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“Honesty is merely a decoy in women’s arsenal of weapons,” explains MGTOW who’s not very good at metaphors

A woman almost entirely free of the curse of honesty

By David Futrelle

Here’s today’s tidbit of wisdom on the mysterious creatures known as “women” from one of Twitter’s many Men Going Their Own Way.

Damn those women and their devious honesty! HONESTY IS A TRAP! A DECOY! A WEAPON! A DECOY AND A WEAPON! At the SAME TIME!

Also, I think there’s something terribly wrong with that goth lady’s fingers.

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Dear Splainy:

We are not your “peeps”, nor anything else pertaining to you. We are people who simply don’t give a shit about you. Why have you not Gone Your Own Damn Way Already?

“It’s realizing men built and maintained all upon the earth – not women.”

By “all”, ManSplainer, do you really mean “all” — as in the rocks and trees and stuff, and all the geological strata, and all the resources on and under the earth, and all the animals and birds and fish and fossils, the elements, the dirt and the plants?

In other words, would you care to rephrase that, laddie?

Ohhh. Finally, my tiny ladybrain can understand! Only women vote, men don’t. Because…. Reasons.
And women vote men into office instead of women and then they influence those men to fuck over other men. Because…. That’s way easier than voting women into office?

No. My tiny ladybrain still doesn’t understand.

He’s quite the experience, isn’t he?

@ bekabot

all the geological strata

Well we could possibly take credit for the Mantle.

Well we could possibly take credit for the Mantle.

Alan, you have my deepest adoration.

So has falconer for the officially stolen for reuse “I’m so intimidated I’ll go have a nap”.

You people (all of you) are wonderful and a delight!

“I’m likely one of the greatest men that ever lived.”

ManSplainer, I give you Shakespeare and Milton and Wordsworth and Keats and Emerson and Thoreau and Hawthorne and Melville and Kepler and Huygens and Lavater and Tycho Brahe and Hawking and Lincoln and Luther and Ghandi and Baldwin, and for your special benefit I leave out Elizabeth I, Emily Dickinson and Penthesilia. Having done that much, I ask you once again if you don’t believe a bit of a restatement is called for.

(One of the few good things about the good old days, IMO, is that ordinary white boys way-back-when were give less reason to get such overinflated notions of their own capacities that they’d overstate them to such a ridiculous degree. They had women and POC’s to look down on and consequently felt less of an urge to aggrandize themselves. So last but not least, ManSplainer, I give you yet another canonical Great White Male — Socrates; and I counsel you to follow his advice. Know thyself, ManSplainer, know thyself. ‘Nuff said.)

I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, ‘… I drank what?’

“That was no health drink” quoth Dumbledore.

Dang I missed the one known as man splainer I had a gift basket full of manly scented candles (now in Chad the alpha scent) and man sized butt wipes. Seriously though if nothing in the end matters according to his quote and we all die anyway why is he fighting for an ultimately useless meaningless cause. Wouldbt he rather give up a cause if he felt it didn’t matter. The MGTOW cause logic alludes me

I hate the manosphere talking point that women vote, therefore the we must like patriarchy and any misogyny we experience is all our own fault. It’s just so lacking in perspective and shows a real ignorance of the political process.

Getting a major party nomination for an elected office entails a whole lot more than just having policy opinions that align with the voters. You need money, name recognition, connections, the ability to fundraise from wealthy donors. It’s really, really difficult for an average everyday person to get elected to higher offices. Voters have to make the best choice they can with what’s on the ballot. In the US, it quite often means voting for a Democrat that may not be super progressive as a strategy to keep the Republican out. We see the consequences of not voting tactically every day when we read the news. Often times our choice doesn’t represent our ideal. This isn’t exactly news.

Ah “women and children first.” The principle that isn’t found in maritime law and has been disproven by available statistics on shipwrecks:

“In the majority of shipwrecks, women have a much lower survival rate than men, which is consistent with the idea of every man for himself. Male chivalry seems to be completely unimportant or non-existent in reality when it comes to maritime disasters,” [Uppsala University economist] Dr [Michael] Elinder said.

The article brings up the Titanic, but notes that it is an exception – Captain Smith specifically ordered the crew to give priority to female and child evacuees. It also points out that male crew members have the best survival rate in general and that children have the lowest survival rate.

The “women and children first” thing is known as Birkenhead Drill and derives from the very singular circumstances in the sinking of HMS Birkenhead.

It was an inspiring tale, immortalised in a poem by Kipling; but it’s always been more of a mythical aspiration or ideal than a reality.

I have a bit of an interest in the legal repercussions of the Titanic sinking, so I hope people don’t mind me having a waffle. Feel free to skip; it’s not that interesting.

As originally designed the Titanic had twice the number of (non collapsible) lifeboats. However the design was subsequently changed. Strange as it may seem, that was for quite valid safety reasons.

Contempary experience of ship collisions had shown that lifeboats just ended up being used to shuttle passengers to another vessel. So speed of turnaround was more important than capacity. On the original Titanic design, the lifeboats were on double-davits (ie in pairs next to each other). That both slowed deployment and recovery; and risked injury as people had to clamber over the inner boat to get to the outer. So the design was changed to single davit. (It’s the same rationale for removing escape hatches from lifts, more people were killed and injured trying to use them than were ever harmed just by staying in the lift).

It was known that, even in the event of catastrophic damage*, the Titanic could stay afloat for at least an hour. That was considered enough time to relay all the the passengers onto another ship. The shipping lanes at the time were so busy it was reckoned that there’d always be another vessel nearby. On the night of the sinking there were at least ten other ships closer to the Titanic than the Carpathia. Why none of them came to the rescue was an issue at both enquiries.

The lifeboats were intended to be boarded from a lower (boat) deck. They were actually structurally not strong enough to be lowered full from the main deck (which the officers were aware of and added to the confusion with the abandonment). But that was to increase turnaround time as they didn’t have to be winched up and down as far.

After the sinking both enquiries recommended going back to 100% lifeboat capacity.

[*White Star themselves never claimed the Titanic was ‘unsinkable’. That was the trade press. The nearest ‘official’ declaration was on a special railway ticket to see the ship, issued as a promotional event]

[To the tune of Tomodachi Life‘s Musical]

Take a step onto the sidewalk
That someone had to pour
Take a ride on the bus’s blue line
As the driver stays on time
Order up at the Starbucks
Guess who asks your name?

There’s ne’er a self-made man
Everyone does what they can
That’s kind of how society works
Is that such a crime?

Man Splainer’s work is in danger of becoming a pastiche of itself*

I’m likely one of the greatest men that ever lived. I’ve always given far more than I’ve taken.

Is this your dating profile?

My self-summary

Shh… listen. You hear that? No, not that! Listen… Do you hear that soft, slow ticking sound? That’s your biological clock. You’ve probably tried to muffle it with wine and Xanax, fluoxetine, cat fur, and Buzzfeed articles, but everyone else can hear it too, and it’s getting louder…

But time is on my side. I’m going to look like this until I’m about 40, when, despite my healthy lifestyle, a burgeoning medical career will finally give me that touch of grey (and financial independence) to propel me from a young Al Pacino to a George Clooney.

If by that time the Last Sane American Woman doesn’t make contact with me (she’s reading Camille Paglia between batches of canning on the family compound in Montana), I’ll return to the former territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and find myself a bride who is prettier and more feminine, better educated, speaks more languages, and belongs to a culture that recognizes that happiness comes from living in harmony with biological and psychological realities. Then we’ll homeschool the kids, because real school is for proles.

Basically, this is your slim opportunity to get in on the ground floor – or not. We could just mess around. I’ve been described as “5 stars,” and “very enthusiastic.”

I think the tumblrina who posted that (as linked) had the best reaction: “HOO DANG, WHAT A PANTYDROPPER.

As I said when I reblogged it on tungle dot blue hell (link in my name), the only possible sign that it’s a poe is that he refers to the public school system as “real school” rather than “government schools” (one of the ways right-wingers propagate the notion that secular education is a godless-Communist plot). I can genuinely not tell whether Splainer is kidding; his reality, as D. Honig said lo these many moons ago, has lapped our satire.

* Somebody said this once about Neil Gaiman. He quoted it in an Amazing Heroes interview in which he pointed out that they might have meant his work was becoming a parody of itself.

@Austin Loomis If that is a real dating profile something tells me he won’t find prospects any better in “the former territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” than they are where he is now.

Ow. I just sprained my eyeball muscles again.

I’ve been described as “5 stars,” and “very enthusiastic.”

I implore all women thinking of maybe answering that profile: Ask for references first.

@tim: Hell, if that’s his real dating profile I suggest he learn how to make a fifi bag.

Oh, she painted her fingers in black ? White digitalicide !
Well, except for this sarcasm, the picture is gorgeous.

Dear Man Splainer dude –

Thank you so much for your incoherent and utterly self-serving diatribe about the contributions you and your masculist little buddies supposedly made to the development of “civilization.”

You helped me realize how completely boring you all are. To borrow a lovely and descriptive phrase from a favorite author – Your words are as the buzzing of flies in my ears.

Whatever “contributions” you and your fellows have made, they have resulted in a sick, poisoned and, possibly, dying world…which we women and men of truly good will will now have to clean up, if we want our children and grandchildren to have a world at all. Your wars, waged for the political and economic greed of your masculine elders, are a truly fantastic legacy. I am reminded of the babies in southern Iraq, born in the nightmare of the dust from your spent uranium shells, condemned to death or severe deformity. I am sure that they also thank you for the male made world into which they have been born.

So, thanks. Now that I can look at you and your brothers, and those women who actually agree with you, and see the appallingly empty, boring and ethically vacant natures of MGTOWS and those who incorporate your “philosophy” into their little, angry lives, I am free to move on and actually do something good and real for my world.

Please don’t let the door hit you on your asses as you, hopefully, leave and GO YOUR OWN WAYS. It is time for the adults to get about our business…creating a world we and our future generations can really live with.

Buh bye, now.

“Remember, if shes telling the truth, and you know she’s telling the truth, she’s lying.”


“You can’t even rule yourself. If you could, you wouldn’t give crap one what people you never have and never will meet think about your lifestyle decisions.”

You’ve a fundamental breakdown with reality, shadowplay. I really don’t give a crape what you think. Your wants and needs mean zip to me. I’m certain I’m far more intelligent and far more wise than yourself. That I understand all things and hold all the power of the universe in my hands doesn’t mean I don’t rate a reply in the games. I very much enjoy screwing with you people. It’s how I roll.

@Bina’s Little iPad Sock -> I really don’t give a shite about you either, BLIS. You can take your poorly thought out ideas and shove them as deeply up your arse as might seem possible. But I get to express my opinions, right? Or are you suddenly leader and commander? Or are you suddenly a combo of the Third Reich + Hammer & Sickle?

Feminism is likely the best thing to ever happen to men. If forces men into rejecting illusions and enchantments with regard to women and her state keeper.

In this way – feminism is likely Karma against women and her state pimp. Don’t overthink it. Karma works in mysterious ways. I sometimes think feminism is God’s mercy upon men in disguise – not that I necessarily believe in God.

For not giving a crape [sic], Man Splainer certainly seems to be very upset about not getting his way.

not that I necessarily believe in God.

Begging your pardon, Mr. Troll, but didn’t you just claim to be God, a couple of posts ago?

Ah, yes:

That I understand all things and hold all the power of the universe in my hands

Sure sounds like you claimed to be omniscient and omnipotent. Right before you admitted to being a troll:

I very much enjoy screwing with you people. It’s how I roll.

The irony is, in here, a guy like you is not the cat that’s about to eat the canary, you’re the little ball with a bell trapped inside it in a room full of cats. Believe me. I’ve seen what happened to your predecessors. 🙂

Oooh, The prodigal son returns

But I get to express my opinions, right? Or are you suddenly leader and commander? Or are you suddenly a combo of the Third Reich + Hammer & Sickle?

Lol, Bina told you to live up to your name and go. You know, the G in MGTOW? G your own W? I guess advising you to do the thing your group advocates doing makes Bina into Hilterstalin?

Understand all things, sure.

Feminism is likely the best thing to ever happen to men.

I agree! Freedom from rigid gender roles assigned to them at birth and harshly enforced throughout lives; a reduction in stress and anxiety and trauma. Real companionship with men and women, an acknowledgement and celebration of deep bonds. Union instead of isolation, community instead of confrontation. Feminism is great for men.

I doubt that’s what you mean, thoug- nope, it’s not what you mean.

Are you planning on actually having a conversation, or are you just gonna gush your manfeels all over the place? I need to know if I need to engage my brain here or not.

Ladies, gentlemen, and esteemed individuals of neither title:

the rare and elusive Thripple Troll Thread!

(Because “thripple” sounds funnier than “triple”.)

But I get to express my opinions, right?

Yes, in the quietness of your own home, or with your friends, or on your own blog. However, when you post your opinions on this site, then you are publishing them on the website of someone who disagrees with you.

Do you believe that every website has a requirement to publish everything that anyone wants to write on them? If so, I have some stuff that I’d like to put on the CIA website.

I’m certain I’m far more intelligent and far more wise than yourself.

At least shadowplay knows how to spell “crap”. I have two names for you: Dunning, Kruger.

That I understand all things and hold all the power of the universe in my hands doesn’t mean I don’t rate a reply in the games.

Do you seriously think you understand all things? Then expound in detail the architecture of the Macintosh computer as it existed between 1984 and 2000 without using any words longer than three syllables. Do you seriously think you’re omnipotent? Then strike me dumb through the Internet.

I know you’re trying to offend us, but you’re just making us laugh at you.

@Axe: I love the shirt.

Careful with the crepe pics. We might accidentally summon the girlfriends wanting to get pancakes is misandry troll. We all know about how sweet breakfast items oppress men and serve as a call to arms for the noble citizens of the manosphere.

You’ve a fundamental breakdown with reality, shadowplay. I really don’t give a crape what you think. Your wants and needs mean zip to me. I’m certain I’m far more intelligent and far more wise than yourself. That I understand all things and hold all the power of the universe in my hands doesn’t mean I don’t rate a reply in the games. I very much enjoy screwing with you people. It’s how I roll.

How do you expect that you screwed with us? You’re a pretty standard MGTOW talking point troll thus far. You haven’t even entertained us as much as some of your earlier personas did. Or maybe you’re a new troll. In which case you’re so generic that you got mistaken for a sock. You haven’t made us rethink our opinions. You haven’t beat us in an argument. You’re such an obvious troll that you’re not going to persuade any fence sitting lurkers. The only way you’ve won or screwed with us is if your objective is to merely get replies. If that’s the case, you’ve accomplished your goal. So, good job.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re just really thirsty for attention you’re very much contradicting the claim that you don’t give a French breakfast confection about what we think of you. You clearly give enough crepes to open a chain of hipstery brunch places.

@ Falconer

Ah, it is so good to see someone making an obscure Firesign Theater reference. Makes me smile.

Wait a minute. Didn’t I say that on the other side?

*strange backward sounding noises*

It’s okay. They’re speaking Chinese.

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