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Mass shooting at Borderline nightclub in Thousand Oaks, CA: Open Thread

The crime scene at Borderline nightclub in Thousand Oaks, California

UPDATED: 11/8/18, 1 PM CST

By David Futrelle

Yet another mass shooting, this one at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. The shooter killed 12 people, including a sheriff’s sergeant.

The shooter, who reportedly took his own life, has been identified as 28-year-old former marine Ian David Long, who used a pistol with an illegal extended magazine and smoke bomb in the attack. Though right-wingers last night glommed onto reports from a couple of eyewitnesses who said they thought the shooter looked Middle Eastern, he was white. We don’t know anything about his possible motive yet.

Please post any reliable information you run across in the thread below.

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November 9, 2018 at 9:00 am
In response to that “doctors should stay in their lane” bullshit, one doctor’s response deserves repeating far and wide: “My lane is making sure people don’t die, and you’re in the way”.

Do you have a link by any chance? I can’t find it.

When Brett Kavanaugh denied sexual assault allegations, attacked his accuser’s memory, and then described himself as being the victim of a conspiracy — several psychologists knew what they were seeing: DARVO.

DARVO stands for deny, attack, and reverse victim order. The term was coined by a research team at the University of Oregon and the University of California, Santa Cruz, who identified the pattern alleged abusers use to deflect attention away from themselves and back to the person making the accusation.

University of Oregon psychology professor and Stanford fellow Jennifer Freyd, said that the reason it gets used frequently is that it works.


don’t find the public guesses you and others are making objectionable because they’re unlikely, I find them objectional because speculating within hours of a horrific tragedy in the hope that the guesses will be correct is wrong no matter who does it and how likely they are to be correct.


We are not better than the right because we happened to back the right team, we are better than the right because we don’t behave like them.

Correct. Unlike the right, I am not a genocidal authoritarian who revels in bigotry and causing suffering. That makes me better than them. My willingness to note obvious patterns as they occur is entirely irrelevant.

@Ooglyboggles @Moggie: In 2019, a new gun will take effect in California:
From the SacBee, laws signed by Gov. Brown:
Assembly Bill 1968, by Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Campbell, which establishes a lifetime ban on gun ownership for anyone who is involuntarily admitted to a facility for a mental health disorder, and determined to be a danger to themselves or others, more than once in a year.

Assembly Bill 3129, by Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio, D-Baldwin Park, which bars gun ownership for life for anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Read more here:

So you know how some boys cannot abide any kind of female authority, and talk and fantasize about hurting their female teachers? If course you know, you can’t attend public school without running into such budding creeps.

Well, the Thousand Oaks shooter used to be one of those.

Sexually assaulted his track coach.

I hope the disgusting little creep dies in prison.


Which also throws the ableist-ass blame-slinging right out the window, unless PTSD can time-travel now.

Countdown until the media claims PTSD can time-travel now.

@scented fucking hard chairs you’re so right! They would argue that if they thought it’d work.

Also As a PTSD sufferer the thought of it traveling to before the traumatic incident is horrifying but also makes me think of bad sci fi. Like a minority report pre crime thing but pre trauma to help avoid traumatic incidents.

TBH time-traveling PTSD doesn’t seem entirely ridiculous to me, though reverse causality of any sort is obviously not provable. I have seen some weird, weird stuff in my life, especially since transitioning.

But I think it’s more likely though that prior trauma makes people more at risk for additional traumatic situations, and more vulnerable to further trauma from C-PTSD. From personal experience, there is a definite “stacking” effect.

In any case, the ableism discussion around this is why I don’t really like the saying “hurt people hurt people” – it’s often true, but just as often not IMO, and ignores the almost universal origins of abusive behavior in entitlement, rationalization, and dehumanization.

I live in Southern California, and I have a friend who lives in Thousand Oaks and has a college age daughter who likes to go to that bar. Fortunately, her daughter stayed home that night to study. Later that day she had to help evacuate the clinic she worked at (she is a dialysis nurse), because of the fires, so that was a very bad day for her.

This bar was a favorite hang out of a group of people who survived the Las Vegas shooting. One of those survivors was there that night, but didn’t survive this one. His mother was shown on the local news screaming that she didn’t want prayers, and she didn’t want thoughts, she wanted gun control! She kind of left her interviewer speechless. This is my first post and I’m not really familiar with how to do that yet, or I would find and attach a clip. It’s worth a look if you find it.

America—where if you survive your first mass shooting, you might not survive your second.


Put the link on its own line, and make sure it has http at the start and not https. The first embeds, the second just links to the video in question. Though the second is better than nothing….

Btw, did you get the official Welcome Package yet?

Explains many of the in-jokes running around here.

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