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Giving some thanks! Open thread

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By David Futrelle

Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re doing that! Otherwise, enjoy your Thursday! I’m very thankful for everyone who reads and supports this blog, for my friends, for everyone who works to make this rough world a better place, for everyone who voted against the GOP in the election. And for cats, my own two lovely cats and cats in general. Dogs are cool too. And capybaras.

Anyway, an open thread.

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I am thankful for my LGBTQ friends who gather every year to give thanks and allow me to join them. I love them so much! I am currently in my hermitage and only get out socially 3 times per year – I have hobbies to keep me busy and a project that allows me to interact with others at random (it is called ‘A Random Act Of Art’ oddly enough).

I used to be much more social; not sure what happened – other than getting old. I miss being young and pretty – women would approach me on the bus, in bars, on the street and I was such a naif that I did not realize what was going on; 70% of the time the approach failed due to my not noticing. I was told I missed 100% of men hitting on me.

I have a box in the back of the closet in the back bedroom filled with ephemera that can bring up a sadness about a wasted youth.

Oh, to be young and pretty again – I would love to relive my 20s & 30s.

Sorry, I just needed to whinge just a bit – but I am thankful.

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