old grannies are the first sluts after the sexual revolution.

Dude, if you’re interested, there are porn sites for that.

All of this raises a question: what is the point of MGTOWs?

I mean, even the most generous of MGTOWs seem to think that the value of old women stems entirely from what they do for others — whether baking cookies or dispensing wisdom. MGTOWs, meanwhile, are all about not doing things for others, about living their lives with as little responsibility towards anyone else as possible. They don’t simply advocate avoiding women. Some talk about dropping out of society altogether.

Basically, the only way they “give back” to society, in their own perverse way, is by urging other men to become MGTOWs like them.

So if MGTOWs do nothing for the world except make other MGTOWs who will also do nothing for the world, doesn’t that make them — by their own logic — worthless?

Just a thought.

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2 years ago

I have no children, thus there will be no grandchildren. Woe. Why do I even exist at all???

Oh, NOW I remember. It’s so I can age into an even angrier feminist than I am now and be a permanent thorn in the sides of stupid a-holes like these.

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