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MGTOW Redditor: “Many front-holes don’t understand that they have no right to be picky after age 25”

Groundhog enjoying a front hole

By David Futrelle

So I wrote up a nice long post tonight, filled with inadvertently hilarious if also somewhat disturbing tweets from a variety of far-right trolls, but for some reason Twitter doesn’t seem to be embedding tweets properly right now, at least on WordPress.

In the meantime, please make do with these thoughts on “front holes” — a.k.a. women — from a Men Going His Own way on Reddit.

Many front-holes don't understand that they have no right to be picky after age 25. (self.MGTOW)

submitted 1 month ago by thatzombieoverthere

If you have not 'secured' a beta in college, you should not, by law, be allowed to have any standards.

Huh. I thought the standard timetable for young women today — at least according to the He Man Woman-Hater’s club of the manosphere — was cock-carousel-riding until age 30 or so, followed by the desperate search for a beta to glom onto in the early 30s. Now they have to get a ring on some poor beta by the time they graduate from college? At age 25?

Misogyny can be so confusing!

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2 years ago

@Masculist Man
Let’s go through your claims one by one.
Destruction of the family? Weird, my family is still around. Come to think if it, I don’t know anyone whose family has been destroyed by feminists. Could you maybe show them to me?
Destruction of due process rights? I don’t know any men who have had their due process rights taken away either. In fact, I see the opposite: that due process is almost never completed for female victims of rape. According to RAINN, 994 out of every thousand rapists never serve any prison time.
Persecution of innocent men? I can’t think of any innocent men who are being persecuted by #MeToo, seeing as it is not a government organization and by definition cannot persecute. On the contrary, as previously mentioned, many guilty men walk free.
No female predators exposed? There have been cases reported under the hashtag MeToo of female on male assault. The reason this has been less prominent, of course, is that 95% of rapists are men, despite the fact that less than 5% of victims are men, so proportionally there are fewer women who are sexual predators.
Protecting false accusers? Less than 2% of rape accusations are false, and almost anyone who comes forward with accusations against men in power immediately gets death and rape threats in addition to all kinds of other harassment. I don’t think there is any protection in place for real accusers, and this is unfortunate. The number of false accusers, if any exist at all, is negligible here. Saying that all the accusers are false based on 2% would be like saying *GASP* that all men are rapists based on the fact that about 6% are.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: what exactly do you concern yourself with about her? I don’t know of any laws she has broken or anything she has done which violates your rights in any way. Unless her being a woman upsets you that much.
On domestic abuse in lesbian relationships: Can I see a citation for that?

Regarding the quotes: I see that you have cherry-picked and possibly invented quotes from a small minority of radical feminists who lived 50 years ago to describe an entire movement. I’m not even going to bother fact-checking or responding to these quotes individually, as David has already done this numerous times. Instead, I’ll return the favor by providing some quotes from your movement. Instead of cherry-picking or inventing quotes from radicals, however, I will use verifiable quotes from central figures.


“In the name of equality and fairness, I am proclaiming October to be Bash a Violent Bitch Month.” -Paul Elam, A Voice for Men
“Make rape legal if done on private property.” -Roosh Valizadeh, Author of Bang series
“In order for America to right itself, there needs to be a massive and concerted war on female self-esteem.” -Matt Forney, manosphere blogger

Here is my exhaustive response to your claims.
Hope you enjoy it!

2 years ago

Is this your refute? *shakes his head*

No, cupcake, the refutations can be found in the old Manboobz archives. Do take a turn through them and come back when you have something we haven’t heard and refuted 10,000 times before. As it stands, you’re too boring to be worth keeping around long.

2 years ago

Or he can find the refutation that I just posted. Sorry if it’s rambling, I just wanted to hit every overused false talking point he tried to use.

2 years ago

Our misogynist man-troll is incredibly boring. But just to pile onto him a bit with more facts I’m sure he’ll ignore:

The family is NOT under attack. Marriage is barely even dented. If divorce rates have risen since divorce became readily obtainable, it’s only because no one feels the need to perpetuate a sham anymore. If people are getting married later, it’s because they no longer feel compelled to jump into it too soon, with the wrong person, for the wrong reason (usually an unplanned pregnancy). And this here feminist comes from an intact family; we buried my dad a little under two years ago, just ten months after he and my mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Feminism didn’t ruin their marriage, it ensured that it was actually happy and took place for the right reasons when it happened.

Men’s rights are NOT being trampled. Women inching ever closer to equality does not a trampling make. If you think you have ANY right to dominate us, you can go stumble over all the Legos, and fall naked into a cactus patch. With any luck, you’ll get a prickly pear up your bum. We’re not going back to that hellhole that you think was a Golden Age.

And feminists DO discuss female-on-male domestic violence. It’s not our fault if you can’t be arsed to do something so basic as googling it, or reading those feminist sites you’re obviously allergic to. The reason it’s not being discussed as much there as the reverse situation is because it is vanishingly rare by comparison, and also because the law actively protects, aids and abets men who abuse their wives (but does nothing remotely similar for women who do anything close to it with their husbands).

And no, feminism has NOT turned women into husband-beaters. If you think so, you just might be a massive fucking jackwagon.

Your argument is not only illegitimate, it is utterly invalid.

Now kindly go find yourself a cactus patch and some Legos.


2 years ago

It’s so cute when they act like they have a leg to stand on lol. Just a tiny small little troll screaming into the void about how unfair it is that children and women don’t have to stay in abusive house holds and that rape might actually be taken seriously in the future. When we will mean ol feminist just let men be men and do what they want.

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