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Female authors stunned by revelation that some Reddit douchebag doesn’t read books by women

Soyboy mangina cuck reading a book written by a woman

By David Futrelle

The lady literary world is reeling from the revelation that some doofus on Reddit will no longer read books written by women.

The official announcement of this new no-lady-book policy was posted earlier today on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

 Since going MGTOW I can't read books written by women anymore (self.MGTOW) submitted 10 hours ago by EMIYA18 I read a lot of self help literature, usually from the 80s-90s written by American or Japanese authors. Ever since learning MGTOW I started getting rid of books written by females. They seem so "fake".

Adding to the horror: it turns out that many of EMIYA18’s colleagues on the MGTOW subreddit also have “no books by lady authors” policies. (Except maybe that “Wrinkle in Time” book, that was cool.)

“I was like that even before MGTOW,” admitted TheDevilsAdvokaat.

A lot of women’s literature just seemed revolting. The attitudes, the ideas were nonsense and shitty.

There are very few women authors I have actually enjoyed; (So few I cannot even remember their names – I think there was one by a woman who wrote “detective” stories about a roman named Flavius set thousands of years ago). Most of them have weird notions of how the world works and males and females.

Obviously the good gentlemen of the MGTOW subreddit have much-less-weird notions about men and women and pretty much everything else.

Their “men” in particular seem two dimensional and seem to have no life or desire other than trying to please the woman in their life. Also, the most important thing in the book is a relationship between two people. It doesn’t matter if the entire universe is finally collapsing into a central black hole; the most important part of the book (And the most words) will be about some stupid relationship between the female protagonist and one or several men.

Yeah, I really hate that part in the Jane Austen book when the giant alien spiders are covering the earth in their radioactive webs and Emma is like, “Heathcliff, forget the spiders, I want to talk about us and that time you mansplained intergalactic time travel to me because tee hee I’m a girl and I don’t care, wait why am I talking to you, Mr. Darcy is much richer, bye boy, GIRL POWER!”

Ok to be honest I haven’t read any Jane Austen books.

Others agreed: Lady books are all about dumb lady things. “[M]ost of the time, feminine litterature is always about ma rights and ma vagina,” Maxentirunos sniffed. And he’s right: 60% of the time, feminine litterature is about vaginas every time.

And forget about getting any advice from a lady book unless it’s about tampons or something. “I can’t read anything written by a woman anymore about general life advice,” noted TopherOHoolihan.

Maybe if they are covering a specific topic okay, but if its supposed to be a book of wisdom- only men are wise

But it was a MGTOW Redditor called laptopdragon who took it to the next level, noting that he doesn’t even like hearing women talk.

I detest many womens voices on the radio.

especially the raspy, scratchy or whiny voices, and when they they say things:


you know



actually, it’s anyone with those shitty untrained lack of quality speakers that are on a speaking platform. fuck them and their agenda.

Damn those bitches and manginas pushing their insidious “like” and “you know” agenda!

In conclusion, all attempts by human females to communicate are bad. Happy Sunday!

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3 years ago

‘on a ship is commanded by MacFarlane’s deeply underqualified character, who therby becomes his (fulky competent) ex-wife’s direct military superior’

Also, MacFarlane has a terrible record when it comes to handling progressive issues.

2 years ago

It’s kinda funny I discover this article years after, using part of one of my response in why I avoided most of feminine FANTASY litterature.

The full comment is as follow:
I tried to read as much litterature as possible and don’t care before I read something that sound interesting if the author is male or female.

But I came to an awful realization about female fantasy writer, Their stories aren’t stories anymore, not even trying to tell a story. [M]ost of the time, feminine litterature is always about ma rights and ma vagina, trying to sell it under a pretense a imaginative story.

There is always exceptions like the mangas written by Clamp, but there isn’t that much more out there

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

So, you came by two years later to tell us that you’re still a misogynist?


Anyway, who’s the author that wrote about Ma Vagina? She seems like she’d be a pretty cool character.

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