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MGTOWs fight boob tyranny with an inventive new meme

Man being oppressed by boob tyranny

By David Futrelle

I found this in the MGTOW subreddit. And, no, it doesn’t make any more sense to me than I suspect it will to you.

I mean, first off, breasts don’t simply fall off when women get older. Yes, they may get a little droopier with age, but, trust me, MGTOW dudes, there are parts of you that are going to get a bit droopier as you get older too.

Also, I’m not sure that George Washington makes much sense in a meme about temporary boobs. Temporary teeth, maybe.

But the MGTOWs were pleased with the meme, giving the post more than 500 upvotes and using it as an opportunity to talk about how boobs are actually terrible, at least if the woman attached to them is over the ripe old age of, er, 20.

anongogogo 5 points 6 months ago It's either fake tits or saggy tits. It's disgusting. permalinkembedsavegive award [–]Enzo95 2 points 6 months ago Tits usually hit the wall at 20. Legal age here is 18, so it's a 2 year window if you're a grown man. If you're an alpha teenager QB in High School your window will be 4 to 5 years. And that's it my friend. Titties are overrated.

Excuse me?

Another MGTOW Redditor took the opportunity to talk shit about the boobs of the woman he is allegedly fucking.

reduction-deduction 10 points 6 months ago What tits? You cannot really say if the tits are good just by taking a look at the bra. My current fuckbuddy has terrible tits(28yo), but i could not tell that before i saw them live. Quality of the tits in the late time has hit the bottom permalinkembedunsavegive award [–]ArmondDillo 7 points 6 months ago Yes, just more illusion, like fakeup. I don't care that much about boob size, but when you see how much smaller they are then when in that high tech bra, you can't help but feel disappointed. Just like every other part of these modern whores, once you know the truth, you're left with nothing but disappointment.

It’s like sour grapes, but with tits. Sour tits.

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58 replies on “MGTOWs fight boob tyranny with an inventive new meme”

What other things oppress MGTOWs?

The very existence of women?

Seriously, that’s what it looks like.

The torpedo-shaped boob seems to have been some sort of militaristic cold war fantasy. Howard Hughes used his aerodynamic skills to design a bra for Jane Russell which made her look like two missile cones in a sweater (though apparently she never actually wore it because, guess what, it was extremely uncomfortable, bearing no relation to her actual human body…).

I’ve gotta admit, I have done some minor trolling on some of my fellow artists who draw comically-large breasted (typically with corset-thin waists) and post them on Twitter with a reply of “Whoa, she must have back problems!”

I kinda admire the guys who own their own preferences though, rather than fight them in some misguided attempt to galvanize misogyny in others. Just own it and stop pretending they’re anything more than a body part that arouses you.

I believe they’re worried that the feminists they complain about will get angry at them for only valuing them for their sexuality if they give in to just liking their boobs.

Good. More tiddies for me. Tiddies are love, Tiddies are life. Much soft, such warm, perfect for cuddles!

Tabby Lavalamp | December 28, 2018 at 2:27 pm
(I’m still trying to decide what it means that whoever slapped that meme together used an anime/manga drawing of a woman instead of a photo of an actual woman. Are they starting to get angry at anime drawings of women now?)

Good to see that my campaign to take back anime from these potatoshits is working.

Speaking of, I’ve watched an anime recently called Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation, and I really liked it. Sakurako’s like if Sherlock Holmes wasn’t such an insufferable ass and didn’t do drugs. She’s still got glaring personality flaws and can be very childish and has a hard time relating to other people socially, but she’s got a good sidekick that her personality plays off of well.

There’s a teeny bit of issue I have with her sidekick being a teenage boy (who is very obviously into her physically), but she’s got a very personal reason to keep him around that will very much prevent any kind of “romantic” relationship from coming up, and he seems to understand that he’s got zero chance with her despite his urges to occasionally stare at bewbs.

But yeah, 9.6/10 can reccomend.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee | December 28, 2018 at 3:54 pm
My books are big and yet not saggy because they’re more round than tear dropped. Lots of men don’t understand that droopiness has more to do with shape than size or age.

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