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I bet she had a man in there doing the difficult bits: Gross dudes dunk on hero pilot Tammie Jo Shults

Tammie Jo Shults, after the landing

By David Futrelle

A lot of people are pretty impressed with Tammie Jo Shults, the pilot who guided Southwest Airlines flight 1380 to a safe landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday after one of the plane’s engines exploded in mid-air, displaying a remarkable calm in the face of potential disaster in the audio recordings of her conversations with air traffic controllers that have gone viral on YouTube.

But not everyone is impressed. If you pick your way through the comments on the Daily Mail about the incident, you will find, alongside the hosannas, more than a few comments from disgruntled men angry that Shults has been declared a hero for “just doing her job.” Some Mail readers aren’t even sure she did that.

“A woman pilot?” one skeptic asked. “I don’t think so, bet she had a man in there helping, advising on procedure, doing the difficult bits.”

Another Mail reader insisted that Shultz simply couldn’t have been piloting the plane, because according to him it would have been against regulations. “I am a qualified commercial pilot and can advise you all that female pilots are prohibited from driving planes in emergency situations,” he declared. “The Global FAA does not allow it because women are prone to hysterics and cannot keep calm under pressure.”

Sure, buddy. And I’m a commercial pilot of the monkeys flying out of my ass.

Over on Gab, the Twitter alternative for Nazis and other unpleasant people, some greeted the news of Shults’ heroism with jokes and complaints.

 Ronald Joseph @PatriotCane PRO a day If Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults had been a male pilot she'd be under investigation right now. Just ask Chesley #Sully Sullenberger

 Clovis Comet @ClovisComet 4 hours CBC gushes over a female pilot doing what any pilot in that position would do. It's as if they have an agenda to push.Original propaganda link

 bob kostic @causticbob 13 hours Much respect to Tammie Jo Shults for bringing that south west plane down safely with no further casualties. But its a shame about the further lives that were lost and all the millions in damage caused when they asked her to reverse it into a hanger.

But the most extraordinary response on Gab came from a woman who thought Shults was a hero — but remained convinced that she shouldn’t have been allowed to fly in the Navy in the first place.

 Deplorable Farmer @FedraFarmer a day I am not going to change my position that women have NO business in the military. Having said that, if a ever fly again I want the pilot to be a Marine Pilot. Tammie Jo Shults is a true Hero.

Naturally, the fellow in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit have their own opinions about Shults, very few of them positive.  One commenter blamed her for the death of a passenger who had a heart attack after the explosion broke a window and depressurized the cabin.

rocketman1899[S] 5 points 23 hours ago* I don't know, a dead passenger, makes her less of a hero to me. I mean for all we know she could have over spun that engine, causing it to fly apart. Either way she is not a "Hero", at best she did her job. Just like countless men before that never were given that title because they didn't have a vagina.

Thanks for your insights on heroism and responsibility, dude sitting on his ass posting on Reddit.

Several commenters, unsurprisingly, used the news as an opportunity to talk shit about women in general.

loveinterbeingwisdom 9 points 17 hours ago There is a reason women get so much praise when they do something competent and men get none for the same, women rarely do anything competent so it's a shocker when it does happen. Men being competent is normal and therefore not praiseworthy.

badaboomxx 2 points 9 hours ago Well to be fair you have to give her credit, most woman don't even know where they left their keys, in other circumtances other woman could have killed a lot of people.


t353tfb 4 points 17 hours ago I still wouldn't trust her. Just because she did one thing competently doesn't mean she will do anything else competently. In a real emergency I'd expect her to shut down mentally as that is what women generally do.

In recent days, this last guy has spent many hours on Reddit complaining about “lazy and entitled” female dentists, warning his fellow MGTOWs of the perils of standing behind women in lines, and sniffing that an attractive women with a bit of a belly is “repulsive.”  But apparently his life is so difficult and dangerous that an exploding jet engine doesn’t count as a “real emergency.”

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a really crap man.

86 replies on “I bet she had a man in there doing the difficult bits: Gross dudes dunk on hero pilot Tammie Jo Shults”

Today is walkout.

I forgot until I was in my classroom. Then my professor didn’t show up.

Hopefully, the prof of my other class today understands why I won’t be there.

It’s not a good idea for me to actively protest–I need to save emotional energy to deal with my mother. But…hopefully.

@SinkableJohn – thanks for the recc of Atomic Robo. Just started reading it at my desk and it looks like a keeper!

Redsilkphoenix said

And despite what the first tweeter thinks, aren’t investigations into accidents like this routine? In other words, Sully wasn’t being picked on because he was a man, it was because they wanted to find out what really happened to that flight that day.

Or am I misunderstanding something here?

That’s my understanding; every aviation mishap gets investigated. This is just these fellows putting on a ritual display of ignorance.

Another one is the guy that made the crack about her injuring and killing a bunch of people when she backed the plane into the hangar. In any airport that handles a lot of flights, planes get towed pretty much everywhere except to and from the runway (even though they can reverse engines to create reverse thrust.) Using jet engines where there are lots of people working is really unsafe!

Everything, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is negative to these people.

It must be awful to live in such a constant state of malaise.

I am a qualified commercial pilot and can advise you all that female pilots are prohibited from driving planes in emergency situations

Dude, the flight attendant giving you your first pilotwings sticker when you were ten doesn’t count as certification.

@ Moon_custafer

And now I have that Sabaton song playing uncontrollably through my head.

So, thank you!

This recording is chilling:

Both pilots are pretty OK when they’re just dealing with engine out, possible engine fire, and (they don’t mention it but you can hear the oxygen masks) lost cabin pressure. That’s just an emergency, they train for that all the time. They’re obviously happier when the engine fire goes away, because those don’t have a good prognosis.

Then she reports that a passenger went out the window and her voice just about cracks. The copilot takes over comms right then, obviously shaken himself (he’s speaking very quietly). The tower clearly has an oh-shit moment, then says “that doesn’t matter” as a mind trick to get himself and the pilots back on track with the emergency landing.

That works and they are back to getting the job done from then on.

And yes, Clint Eastwood rather disgustingly and dishonestly portrayed the air crash investigators as the villains of his film about US Airways Flight 1549, as it fits with his world view of individuals as heroes and institutions, particularly governmental ones, as bad.

I would much rather watch the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ episode on Mayday than Clint’s movie any day. But seriously, have these idiots never watched a Mayday episode?!


I’ve been thinking of starting Atomic Robo for over a decade, myself, but never read past the first preview. Which is a shame, I read the author’s first famous webcomic, 8-bit Theater, since the beginning back in high school and got his epic parody superhero novel Nuklear Age in both soft cover and digital form when I was in college.

Ah, the MRA world where nobody praises pilots who are good at emergency landings. Who is this Sully who is mentioned in the comments? I mean, nobody praised him for doing his job … oh, wait, they did.

More kudos to Captain Shults from us!

My friends came over for drinks, and all three of us are mechanical engineers, so we could go on at length here 🙂

In fact, I could talk about my heroic day!

But first, while I’m composing those thoughts in my head, let’s see if I can get a vid to post here, you can imagine this song in your head while reading about my feats of navigation, logistics, and electro mechanical issues, today.


To start with today,

My car. Has electrical issues. Which no one can figure out, and have in fact gave up on. My latest guess is something with the fuel injectors. Shop that worked on it guessed ignition sensor on the cam shaft. This did not correct the problem. And may also point to some fuel injection issue.

I don’t know. Is not the alternator nor belt. So they said. If I start taking this thing apart….
Which I won’t be doing because I don’t have any tools. Some friends and neighbors do and now that the weather’s better…

Side note, today is the 6 month anniversary of my mom’s passing 🙁
But I have the idea that she would want me to feel better now, and it is a nice day too, in fact the weather guy just said that it was the warmest day since October.
Anyway, please forgive me if I ramble on here, it takes my mind off anyway.

And I completed my mission successfully! I can get the car running, I fear turning it off. Hey, does anyone remember the older cars and the old school way of getting them going with a screwdriver in the ignition? Or hanging wires twisted together? o0

My mission: Gas up car. This was the trickiest part because I would have to shut it off. Everything else has to be carefully planned too. I can’t turn the thing off. Wherever I go, I have to leave it running.

This causes more logistical planning. Where can I go to get in and out fast? And when? Times of less traffic and shoppers. Should I ask someone if they’re going to the store? You don’t want to be a pain in the ass to friends. Some might be in the same boat as you, car’s in the shop or has issues. Some may not have a car at all (urban area).

You’re forced to be creative and I have, in the past, gotten around with no car at all. On foot and public transport. You can’t go everywhere that way though. Bus, maybe. All that becomes a logistical nightmare. Been there, done that.

Doing it halfway now since the car is yet hinky. It runs, I can go some places. And plan, in the case of shopping, that carefully too, because you don’t want to use the car too much. Make a list.

I needed allergy medicine, mostly. And some other stuff. I carefully planned everything out, gassed up the car right away, went out early when I knew there’d be less traffic, carried on (after saying to car: PLEASE start!) to a store where I had made out the list according to what aisle each product was in, chose a parking spot in the back where I could leave the car run.

And then did some fast ninja shopping, don’t want to let it run too long!

I was as cool as a cucumber too! Did not panic. Was waylaid in the store by a woman who decided to talk to me. OK, never hurts to be polite, pass a few words with someone, you never know who you might meet, too. And this woman kind of reminded me of my mom 🙂

She was holding a small bottle of diet Pepsi and wondering whether to get it. I was loading up my cart with Faygo. You heard me right 😀
The Juggalos are onto something here, this is good pop! 🙂

She said she was getting a bottle of that for her son, some other flavor, I pointed at the diet cola I was getting and said that, to me, it tastes the way diet Pepsi used to taste, and it’s really good. And you get a much larger bottle, for $1 too.

She decided to try one. I know she’ll like it too, because it’s good pop. So I even squeezed in a little “public service” there too.

I was able to get everything on my list, at this shop, which is most easily reached by car, and the car was ok on the way home. The battery light did come on again. Sigh.

But I did it! 🙂

Of course no where near as nerve wracking as landing a disabled plane. I, and my pals here, can come up with plenty of harrowing car tales.

We will meditate on those, maybe come up with a “best of” compilation.

So here’s a woman who saved men and boys lives and the very men and boys who complain that women don’t care about them and only care about themselves and other women are not thanking her for saving the lives of their own brethren?

Hey I’m not a mechanic or anything but it’s my understanding that it’s not terribly dangerous to have your car running while it refuels.

There’s a slight danger if the spark plugs are so damaged that they’re like actively sparking outside the engine but other than that it’s not that big a deal.

If it were, you wouldn’t be able to drive your car up next to someone who was pumping gas.

@ Binjabreel,

Yeah, I know what you’re saying, I question it too. I am still fearful to do it.

Logistics wise, I made sure to get enough gas today so I won’t have to keep gassing it up. And it’s either solve this issue or sell or trade in the thing. I am contemplating this all.

I can get around enough on foot and public transport too. Which is a big plus.

The worst “Keep your grip” car stories….

# 1 has to go to Miss T here, involves an old VW Scirocco.
No “power” anything. All of that failed. Also shocks and struts. And then the transmission “rotated”, because most bolts fell out (had four, was down to one), and the car had to be launched in second gear.

Also burned oil, losing compression. Several electrical fires. Drivers side door fell apart.

Clutch? “I can drive it without a clutch”. That went.
How in the hell was this car still operational?

Told us tales of driving this thing, no power anything, no clutch, had to launch from 2nd gear, try to hold door closed, at the same time, and “it was like driving a tank.”

This has got to be #1 of our “car tales”. She’s lucky, this sounds extremely dangerous.

# 1 in crappy, beat, POS cars. “Save up your $ for a sports car”.
Exactly! Potentially wreck yourself even WORSE!

And these types claim women don’t understand tech or mechanical things 😀


If this is your first time hearing of mall ninjas, tghen I assume you’ve never seen this.

Never until now…but even for a complete non-gun-owner/expert, that was hee-larious! Whoever this guy is, he’s not even a mall cop…but he’s sure an eager wannabe. A veritable Paul Blarticus. Who knew that shopping centres had their very own dedicated SWAT teams?

In defence of the Daily Mail comment section (mercy me I never thought I would say that in my entire life) the misogynistic comments have all been downvoted to death and the responses have been absolutely hilariously brutal!

“If it were, you wouldn’t be able to drive your car up next to someone who was pumping gas.”

And I had a natural gas leak at home with all kinds of appliances and open flames and my house never exploded. You actually need really specific conditions (such as the ratio of air/gas) to explode anything (including gasoline vapors), if and when you do, FWOOOM. 😉

Not a mechanic, but I think my biggest concern would be possibly damaging the EVAP (emissions) system, or at the very least throwing a check engine light. (Which *should* clear itself after you put the gas cap back on and drive the car around for a few days). I just really hate looking at check engine lights, even if I know they’re bullshit EVAP codes, because I always worry that something really damaging to the engine will go wrong that I won’t know about because there’s already a check engine light on.

Pilots don’t earn their salary for the milk runs. They earn it for these kinds of events.

I experienced an “event” once. The pilot’s skill was superb – no crash. The pilot earned his soda pop that day. Took 4 times as long to get off the plane because we all let him know we were thankful of his and the crew’s skill. (It is a longer story, but don’t want to make this about me.)

Kudos to her & the rest of the crew. Of course there will be an investigation – it is SOP. That is why air travel is so safe – there is an active process to learn from events. And will I still think Southwest is my preferred airline? Yep. They obviously are up on crew training and qualifications. They have one of the best safety records in the industry.

The process has started. The FAA has issued instructions to inspect all equivalent engines.

BTW – I am an engineer on an avionics project. I can tell you there is *not* a “Global FAA”. Major countries have their own FAA or equivalent. Europe has an EU equivalent (ignoring Brexit changes) and, none of them have a silly rule about female pilots. A couple have silly rules about pilots with HIV. Not sure about South America and the rest of the world group FAA equivalent, but still basically the same.

And aerospace has the *best* engineering practices of all engineering fields. Medical is (generally) not that far behind, especially on stuff where failure == death. Fortunately, more women are entering the field.

And God Bless nurses!

I had to crack up at the “international FAA” bit. I’m only a recreational private pilot, and even I know there’s no such thing. The closest thing there is the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, and while they may have some silly regulations, I’m dead certain that “no women flying in emergengies” isn’t one of them.

And yes, I can absolutely guarantee she’d be under investigation. Every incident gets investigated.

I’m just imagining how these idiots would have reacted if the crew of Apollo 11 had been women.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, FemiNest Collective agent, Hell Toupee keeper & Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Speaking of gas leaks in homes leading to explosions, there was a case a few years ago in Indianapolis where a guy, his girlfriend, and his brother decided the best way to get money to eliminate their debts was to blow up their house in a gas explosion and collect the insurance money. Let’s just say their was a small detail or two they should have looked closer at before putting this plan in motion:

And a timeline of the investigation, complete with a map of the immediate damage:

There was a map that ran with one of the stories at the time that showed how far out people could see/feel what happened (like, people who were, like, five miles away from the explosion could see something happened over there), but I ran out of time to try and find it. 🙁

@Alan Robertshaw

Thanks, that’s very interesting. I was kind of aware of it but hadn’t really done much reading about it.

@Sinkable John, Johanna, Michael Brew:
I’ve been following Atomic Robo since before it became primarily a webcomic, when it was published by Red 5. Good stuff, at least in part because the creators have been very good at keeping it largely character-driven and balancing the comedy and drama.

The original ‘Flying She-Devils of the Pacific’ story in the main Atomic Robo book has the background of how the group formed. Basically, this was just after WWII, when a lot of local warlords were using weapons caches left behind by the forces in the Pacific theatre to set up their own little fiefdoms. The She-Devils were an international group of women who had been in their own nations’ militaries during WWII, but were being sidelined after the war in the various attempts to ‘return to normal’ and send women back to the home; they all independently decided they’d rather go AWOL than get pushed into being ‘good wives’, and banded together to try and stabilize the parts of the Pacific that nobody else was paying attention to.

The fact that one of the women was a bit of a ‘mad scientist’ herself (which was how they got the jetpacks) helped them become a serious force.

One of the things that I like about Atomic Robo is that they do show their work on the history front.

Men are called hero all the time. For fuck’s sake, ‘heroine’ exists as a word. So presumably the masculine form is at least occasionally used for dudes. Just spitballin here…

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