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Women are basically the creepy aliens from They Live, or possibly giant talking toad-snakes, MGTOW Redditor explains

Nice old lady buying booze … or malevolent space alien in disguise?

By David Futrelle

MGTOWs, like many in the manosphere, have adopted the “red pill” as their favorite metaphor for what it’s like to see the alleged hard truths about women through their misogynistic eyes. But one MGTOW Redditor recently reached back further in film history than The Matrix to describe what he feels it’s like to look at women through the lens of MGTOW.

“Anyone remember … John Carpenter’s movie [They Live]?” asked the MGTOW Redditor known as Lanjane.

When a common guy finds a special glasses which allow him to see what “the real” world look like. And to see that part of humans around him are not actually humans, but ugly aliens with faces like skulls and teeth like weird deep fishes have.

If you haven’t seen the film, this clip will give you the basic idea, at least if you watch all the way to the end:

Well, that’s what Lanjane says his life is like now that he’s wearing MGTOW glasses.

That’s exactly what is happening to me since I swallowed Red Pill. I look at beautiful woman and don’t notice her beauty, but instead I notice all those small details revealing her true nature; like tattoos on her neck … piercing on her belly button, her vicious smile and other signs of what an elite slut she is, and that is sometimes so disgusting that I even can’t stand near such ‘common women’ when using public transport, can’t seat near them without a feeling of an urgency to step back, go to another [car] or leave out.

Dude, you’re freaking me out a little. It would be one thing if you actually lived inside a science fiction movie in which all women were secretly aliens. But this is not a healthy way to react to other human beings.

Lanjane then traveled even further back in science fiction history, switching up his metaphors to some that are less John-Carpenter-ish than Lovecraftian.

I don’t hate them, I just feel the same as if faced a snake or toxic toad. Disgust, and an urgent need to just pass by as quickly as possible, avoid, avoid, avoid.

I kind of think maybe you do hate them. Just a wild guess.

Much worse, if such [a] being near you opens her mouth talking by phone or not; especially if talking to another toad like her, joking about their last night in the club, or recent sex events, or shopping or travels.

And then we’re back to They Live.

So I look at such women and feel myself like that man from “They live” movie… Although he could remove his glasses, and I can’t.

Actually, you could, if you were to simply recognize “red pill” ideology as the complete bullshit it is.

And sometimes you can’t just avoid such women because they are your colleagues at work. And you have to hear their dirty, foul laughs behind you, their vicious voices, to see their absolutely confident, imprudent look of a well-fed, well-fucked animal who feels to have all the cream and joy in life.

Goddamn, dude, you’re truly as fucked up as any incel.

I see how they prevail in this world, see through them how corrupted and sick this world is.

Here’s a picture of Donald Trump’s signing a global “gag rule” that prohibits international organizations getting any funding from the US government from even mentioning abortion.

And here are some of the people Trump consulted with about a healthcare bill gutting maternity care.

What I’m saying is that I don’t think women — whether they’re secretly aliens or not — are exactly “prevailing” at this particular point in history.

Lanjane continued:

It’s overwhelming and painful to have such point of view on this world. Sometimes I want to raise my head and cry, cry to the heavens that I have to live in the world like this.

Not only do you not have to live in a world like this, you actually don’t live in a world like this. All of this is just bullshit in your head. You’re the one in the matrix.

Especially when I remember my parents and my neighbours, who were honest, good people, with hard, but somewhat rewarding life of old ways, who sticked with one partner for an entire life – and strangely enough in this sick world – had happy families, from one of which I am.

Those “happy families” weren’t as happy as you thought. That’s why feminism arose in the first place.

I left my last toxic “long term relationships” just half of a year ago, completely ruined and knackered. And while reading MGTOW posts and comments, I was able to partially recover, to realize how pathetic were my tries to just have a good humble life my relatives live. It’s impossible, the world has changed.

You had a bad relationship, or maybe more than one. Most people, at some point in their lives, have bad relationships. Your bad relationship doesn’t mean that all women are secret space alien toad-snakes.

I have to move on …

Yes, yes you do.

… but first steps are so painful guys. So painful to leave illusions you used to have for an entire life, and to see harpies around you instead of good honest girls you have looked for before.

They’re not “harpies,” dude. They’re people like me and you. Some of them are assholes, sure, but trust me, some men are assholes too. Like, for example, every single man in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, the group you’re now choosing to be a part of.

To have a MGTOW glasses you cannot remove after you first put them on. And to see that They Live.

Again, you absolutely can take them off any time you want. They don’t allow you to see the world more clearly. They distort the world, making other human beings look less than human in your eyes.

P. S. > Sorry for possible mistakes, English is not my native language, but I tried my best. And thank you for this community, for this hospital of truth.

If the MGTOW subreddit is any kind of hospital, it’s the kind that gives everyone who enters it a metaphorical staph infection.

Naturally, the regulars on the MGTOW subreddit responded to Lanjane’s post like the rational, mature, not-completely-mansterical men they are.

“It get‘s only worse as time goes by,” wrote someone called ImmortanV8.

As soon as the fear from societies sanctions was lifted in modern times, female ego‘s began to go rampant. We are witnessing the end of modern societies right in front of our eyes. Only divine intervention can save humanity, and I expect it to come crushing down with an iron fist. Nature is build on balance, and that pendulum will swing back hard

Someone called HorusEyeDrops agreed:

There’s actually orgies, mass legalized rape of children (by women), normalized sexuality of every destructive shade, blurring of science, and fact, destruction of meritocracy in favor of communism …

You reap what you sow, and millions of people are sowing shit.

DarthSchadenfreude added:

Innate female behavior of hypergamy and monkey-branching [i.e. dumping your partner for a better one] should not be encouraged in a civilized society, but that is exactly what happened in the 60’s and 70’s with no fault divorce laws and entitlement programs.

Modern society is in a death spiral. When it finally implodes, the producers will produce only for themselves, and the eaters will all starve.

What a healthy, happy, soul-nourishing place the MGTOW subreddit is!

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62 replies on “Women are basically the creepy aliens from They Live, or possibly giant talking toad-snakes, MGTOW Redditor explains”


>>>>>>>>>>And no, women are not aliens to them. We went to school alongside them, we work alongside them, and we exist in society alongside them. There is no excuse for dismissing us as not the same species as them.

Oh, teenage boys don’t think girls are literally aliens. It is just that girls are so hard for teenage boys to seriously talk to, that the average 14-year-old boy is quite convinced that making contact with 4-dimensional creatures from Zera Rectuli using mathematics would be significantly easier declaring his interest to the cute girl in the next class. OF COURSE there is no rational reason for this belief, as you say, but we’re not talking about a rational belief here.

It’s not that he hasn’t tried to make contact, so to speak. He *meant* to tell her that he is mesmeraized by the beauty of her eyes dreams of eternal bliss with her. But what he ended up saying to her on that fateful day, when he finally managed to be alone with her in the hallway (which took serious planning) was, in effect, “do you like…. er… bread?”

After this glorious performance as Don Juan, the tennage boy recalled the story of Korah, who was swallow by the Earth with all his followers for disobeying Moses. He ruefully wondered why the Earth never swallows you up when you WANT it to.

I recently discovered Renegade Cut on YouTube, and have been enjoying his video essays on philosophy, politics, and pop culture. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s discussed They Live! with a focus on its anti-Reaganomics message.

Recent sex events? Recent sex events! True, true, that’s how it goes with Mr. Pants. First, dance of the pork cutlet bowl. Then, theremins and rose petals rain from the sky. Finally, naked coronation. Very eventful.

Point is, Lanjane, if you’re going to indulge in self-delusion, might as well imagine something fun. Harpies are the opposite of fun.

My entire point is that boys are socialized to view women as some completely uncomprehensible creature, and that that is not okay. Also, as someone who was once a conventionally unattractive teenage girl, all this bullshit about how teenage boys don’t know how to talk to teenage girls is just plain tiresome. They knew how to talk to me just fine; I was there to dump their problems onto and talk about video games with. WOMEN ARE NOT COMPLETELY UNKNOWN AND ALIEN. Stop pushing this narrative because IT’S NOT TRUE.

@Victorious Parasol: Thanks for the video link. That channel looks like a good addition to my collection of left-leaning YouTube channels (Philosophy Tube, ContraPoints, hbomberguy, etc.)


Serious question – do you think this never happens to anyone other than boys?

Because none of what you wrote seems actually gendered, at all. I mean, it is, because we allow boys to treat half the population on the planet as if they are unknowable beasts, with unscrutable motives and desires.

But it sounds like someone thinking someone else is nifty, in a way they are not used to dealing with, and now have to figure out how to communicate that.

Also, rather than doing this


*please* use the quote function. It should be right in the little window where you reply. You’ll need to have javascript enabled to see it.

But what he ended up saying to her on that fateful day, when he finally managed to be alone with her in the hallway (which took serious planning) was, in effect, “do you like…. er… bread?”

You mean, exactly like Eddie Izzard?

“You reap what you sow, and millions of people are sowing shit.”

I’ve never seen anybody fuck up a metaphor this badly. Most crops do a lot worse if you don’t “sow” the field with shit before planting. “Millions of people are doing things that will lead to a thriving and successful society” is a true sentiment, HorusEyeDrops, but I’m sure it’s not actually what you meant.

“to see their absolutely confident, imprudent look of a well-fed, well-fucked animal who feels to have all the cream and joy in life.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look like that. Like, Ever. And I’ve been around quite a long time.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look like that. Like, Ever. And I’ve been around quite a long time.

Hell, I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to look like, much less why it would be somehow specific to women.

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