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Friday semi-random image dump and open thread

If we’re going to live in a world that’s utterly surreal, why can’t it look more like this?

By David Futrelle

Someone I follow on Twitter recently did a thread of oddball images she’s collected in her photo roll over the last few years, presented without context or explanation. I thought I’d do the same, in the form of a post. Needless to say, I’m not necessarily endorsing the messages of any of these, insofar as they have messages.

Also: OPEN THREAD. It’s been another busy week. Discuss whatever you want.

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Hey y’all, so I won’t know for sure until I see a gynecological oncologist in Baton Rouge in a couple of weeks–a small pool of medical specialists, another super fun part of life in a red state!–but I *might* have ovarian cancer. If I do, I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on this administration. I’ve been saying for years that Republicans are going to give me cancer.

I’m almost 44 and have never wanted children, so of course it would be my reproductive system trying to kill me. If I had liver cancer, I’d at least feel like I’d gotten my money’s worth!

@sarah_kay_gee: That’s terrible, I hope it’s nothing and if it’s something I hope it’s early and easy to treat. And, hey, silver lining: at least it attacked an organ you don’t need.

Sarah_Kay_Gee I sympathise, one of my relatives has lung cancer (and is a life long non smoker.) I have a neurological embuggerance compromising my mobility as well. Don’t let it get you down. I refuse to.

Loved the steampunk Kindle analogue in David’s images btw.

@Sarah_Kay_Gee Best of luck and health to you!

@David I’m currently studying ancient Egyptian mythology so it’s cool to see a pic of Atum-Re (as a cat) killing Apophis. Forces of order (ma’at) vs. forces of chaos/destruction (isfet). 😀

the first pic looks like Emily Deschanel and… uhh, Roddy McDowall… 🙂

‘n’ I love Jane Martin, War Nurse giving a Nazi a spike heel in the chest!

sarah_kay_gee, I hope it comes out good for you

Brett Sexoffendaugh made his first Supreme Court decision today. It was to uphold a decision of the 8th Circuit Court that a requirement that people must have a street address in order to be eligable to vote, is lawful; even though the USPS only provides homes on Indian Reservations with PO Boxes.

“Even assuming that some communities lack residential street addresses, that fact does not justify a statewide injunction of a statute requiring “identification with a residential street address” from the vast majority of residents who have residential street addresses,” the appeals court said.

Note that they acknowledge that they’re not just disenfranchising individual people; but whole communities. I guess at last they’re blatant honest.

Long-time lurker, but I’ve dropped a couple of random comments here and there so I can’t exactly say I’m a new poster. Never formally introduced myself, though.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this link – Dave and WHTM get positively name-checked in this interview with Donna Zuckerberg about her new book:

(Hopefully I’m not repeating something someone else posted already – I usually run a few or more days behind in keeping up with comment thread reading…)


Here’s hoping that whatever you’ve got going on is benign and readily treatable. And that at worst, you’ll only be out whatever time you needed to make that trip. I’ll keep my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed…

Best wishes, Sarah-Kay_Gee.

Welcome, Vic!

Does anyone have a good recommendation for finding an org to volunteer to do get out the vote work for? Whenever I sign up to volunteer for a campaign or party, I just get fundraising emails. I’m looking to be boots on the ground. I have experience doing that kind of work as a job, so my time is worth more than my money. I’m in the Twin Cities area.

I’m not in a worm-snorting sort of mood, but I can dig eating jelly and swinging one-handed on ropes to kick Nazis into pits. It’s that sort of day.

Brett Sexoffendaugh made his first Supreme Court decision today. It was to uphold a decision of the 8th Circuit Court that a requirement that people must have a street address in order to be eligable to vote, is lawful; even though the USPS only provides homes on Indian Reservations with PO Boxes.

See? FFS.

Also, I heard this morning that the Canadian Supreme Court said that they’re not obligated to listen to First Nations when they hold consultations with them about land & such. I mean, it’s not like they were too keen to before, but do you have to go and put that into law?? (And yes, a consultation doesn’t mean anyone is obligated to change their mind. But it just underlines the continuing inequality.)

@sarah_kay_gee – Gah, I hope things turn out OK. Don’t hesitate to talk about it here.

My family has a pretty large incidence of breast cancer, despite not having an incidence of large breasts. (One of my grandmothers, similar A-cuppish proportions as me, died of it – at 88, mind you. My other one, who died before I was born, had it but died of something else.)

@Vic – Thanks for sharing! The book sounds pretty cool. I kind of regret not taking basic philosophy in university. It would’ve helped explain some of the theory we were using for lit-crit stuff. A couple of weeks ago, I read through the first few pages of the Nichomachean ethics (it was to avoid talking to people at a party, but that’s another story) and I realized that reading Aristotle would’ve helped me understand what Giorgio Agamben was on about. And maybe Jacques Derrida… but does anyone understand Derrida?

Oh yes, and catchy title. 🙂

@ Sarah_Kay_Gee – I hope it turns out well and that you get all the right help and support. I’m a breast cancer patient (officially for another 6 months) and have some idea what an embuggerance it can be and what a tense time it must be for you and yours. Best of luck and I’ll be thinking of you.

Re: images – that wild cat of righteous anger is a great picture!

As for Melania, I was in a shop with Mr Bluecat and two friends and this came on the radio. We turned to one another and chorused “Well, she shouldn’t have married him then!” As one! And fell about laughing, along with about 4 or 5 other people who were in the queue and the shop assistant. One of those rare bonding moments with friends and strangers.

@ sarah-kay-gee

Hoping for the best. Also hoping that if it’s the worst, that at least they can knock it down. They get better and better at this stuff.

I just got a new computer that can run ‘warframe’ at a decent frame rate. are there any other Tenno here that might be interested in running some missions together?

Has anybody seen those AWFUL prager u adverts on youtube. They are the worst. Ive seen 3. An anti feminist one. A anti indeginous persons day one. And a candace owens “black card” one. uuuuugh i hate these.


not yet but I do watch some atheist youtubers so I’m sure you-tube’s advertising algorithm will show me some sooner or later

Neither of you uses adblock or ublock? I never see ads on youtube.

I got sick last week and was watching a lot of movie theory/analysis youtube videos and all of the sudden, I’m getting FIVE MINUTE long ads about “feminism is a man-hating movement” and “the europeans didn’t really genocide the native americans; indigenous persons day is the real white genocide.” My jaw was on the floor.

Oh and donations to prager U are tax deductible. WTF.

The ads are so monstrously horrible. You can skip the ad after twenty seconds or so but I watched the whole thing. Morbid curiosity.

Yeah, fuck Prager U.

Sadly, mine is PS4. Though with the Fortnite multiplayer change, maybe cross-platform Warframe is a possible future.

Ah, Dennis Prager – that dude is a complete piece of shit, and has been for way too long. I assumed for a while that he was a preacher as well as writer/talk show host the way Bryan Fischer is – today I learned he’s not actually a preacher, but his drivel has been gracing the pages of places like townhall dotcom, on top of him assaulting AM airwaves as one of the army of Limbaugh’s mini-mes. I first heard of him back about ten years ago (!!!) when he made waves for a couple of columns in which he argues that married women should never say no to their husbands. One of many takedowns is below. Don’t bother with the original – it’s just as awful as my one-sentence summary makes it sound.

Anyway, yeah, that dude can be put in the ‘ignore’ file without any worry about missing anything important.

Hey, has anybody here ever heard the song “The Ugly Truth”, by Louis Logic? It’s really appropriate to the current political climate, that’s for sure. I made a music video of it featuring offensive cartoons (purely for satirical intent, of course)! TW: pretty much everything.

I tried just now, Alan, but oops “You signed on September 26, 2018” I had forgot :-s

The photos are lovely, but yup the story is a sorry one. Just adding as a fyi to anyone who might hesitate to click through: all the visual information is fine, there are no horrible images on the page.

@ opposable thumbs

Heh yeah, I know that feeling. Of course I’m now at that stage that I forget what I went into a room for and then when I get back I’m like “Oh yeah, fire extinguisher.”

But much thanks for signing.

I feel oddly pleased that I was able to recognize the top image–at least, recognize it as having come from the “Baroness” series; I had to use Google to determine that it was specifically the cover for the seventh novel, FLICKER OF DOOM. (“The Baroness” was a series of paperback novels published back in the 1970s, attributed to house name Paul Kenyon. Basically, it was “Modesty Blaise” with more sex, more violence, and less intelligence.)

@sarah_kay_gee, I believe in you. You can beat up that cancer or whatever-it-is! I mean gosh you wear an avocado on your head, if that isn’t evidence enough that you got this I don’t know what is. I’m a scientist, you can trust me on that.

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