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He said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said … : Today in Tweets

Not a big fan of Harvey Weinstein

By David Futrelle

Today seems to be a bit of a slow news day, at least for the Trump Era, though that could change in an instant if that dude in the White House decides to do or say something monstrous.

But, hey, there are still many appalling things (and a few good ones) going on in the world. Let’s get to them!

Anthony Scaramucci has started his own lil media outlet. Things are not going well there.

A non-apology Holocaust denial apology!

Some depressing polls:

Exciting new videos of Trump lying and acting like a complete creeper!

Can you say “hostile work environment?”

But, hey, there’s some good news:

I’m going to make up for the relative lack of news tweets today with MOAR KITTIES!

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@Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
A disparagement habit used when speaking to a brown person’s mother regarding the son and his death. The bits and pieces of reputation accumulate. Variables.

IP and Sandra – Few of us are immune from this shit. I swallowed the “men want it all the time and never say no” bullshit and a long time ago, I unthinkingly refused to take no for an answer once myself. He never said “no” but I knew then, and am ashamed to have to admit now, that I blatantly disregarded his obvious reluctance to have sex with me. I’ve done a lot of other (thankfully consensual) sexual stuff in my life, but that’s the only thing that I’ve ever felt dirty about.

@dreemr, d’awww, it’s effortless with you, darlin’.

@Hambeast, are you doing okay?

Random general question, what are the politeness rules with respect to responding to another commentator about something they posted in another blog post in weeks to months terms? I feel some hesitancy.

It seems a thing that could get annoying. I wonder if David would be interested in neverending discussion area of some kind.

I’ve had the same experience with musicians and my son – “No, he’s dead too; yep, them too, etc. etc.”
I’m just glad my One True Love (Nick Cave) is still around, tho by rights he probably shouldn’t be 😀
Also, seconding what you said about PeeVee being so awesome – love you PV <3

I'm so glad your friends had your back. What a toxic experience. Pls allow me to add to the list of kitties already provided. Hugs to you – and you too, Bina <3
This is Mei-Mei when she climbed up very high and was extra proud of herself:

Thanks, everybody, for the concern and good wishes. I got a mysterious phone call today regarding my missing kitty, and don’t know what to make of it. Apparently my mom picked up the phone, and some young guy, a kid by the sounds of it, asked if we had a cat named (kitty’s name). My mom said yes, hang on, I’ll let you talk to my daughter, it’s her cat. So then I came to the phone, said hello a couple of times, but got no response. Just silence, then a beep beep beep as the line went dead.

I tried to call the number back, but got only a generic voicemail message. This happened a couple of times.

Then my brother, who was in town for a visit (and who’s also a cat person, and very attached to my kitty), tried to call the kid (who sounded about 12 years old, if his curt little voicemail message is anything to go by) and didn’t get any co-operation either. So then he contacted the police and said he thinks we’re dealing with a prankster or a hoaxer here, because this kid let us believe that he might know where my cat is, but he’s not doing anything to help. It’s a cruel joke to play, if this mystery caller is a troll, because it’s got us all wondering and worrying and trying our damnedest, yet no closer to getting the kitty back.

But if this kid thinks he can get away with this kind of prank, a little call and visit from the cops might impress on him the seriousness of the situation, and he might learn something about hoaxing, and never do it again. One can only hope…

Anyhow, here’s a sweet little something to get all the bad tastes out of everyone’s mouths:

(Doesn’t Smoothie have the most gorgeous eyes?)

Damn, Bina, if that’s a prank, it’s an unbelievably cruel one. >:(

Bina, I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

About the game, legend has it that the great Mansa Musa became king of Mali because his uncle first sent an expedition to explore the Atlantic, and when they were lost at sea, formed another one and went himself. After a while they figured he wasn’t coming back, and made the kid permanent ruler. But what if he had found something?

I just love medieval African history, so it’s hard for me not to encourage people to do stuff with it.

Thanks Podkayne and Dimmy.

The egyptian-like nation isn’t very developed at all apart from the fact that the pharaoh is litteraly a god, or at least he have power far exceeding the normal for priests and mage alike. And I hinted for even more far-away nations, without saying anything specific about them.


1. I suppose it’s good that he’s calling attention to the idea that “normal men” can behave this way.

I think that’s a large part of the point, really. It’s not normal, but society more or less normalizes it. Or makes it so that it only takes a small extra push to go down the path to believing it’s normal.

5. Blaming his behavior on his religious background and the PUA cult is not accepting responsibility in any sense.

I didn’t really take it as him just shifting blame around as much as providing an explanation, but your mileage may vary, I suppose.

6. I hate being that man-like person saying “yup, that’s what those other men are like”.

I understand the feeling, but for what it’s worth men and man-like non-binary people should stand up and say things like that. That’s why this website exists, right? Harassment and assault shouldn’t be normalized, so we need to stand up against the people who think it’s perfectly okay.

Ohlmann: for a civilization colonizing the jungle you’ve got various examples such as the Khmer, the Maya, and civilizations that I know shamefully little about in the region of the Congo.

You’ll have to explain how it came to be that the jungle is uninhabited. Jungles around the world have been densely populated — and farmed — since before there were civilizations.

The only example I can think of would be New Zealand, which required advanced technology to reach (namely, ships that could survive weeks at sea and bring a load of crops and animals). The first settlers found an empty island, some of it rainforest — and some fantastical animals.


I understand the feeling, but for what it’s worth men and man-like non-binary people should stand up and say things like that. That’s why this website exists, right? Harassment and assault shouldn’t be normalized, so we need to stand up against the people who think it’s perfectly okay.

Nailed it.

Numerobis : the explaantion will likely be monster in the forest, since it’s a fantasy universe and there *is* nasty monsters in that forest.

It’s likely a bit short of an explanation, but the handwave is likely enough, and I don’t trust me to show a nuanced indigeneous civilization in a respectable way.


If you want to add a little to the monsters explanation, hunt around for some of the Marathi legends. They have many abandoned cities (and entire kingdoms) that the jungle retook – and a couple of them are down to monsters from what I remember – it’s been decades though.

I think open threads are fine for that. These daily tweet threads are open threads iirc.


– if you suppose I am not well versed in african / (native) american culture, do you think it’s better to not introduce any african-like or american-like civilisation, or to introduce them as powerful nations in their own right even if they have the risk of looking very much like slightly changed european nation ? I am a pretty great fan of the middle age african merchant realm, but I can’t really pretend to be up to speed on them. And my local librarian wasn’t super helpful either.

I’d guess, if this is fantasy world, it wouldn’t make much sense to have strong resemblance to any particular real culture anyway? Maybe mix and match elements from different continents in a deliberately obvious manner, if you’re more a history geek than creative world builder.

– if we suppose the existence of a big jungle devoid of humans*, do you think it’s better to use a european-like nation or an african-like one as the one who are currently trying to colonize it ? Here I am thinking of using an egypt-like nation of the setting, because I alway liked the story of that pharaon that sent big ass expedition across the sea to try to colonize whatever they find.

Jungle, as in tropical rainforest? Your people might need crop plants and domestic animals suitable for moist tropics – either real or made up species.

Realistically, the main challenge in forest colonization would be cutting down the trees, and finding people who want to live in remote forested areas. Egyptians weren’t into any of that, but you could envision a centralized, moderately densely populated state that still has forest-living people left in some rural areas.

Numerobis : the explaantion will likely be monster in the forest, since it’s a fantasy universe and there *is* nasty monsters in that forest.

Unless you want dangerous monsters, maybe have a large ocean island that hasn’t been previously settled? In real world, Madagascar and New Zealand were discovered by humans relatively recently. They both had exotic large land animals, most notably giant flightless birds, that were quite unafraid of humans – easy to hunt into extinction, as it happened.

PeeVee – I swear I’ve looked at this page of this thread at least three times and didn’t notice your question, so sorry!

I’m doing okay; the hardest part was calling friends who had a special relationship with our Catbeast; I didn’t want to just throw it up on fb until I’d done that. I’m still looking around for him when I go into the family room and feeling bereft when he’s not there.

Unless you meant about my confession in this thread? In which case, I’m as okay as I can be with it (it still feels gross.) I didn’t even think about it until I started reading lots of feminist stuff on the internets when I also had to come to terms with the fact that I’d been raped twice as well. I might go into it sometime if there’s a thread that seems appropriate.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about writing about that here. Not because of the regulars, but because of MRA trolls trying to make hay out of it.

ETA Bina, I really hope your kitty returns to you!

Thanks. I’ve been internalizing set theory and wanted to ask Scildfrega if it seemed like I had it right. Later tonight after work.

@Brony, I actually still have your post open from The Thread Which Shall Not Be Named! I am still thinking about it, though certainly not as hard as I ought. Mea culpa!

Don’t worry about it. You did say it would be longer and I’ve done the same thing too so I can’t exactly complain. For example I want to go back and outline some patterns in those posts I was analyzing, but things got bad for me for a while (in addition to processing therapy) and I’ve had to avoid a lot of social interaction due to stress effects. Despite intentions my “short circuits” are unpleasant by their nature.

Hambeast, I meant both, actually.

I am so sorry.


I get to do the Tourette’s version of CBT, CBIT. Cognitive hacking and physical urge hacking. The list of things to hack is getting rather long, but it makes sense and there is a path to work on these things.

I chose to be a janitor on a drug rehab unit because my old childhood anxiety about hospitals was going to be a problem on the rehabilitation hospital unit. And I chose it because I will have a lor of time to time to think about what I’m trying to change. The plus side is that my coworkers and superiors love the job I’m doing, but I’m having a hard time feeling the praise. At least it’s fascinating to think structure of what I’m doing. There’s research showing that the line between tics and compulsions blurs in Tourette’s Syndrome, mental tics.

Sorry that it took me a while to respond about set theory. I’ve been getting used to a new normal.

Set theory is an interesting way to look at objects, hierarchy and relationships. I think I see the 4 relationships. Sort of is, is not, joined, seperate? I think I see what you mean by related to addition. Things are more conceptually broad in the relationship categories.

I can see that inference is not a relationship. Is it just linking two things in a more conceptually broad sense?

Mm. I’ll write you a part two. You’re not wrong in anything you’ve said, really – though inference *is* a relationship. Specifically it is the *causal* relationship.

You’re right to see set theory as a way to look at objects, hierarchies and relationships, because that’s basically what it is.

∧ is to + as “and” is to “we”, perhaps?

⭢ is causation. Nazis ∧ Punchin’ ⭢ Nazi-Punchin’.

(Sort, of. I’m being pretty fast and loose here. Should have curly braces on there.)

Will write more later!

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