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Ice Cream Video Dude DESTROYS incels by inadvertently proving that good-looking men can be creepy as hell

You don’t have to look like a creeper to creep women out

By David Futrelle

Incels insist that it’s their looks — not their off-putting personalities, not their obvious bitterness, not their utterly terrible views on women — that drive away the women of the world and prevent them from getting the sex they deserve, while handsome Chads can act like creepy weirdos and still score with the hottest HBs.

And no matter how many times women tell them that, no, handsome men can be just as creepy as anyone else, they refuse to believe it.

Here’s a video that’s been going around Twitter that proves the incels wrong. The dude in it isn’t an unattractive fellow, by conventional standards; he’s what the incels would probably call a Chad — or at the very least, given their quite exacting standards, a Chad-lite. Yet virtually every woman who has watched this video of him preparing a sloppy ice cream concoction has recoiled in disgust.

Here’s how women on Twitter have responded to his, er, unusual ice-cream-making techniques:

my vagina just snapped shut for good this time
I am pretty sure this guy has fucked a tub of ice cream before
This is why i'm a lesbian
i will no longer be eating ice cream

And before any incels jump in to say “well, of course women don’t like this, he’s a beta simp male feminist sucking up to them on international women’s day,” he was just as creepy on “Avocado Day.”

I swear, these are the longest one-minute videos I’ve watched in my entire life. I couldn’t even make it all the way through on the avocado one on the first try.

Sorry for ruining whatever meals you might have been contemplating having sometime today.

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39 replies on “Ice Cream Video Dude DESTROYS incels by inadvertently proving that good-looking men can be creepy as hell”

That…that was a Chad?!?!?!?!? That’s what all these morons are bitching and moaning about?!

I’m going back to sleep.

I get that Ice Cream Man’s job seems to require some theatricality as a part of the presentation so I don’t find him creepy so much as trying way to hard while being completely oblivious to how goofy he looks.

I am eating a banana split as I read this, and I am now sad for my ice cream for being in any way associated with this guy.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think our incel “friends” will grasp the point of this post. As much as they bellyache about the HB10s or Number 2 pencils not giving them the time of day, they’re too invested in the hierarchy to let this little reminder of reality shatter it. Their mental image of women are so shallow that if women aren’t falling all over themselves for a guy this handsome, they’re just being “teases” or “prudes” or some other nonsense.

That said, it might serve an example that combined with other examples might convince some of the less-invested.

Incels need to learn that creepy is a behaviour, not an innate personality trait.

Sorry for ruining whatever meals you might have been contemplating having sometime today.


Surely, pi day would more likely be ruined by watching American Pie?

Of course, watching American Pie and these videos would ruin pi day a la mode.

I … I …

What did I just watch and why is that man doing a pelvic thrust as he tosses his spatulas around like he’s doing some ice cream hibachi routine? What has happened?

All ice cream consumption will now happen in the dark, in my room, alone, without that man anywhere near me, ever. Perhaps under blankets and straight out of the tub to minimise the chance that Ice Cream Guy will never find me. Or tell me that ice cream makes me sexy.


Oh dear God. And to think I was looking forward to summer and the start of ice-cream season. 😳

I watched with the sound off; is it worse if I can hear him?!

I’m lactose intolerant… especially ice cream… ice cream make me sexy guys… NOT

I’m sorry, but I missed the awful the first time I watched it, because I was watching WHAT was being made. The second time, I watched I paid attention to WHO was making it. At least until I turned it off 2/3 thru.

The ice cream concoction is probably heavenly for those who can eat it… I’d think he’d get a lot more interest from his… ummm… er, “target audience” if he’d just be sincere and make the damn dish.

If he’s trying to show women how feminist he is by observing IWD, he’s doing a _bad job_—almost as bad as the speech Putin gave the other year in which he thanked women for being beautiful and graceful even when working hard.

His “Hi Gorgeous” t-shirt put me off before he even started his burlesque show.

At first I was like, oh, cool, a special women’s day ice cream flavour. I love ice cream.


Just. No.

And that face? Creepy face.

1. I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that I’m reading this on an El Cheapo flip phone without video capacity.

2. …There’s an Avocado Day? *Promptly adds July 31st to the Loss-Leader Retail Calendar, along with Superb Owl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo.*

(This happens to be Bacon and Cabbage [and, when my pancreas still permitted, Potato] Week–which consistently falls during Canned Tuna and Mac-and-Cheese Month.)

On a slightly more serious note, this is like a textbook example of a man who is sure women like to see what he likes to do.

Also I’m sure incels will just invent a new something-cel portmanteau to justify why this dude isn’t a true chad.

Nothing can ruin ice cream for me.

I am sadly reminded of the creepy guy who worked with my friend and I at TCBY when we were teenagers. He spanked me with a broom on more than one occasion. He told my friend he wanted to lick the hot fudge off her.

His last name was Osgood so we called him Ungood.

Fortunately it was the only time I’ve been sexually harassed by a coworker.

He told my friend he wanted to lick the hot fudge off her.

… she had hot fudge on her? HOW did she get hot fudge on her, a spill? I hope she didn’t …

Oh, I see… nevermind.

LOL OMG, this video started out so nice. An actually *great-looking* guy, with an Aussie accent to boot, and making [me] yummy food?

Then that hard-to-watch male stripper-looking moves and the eye contact. I sent this to a friend with the caption “Super cute guy makes ice cream”, and she just wrote back, “super cute, yes. But sorry I pressed play! Lady boner instant deflate!”

I swear, Fear Factor should use this video as a dare: Watch the video without physically cringing to move onto the next round. I would definitely fail that test.

Also: @Full Metal Ox: I’d love me some Superb Owl Sunday, owls are indeed superb. And far more interesting than lame football sports 😀

I saw this video and immediately thought the space looked familiar – it’s in Westfield Stratford City in East London. I used to work there. It’s a hellhole.

I live about 20 minutes away by tube. I’m half tempted to go down and see if this guy knows that he’s a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons, and if so, what he thinks about it.

He IS conventionally attractive, certainly, and to be fair I don’t think everyone will be put off. I find him hilarious, but part of it has to be the job – if he is like that all the time then yes, he is as creepy as hell.

Sillabub – just saw your post – not that far myself, but tbh it is not worth the effort as I never have to go there, and you are right, it is not a place one would willingly go.

No amount of cheesy, idiotic theatricality can make ice-cream taste bad. The true chadliness of ice-cream cannot be ruined by lascivious looks or pelvic thrusts or spatula juggling. I do not care how stupidly try-hard this guy comes across. Only the ice-cream is important.

On a more serious note tho. Meh. On the creep scale of one to used car salesman, this dude punches somewhere in the middle.

As a woman and lover of good looking men, I’m not so much put off or creeped out as I am wondering wtf I just watched. Like watching some foreign cartoon that launches into some incomprehensible antics that leave me just…stunned and totally confused, and occasionally lmao.

I suspect it’s generally difficult for us men to underdstand what exactly women perceive as creepy and why, and incels are basically psychic masters at not empathizing with women.

I’m pretty sure that ice cream concoction could be made without any theatrics, hip thrusting, or pandering-to-the-ladies whatsoever. And what’s up with seeming to stare deeply into my eyes? Is this guy trying to hypnotize me?

Is that guy for real? Like is he seriously making ice cream that way because he thinks it’s sexy? Or is it meant to be some kind of meta-joke? Now granted, I watched the videos without sound, but I still thought there were hilarious, whether they were genuine or not.

I’m just baffled about why he associates Oreos with Women’s day.

Then again, I probably don’t want to know


I suspect it’s generally difficult for us men to underdstand what exactly women perceive as creepy and why, and incels are basically psychic masters at not empathizing with women. you not see what’s creepy about this? Also, good rule of thumb: if you would find something creepy/ uncomfortable if someone you’re completely unattracted to did it at you, women will probably find it creepy. It’s really not that mysterious.


I was thinking more in terms of everyday interaction, men making awkward come-ons and sexual jokes and the like. Admittedly, that may not be very relevant to either incels or the Ice Cream Man.

I’m not saying men have no responsibility in being inadvertently creepy – it’d help us to listen women more. I’ve also repeatedly heard women point out that the worst creepers are usually acting deliberately and knowingly, which I can personally believe. At least they presumably know they’re violating social norms.

Like probably most men, I’m not usually a target of sexual harassment or open sexual approaches. Our experience of harassment mostly consists of the rare non-sexual harassment by a few weirdos.* It may be just me, but I’m not very attuned to recognizing sexual come-ons or perceiving them as threatening.* The ice cream guy is super cringey, but doesn’t come off as threatening to me, at least on video. Certainly inappropriate, yes, and not by accident.

*Once, a weirdo guy forcibly chatted me and then hugged me without permission. It was clearly a boundary violation, and maybe sexual, but it didn’t occur to me to fear that he might assault me further. Then there was another incident of forced chatting that felt intuitively more scary because the guy’s body language was off and he was obsessively pushy in wanting to talk about Lord Jesus Christ. In a third incident, a guy was just clearly being deliberately annoying, and eventually it dawned to me that he was trying to provoke a fight – at a bus stop in broad daylight, in front of some old ladies. At that point, I chose to run away.

Yes, I’m figuring something out. His antics seemed familiar and it was bugging m e, but I finally got it. This guy is behaving as if he’s seen depictions of women going to see the Chippendales or some generic male strippers on a sitcom and, having assumed that’s what gets the ladies hot, is doing his best to mimic it, clueless that that is not an appropriate setting for thrusts and gyrations, or that behavior that a lady night have paid to see in one specific circumstance can be unpleasant or even downright upsetting when thrust upon her in a totally different setting.

It takes a lot to put me off ice cream. Ice cream is a purely good thing in an oft-wicked world. This squicky guy has sullied that pure thing, and needs to be fired from a cannon into the sun.

Not that type has ever been a deal-breaker, but this guy has so many things that I like physically, dark hair, beard, definitely conventionally handsome (neutral.canthal tilt, strong chin, whatever else incels are measuring in millimeters these days). He even has an accent and ICE CREAM.

Yet I’m slightly nauseated by his patter. No.

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