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Humorless dudes explain humor to funny women in inadvertently hilarious Twitter thread

As I have conclusively proven, the humor of Andrew Dice Clay is truly the pinnacle of human achievement

By David Futrelle

At this very moment — as you read this very sentence — some dude somewhere who completely lacks a sense of humor is explaining to a woman who does not that women just aren’t funny like men.

I have no evidence to back up that assertion but I feel pretty confident it’s true, and as a dude myself I regularly assume that things that pop into my head are definitely true. And come on, this one probably is.

Yesterday one of these humorless dudes — who happens to share the same first name with me, to the shame of all Davids — decided to inform Twitter that women aren’t funny. Responding to a quote from Tina Fey complaining that in TV comedy “women are treated like expensive cappuccino machines. … Where it’s like, ‘We have one. Why would we have two?!’,” this shitty excuse for a David declared that “as a general rule…women arent as funny….smarter not funnier.”

His comment drew some snarky responses from women funnier than him, including one from Ariel Dumas, a writer for the Colbert Show, who asked him “what show do YOU write for, david?” It also inspired this Tweet from writer Jennifer Wright, whose own personal wit was once described by People Magazine as being “as sharp as a guillotine’s blade,” but you don’t have to take their word for it; just read her Twitter timeline.

This tweet served as a sort of batsignal for some of Twitter’s unfunniest men, who began arriving in droves to explain to Wright and all other funny women that, no, they really aren’t funny; it’s biologically impossible. Seriously, I have no idea how all these dudes found out about Wright’s tweet, but they turned the thread that followed into one of the most inadvertently hilarious things I’ve ever read.

Some were outright indignant that a woman would make such gross generalizations about gender and humor.

Steve Tarkowski ‏ @tarksmarks44 Follow Follow @tarksmarks44 More Replying to @JenAshleyWright Similarly sexism is apparently funny when women do it, but oh so horrible when men do. You should really demand higher pay, not equal .... what with the superiority and all.


Maximillian Korobacz ‏ @1_clone Follow Follow @1_clone More Replying to @JenAshleyWright I dont recall a public statement from men declaring "We are the funniest" or seeing it in the male newsletter. Anyone who makes the assumption that approx 50% of the planets population thinks they're funnier than the other half is making a huge vague generalisation

Wright gently pointed out to Max (as she did to others in the thread) that she was responding to a dude who had done exactly what Max and so many other dudes say that dudes don’t do.

Other dudes in the thread offered accidental rebuttals to Max by making their own truly gross generalizations about gender and humor.

Amergin Blackwolf ‏ @DarkMoonCoven Follow Follow @DarkMoonCoven More Replying to @JenAshleyWright @beesbrain No, it's just that women have no sense of humor but an acutely over-developed sense of drama.

Winfield Scott ‏ @LtGenScott Follow Follow @LtGenScott More Replying to @JenAshleyWright @subversiveone2 While there are some damn funny comediennes, men have tended to dominate the field. Even today, it's hard to imagine a woman getting as red hot popular as Steve Martin in the 70s or Dice Clay in the late 80s/early 90s. Even in school. Who were the class clowns? Boys.

ANDREW DICE CLAY is one of your two examples of funny men? ANDREW DICE CLAY?

One guy appealed to the DIVINE RATIONALITY OF THE MARKET as proof that men were just much funnier.

Manie Chemin ‏ @CheminManie Follow Follow @CheminManie More Replying to @JenAshleyWright This makes absolutely no sense. The market overwhelmingly agrees that men, in general are funnier by rewarding them with a disproportionate share. Is the market sexist? You don’t actually believe this...

As one Tweeterer pointed out, this dude made a whole new Twitter account just to Tweet this ONE TWEET.

This guy, meanwhile, took a moment out from what I’m going to assume was a three-day meth binge to post this somewhat puzzling assessment of the issue:

c d ‏ @drionawk Follow Follow @drionawk More Replying to @JenAshleyWright this thread makes no sense i thougt we were all the same in liberials eyes there is no man or woman just they get the story straight or bi or whatever(i do not care what you do just do not force me to like it beacuase there are things i like that you do not like but i wont bash u


One fellow attempted to prove that men are funnier by repeating what is possibly the laziest and most tiresome joke I’ve heard in years, one that has become something of an alt-right catchphrase.

Korby L. Rhodes ‏ @RhodeysRoost Follow Follow @RhodeysRoost More Replying to @JenAshleyWright Are you assuming everyone’s gender?


Unfunny and unoriginal is no way to go through life, son.

(Ok, that response wasn’t original either, so sue me.)

But the most amazing response of the bunch was this one, which somehow worked in Tide Pods and “disposable males” while not actually addressing the question at hand at all.

Larry Eslinger ‏ @sling63 Follow Follow @sling63 More Replying to @JenAshleyWright Men are disposable in society. Hope you enjoy your programming. Kids eating tide pods, snorting condoms, no father figure in their lives. Years of programming, thru TV, where there are no male role models. All men are stupid screw ups. Societal collapse eminent.

That final “eminent” kills me every time I reread this one. Angry men, you never disappoint. (I mean, you always disappoint, which is why you never disappoint those like me who enjoy inadvertent humor.)

One woman asked the question I’m sure many were wondering:

Amanda Jenkins ‏ @EaglesExMachina Follow Follow @EaglesExMachina More Replying to @JenAshleyWright Is there a name for the thing where a woman tweets about men being [not funny, stupid, bad, etc] and men show up to prove her right?

Go read the whole thread. There’s more of this, as well as countless genuinely funny retorts from the “women actually are funny, you nimrods” side.

Here, just for the hell of it, is Andrew Dice Clay angrily storming off of CNN; it’s the one funny moment in his entire career, and its humor is entirely unintentional.

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Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago

TIL drama and comedy are mutually exclusive?

4 years ago

(This is long because to want to be clear and thorough.)

This seems to be a huge bone of contention with a lot of the older comedians. They like to get together and commiserate on how audiences today are just too sensitive for their jokes, or have no sense of humor.

Dave Chappell and Chris Rock have recently run into this same thing with their standup gigs, too. None of them seem to understand that the jokes they used when they got started in the business twenty years ago, aren’t going to fly with today’s audiences. And that the key here is to find out what audiences they’re going for, what makes that audience laugh, and craft material to get their attention.

Sitting around complaining about how they can’t do the same tired sexist, misogynist, transphobic, and racist jokes they got away with telling twenty years ago, because audiences didn’t know any better, ain’t gonna work to fix their careers.

The audiences they had over twenty years ago (pre-internet) are all grown up now, and the college students they’re trying to hook today,are two different types of people.

Marginalized people speaking up on the internet, and telling the rest of the world what has been harmful to them, has had some effect. People are more aware of when a comedian is just bullying another group of people, just punching down, and they are no longer willing to tolerate it. It’s not their fault if old comedians are out of touch because they weren’t paying attention to the social changes.

This happens to every artist, they simply become less relevant as audiences grow older, change, or become a whole new audience. Some artists are so good they manage to whether such changes and still be lauded because they change too, rather than complaining that their audiences are no good.

4 years ago

Also, these shmucks act like the exact same thing wasn’t true in the 90’s. If you just repeated the same bunch of jokes from 20 years ago then people would be offended and not find it funny.

I mean, look at the comedians whose careers spanned that long. Carlin’s act was constantly being updated and changing with the times, because he wasn’t a lazy hack.

Dad Jokes
4 years ago

I mean, look at the comedians whose careers spanned that long. Carlin’s act was constantly being updated and changing with the times, because he wasn’t a lazy hack.

and incidentally, it’s why people like Dennis Miller have seemed to fall off a cliff.

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