Program Note: I will be on Matt Binder’s DOOMED podcast today (Saturday) at 1 PM eastern

I took the graphic for Matt’s show and ran it through a filter that basically made it look worse because why not? I like running things through filters, ok?

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By David Futrelle

So yeah, I’m going to be on Matt Binder’s podcast talking about, you know, all the sort of shit I write about on this blog. If you’re not a regular listener, you may remember Matt as the guy who sort of demolished Paul Elam in a YouTube debate a couple of years back.

Anyway, here’s the info on the podcast (though the “tomorrow” in the tweet is now today), and if you miss it LIVE you can watch/listen to it later as well:

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I do refrigerate, since I expect that to delay mold formation, and microwave for a minute and a half at time of use since I prefer warm food as well as non-dry food.


Goldstein has been a dedicated carnivore since 2015, he told me, and eats “only from the animal kingdom, and mostly fat.”

So, sometime soon we’ll see the first Darwin award conferred upon someone for dying of scurvy?

The same way Bitcoin is not a fiat currency.

“Some higher power (government, mom) made me use/eat it” so it’s artificial/fiat and bad. :/

Malitia, that cartoon… *kisses fingers*

brb, launching an ICO for MeatCoin.

Which will burst first I wonder; the Bitcoin bubble, or their colons?

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, FemiNest Collective agent, Hell Toupee keeper & Intergalactic Meaniesays:

I was under the impression that (part of) the taste problem with store bought tomatoes was that they had to be picked while still green, so they wouldn’t be rotten by the time they made it to store shelves. Which was why the Flavr Savr tomatoe was geneticly engineered to have a ‘delay rotting’ command in it so the fruit could ripen on the vine, then be picked and shipped to market and sold before it became rotten.

Which then freaked everyone out because artificially altering food to eat (as opposed to doing in via breeding) was a bridge too far and ‘AAAAAAAAGH!!!!! CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER!!!!! AAAAAAAGH!!!’ Or something.

Or did I misremember something here?

So, the ‘carnivore dieters’, bitcoin types, and ‘rolling coal’ types are all really just overlapping subspecies of that general category that can be summed up with the general guiding principle of ‘You can’t tell me what to do!’ (followed by running off and finding someone else that is still telling them what to do but phrasing it in such a way as to convince them it was their own idea and they’re more intelligent than the rubes for doing it this way.)

@Surplus to Requirements:
Probably not. Humans are very efficient at recovering vitamin C even if we can’t produce it like most mammals; it usually takes several weeks without it for scurvy to become a thing, potentially a few months if your diet was good before then.

Also, meat may contain vitamin C (animals need it too, and most of them make their own), more so if it wasn’t cooked for long and is consumed relatively fresh. So someone eating relatively raw meat might actually get enough vitamin C to survive from that.

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