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Hurricane Irma and other disasters: Today in Tweets

Irma in action in Puerto Rico

By David Futrelle

Hurricane Irma is cutting a wide swath of destruction in the Carribean, en route to Florida. Meanwhile, Equifax doxxes 44% of all Americans, a racist Twitter lady waxes poetic about white guy spooge, and wolves are fucking huge, man.

But, hey, maybe Trump will be able to profit from the hurricane. He’s done it before:

In other news, Equifax basically doxxed haf of all Americans, by accident. Oopsie daisy!

In other other news:

On a somewhat lighter note:

And some cute animals because, damn, we need some at this point.

I had no idea wolves could get this big. Damn.

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Pruitt: “Now is not the time to talk about climate change.”


Now is not the time to talk about climate change.

After the Princess of Wales crash some people said a ‘wear your searbelt’ campaign should be suspended because it was ‘insensitive’.

If that dept of justice memo is true, it sounds like this is a test case for disassembling rape shield laws nationwide. Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary gentlefolk, welcome to hell.

The wolf tweet reminds me of the first time i ever saw a seagull. I originally imagined them to be the size of a pigeon


It’s the same with Gun Control. If you try to discuss it when nothing major has happened you’re alarmist, and if you try to discuss it after a mass shooting you’re exploiting a tragedy. Literally there is no time that is acceptable to discuss the thing in question.

You mean to say I have destroyed white civilization three times in the last 24 hours?

You are single-handedly bringing about the extinction of the Aryan race!

I’ll see myself out.

Tomi Lahren, skeletons in her closet? She’s got’em in the front yard on spikes, I thought?

My parents and my brother’s family dodged a hurricane sized bullet in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico ( respectively, although it brushed and devastated some small towns by the North Bay in DR). The local markets made a killing though

I’m actually waiting for the Mormons to excommunicate that Purposeful Wife d-bag.

In the meantime, I’ll just be happy for all of those white [cis] men who now have an easy and fun way to take the fight against white supremacy into their own hands.

@schnookums, peevee
Maybe part of the reason they won’t want to have a discussion is because they know they can’t pull their “if the globe is warming, how come it’s raining? Check mate environMENTALists” Trump card. Evidence with this kind of situation is so overwhelming they couldn’t just deflect it as usual.

This is making me wonder if Alex Jones is just mentally stuck in a cyberpunk D&D session and not just finger-twirling-around-ear delusionally hateful (i know it’s against policy too call people “crazy” in a mental illness way, but Alex) Jones really makes a hard argument for the idea that he doesn’t have a very tangible grasp on reality)

*gentle-sobbing* Well me and the Pigeon family is riding out the storm. We live far enough from the coast and our house toughed out Andrew and it’s also near impossible to get out now. Still we have supplies and preps and the doggos ready so as soon as we get the power back will post about my safety but most certainly wouldn’t mind thoughts and prayers at this point. This storm is downright spooky.

@Sinister Pigeon

I do hope you and the family stay safe. Please do check in so we know you’re okay.

My heart goes out to all the mammotheers who are in the path. It might head my way, but I’m in central Alabama, so I’m not as worried for myself as I am about people on the coast and panhandle. Stay safe my dears.

@Moggie Now I’m waiting for Cernovich to describe Hurricane Jose as having ‘Goblin force winds’. 😛

Goddamn, flat Earth people. That’s not even how that scene worked. They just flipped the fucking boat upside down.

Speaking of Fox News dipshits, Eric Bolling is out.

Meanwhile I just saw a satellite image of Irma…

and José…

and Katia, all on the same picture.

Doesn’t look like Katia will hit the US–just the area of Mexico that got the 8.0 earthquake yesterday.

Thank God all that climate change stuff is a lie, or we would be expecting a lot more of this kind of trouble.

Oh, BTW, “Tom Fuzzywit” is a female cat. Just saying.

Well, I guess he might be a trans tom, so, never mind.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:


Oh, BTW, “Tom Fuzzywit” is a female cat. Just saying.

Well, I guess he might be a trans tom, so, never mind.

Odds are you’re right, and that should be ‘Tomi Fuzzywit’ instead of ‘Tom’.

On the other hand, male calicos do exist, and this could be one of them in the flesh.

Hard telling from just that photo, though.

It’ll be a cat2 when it gets to us, supposedly. And, of course, I have work. Just had to pull a swerve, huh? Be safe, everyone else in the way <3

Sorry to hear Axe. We will try to soften her up for you some 😛 Though I hear she decided Tampa was more her liking. Mind you she is big enough that we will still get messed up.

The paper I was reading seemed all concerned that some celebrities’ Caribbean vacation homes got damaged in Hurricane Irma. Is that really the important thing here?? As for Trump’s retreat in St. Martin or his Mar-a-Lago resort thingy, boo-fucking-hoo.

@SinisterPigeon – Stay safe!

How does one ‘use’ porn? I mean, I do enjoy porn, but I wouldn’t call it ‘used’ when I finish with it. It remains the same as it ever was, ready to be enjoyed again and again and again (tissues, on the other hand…). The question I’m getting at is: If I prop up a wobbly table leg with a dirty magazine, am I committing white genocide, or does that only happen when I jerk off?

And if I commit white genocide every time I jerk off, why are there still white people? Seriously, I estimate I’ve genocide’d the white race a minimum of 7,000 times since I was 13. It’s pretty much a daily thing. I generally do it right before I go to bed (sort of like a glass of warm milk).

Maybe I’m doing it wrong. My most favoritest porn all involves dragons. Not dragons and humans, mind you. Just dragons. Sexy, sexy dragons. You’d think a dragon would be an ideal engine of destruction, but perhaps not. I also enjoy demons; I wonder if that would be more effective. Hmm. I’d best conduct some research.

Re:the size of wolves
It actually varies widely, mostly dependent on region. Generally speaking, the further north you are, the bigger the wolves. In Southern Eurasia and Africa, they’re mostly about the size of a Labrador retreiver, but up in the wilds of Canada and Siberia they rival Great Danes or big mastiffs.

@Jojo Mojo

Alex) Jones really makes a hard argument for the idea that he doesn’t have a very tangible grasp on reality

It’s not just possible but common for entirely neurotypical people to have an extremely poor grasp on reality, usually due to a limited range of experiences combined with a number of fascinating cognitive biases that Scildfreja is infinitely more qualified than I to educate you about.

Jones really makes a hard argument for the idea that he doesn’t have a very tangible grasp on reality

Oh he’s got a tangible grasp on reality alright. He’s a salesman first and foremost trying to get as much money as possible out of his followers. He just has chosen a very small niche for some very gullible people to make a lot of money from.

Here’s a link to the wind patterns of all three hurricanes Katia looks to have made landfall and is much smaller now, but Irma and Jose are scary big

Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey. Mexican earthquake. Midwestern wildfires. Nuclear war. Charlottesville rally. Obamacare repeal. Russia investigation. Terrorist attacks. Migrant crisis… sometimes, these days, I wonder if I’m living in a Roland Emmerich movie.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; never, in my life, have I been more thankful to be an Australian. I’ve also said this before, I’ll also say this again; Move. To. Canada.

I don’t think my link showed up. The site is, it’s a global wind map if you’d like to look it up. You just need to move and zoom the map over the Caribbean to see the three storm systems.

The wolf tweet reminds me of the first time i ever saw a seagull. I originally imagined them to be the size of a pigeon

Black-headed gulls – the most common gulls in inland England – are about pigeon-sized. Herring gulls are more common on the coasts, and are the size of gulls in most other places in the world. The surprise at seeing a flock of gulls that are about twice the size of the ones you’re used to is a common experience for kids visiting the sea in England.

The only Chroicocephalus (smaller, inland) gull in North America is Bonaparte’s gull in Alaska (and nearby bits of Canada), so Americans don’t get the same experience with smaller inland gulls.

The extremely violent Nazi group NMR has been permitted to organize a march through my city on September 30, passing by the local synagogue during Yom Kippur (total coincidence, I’m sure). This is a terrorist organization that has recently been responsible for bombing several refugee centers and political centers in the area. Fuck these guys so much. We’re gonna drown them (not literally) in a sea of counter-protesters.

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