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Underwater: Today in Tweets

Houston today

By David Futrelle

Much like Katrina, Harvey is turning into a slow-motion catastrophe as the deluge continues and flood waters rise. The National Weather Service is predicting more than 50 inches of rain in some areas, “beyond anything experienced before.”

Donald Trump, meanwhile, takes to Twitter to promote the book of a sheriff nearly as terrible as Joe Arpaio, talk about his stupid wall, brag about his win in Missouri, and issue meaningless bromides on how well everything is going in Texas, where things are decidedly not going well.

If you’re a WHTM reader in an area hit by Harvey, let us know how you are doing. We can signal boost if you need help!

Let’s go to the Tweets:

FYI: They were taken in by a local church.

If you want to help, some suggestions.

In other news:

Time to stick together.

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4 years ago

Brony, all my sympathies and across-the-ocean hugs. I’m so sorry. I bet you gave Tyra a great life and a loving home.

Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

Thank you. It’s no hurricane but I needed to get that out. I need to see what the shelters need.

Yes she had a good life, I’m still doing the thing where I think of the things that I could have done better though. Too many absent friends. Fuck 2017. My wife and I are talking monthly remembrances.

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