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Today in Tweets, #InternationalCatDay/Armageddon edition

When you live with a cat, every day is International Cat Day

By David Futrelle

Ok, today is International Cat Day, so I’m going to celebrate by keeping the politics tweets to a minimum, and loading up on cat pics instead.

EDITED TO ADD: Ok, I’m adding some N. Korea tweets because  holy fucking hell Trump could get us all killed.

And now the original post, starting with politics:

And now, the cats!

That last one was just a test to see if you were still paying attention.

EDIT: Added a couple more newsy tweets.

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Yeah, who really thinks there is only one cat day a year? Not cats, that’s for sure.

Every day is Cat Day for these two.
Vashta Nerada, who got the name for doing what Vashta Nerada do and eating everything presented to him as a kitten. He’s super sweet and super chill, but he’s a total mama’s boy and will gladly abandon everything and everyone else to go *flumph* on her lap.
Minerva Mc-friggin-Gonagall, the Best Pud-Pud*, a fluffmonger of dubious provenance, her only history prior to our adopting her being two run-ins with Animal Control, neither listing her as owned. We’ve had her about six months now and while she can still be a bit fearful (as the scratches will testify to), she wants to be someone’s sweet kitty. A total daddy’s girl, too, which is great because I’m “daddy”.

* – Source of Minerva’s full name:


The three stooges truly are Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck

A new quote from the President:

North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

Awesome. Things are going so well.


@Weird Eddie: In all fairness, Glenn Beck has expressed horror and remorse at what he helped usher in with Trump, which is more than most conservatives. Even stuffed-shirt assholes like George Will are still pretending that this disgrace happened entirely despite, rather than because, of their long-standing efforts, while Beck has publicly asked “My god, what have I done?”

So, Trump watched Game of Thrones recently, and utterly misinterpreted the battle scene?

@Mea Re-edit that (if you like), make it “I’m CatMan”. Nah don’t, I’m working on it now.

North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

As much as I usually love being right, I didn’t want to be right about Trump wanting to take us to war with N. Korea. Fucking hell.

Will have to remember to give Toni and Dracarys some catnip today. They’re so lucky they’re cats and don’t know what a Trump is.

Since we’re sharing cat stories…I used to have a long-haired cat named Callie, who I would take to get a bath every year or so, whether she needed it or not. I usually took her to a professional groomer for this operation, because not only did Callie dislike baths, she also couldn’t stand to be combed or brushed. I had to deal with copious growling, and determined attempts to bite and/or scratch, sometimes successful…once, she managed to scratch the inside of one of my nostrils, after I let down my guard a little. Well, I described Callie’s usual reaction to being brushed to her groomer, and the woman’s response was, “That SWEET KITTY growls? Callie growls?”. As if this simply wasn’t within the realm of possibility.

At that point, let’s hope the chinese value the world still existing over supporting North Korea.

We’ve based 70 years of nuclear deterrence theory on a model of nation states as rational actors. Now we have Kim Jong Un vs. Donald Trump.

There’s this quote from The Great Gatsby I’m trying to remember, something like “a bad driver is fine as long as they don’t encounter another bad driver?”

The three stooges truly are Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck

Replace Beck with Alex Jones, and you’ve got it. But then you’ve left out Michael Savage. And …

Great Gatsby quote was probably

“You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met another bad driver, didn’t I? I mean it was careless of me to make such a wrong guess. I thought you were rather an honest, straightforward person. I thought it was your secret pride.”

@HawkAtreides – ooh, your cats and their names are so cool 🙂

About Trump starting a war – I don’t have much to say about that, except I hope he doesn’t.

Today I did something besides work! I saw a movie called Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things – a documentary about LGBTQ rights in Nunavut and the origins of the pride parade there! Here’s a link and here are some things the film said:

-Nunavut is the newest province in Canada (1999). It separated from the Northwest Territories to become a majority Inuit province. I knew this – what I didn’t know was that many Inuit were forced off their land in the 1950s and 1960s to make way for Cold War defense systems. The creation of Nunavut was a way to reclaim some of what was taken.

-Jack Anawak, a former MP and one of the people interviewed, was instrumental in getting the Nunavut legislature to recognize sexual orientation as a human right. At that time, the document didn’t include gender identity/expression as a right, but now it does (as of March 2017)! (The filmmakers said so in a short Q&A after the screening.)

-Although gender roles were fairly strict in pre-Christian Inuit culture (men were usually hunters, women would do the food/clothing prep) there wasn’t a sense of sin/shame around gay sex or alternate sexualities. That came with Christian missions and colonization. And with the influence of the church and other factors such as isolation, it was tough to grow up LGBTQ in Nunavut for a long time. That’s changing, thankfully.

-Two teenagers were interviewed near the end – one was a trans boy, maybe 16 or 17, who talked about his experience being accepted by the school he was in. One was a younger boy, maybe 14 or 15, who’d recently come out. He said that in the past generation, people couldn’t come out as gay in high school but had to wait until they were “really old” – that got some laughs in the theatre. 😀 But it was heartwarming to hear about things changing for the better.

I celebrated Cat Day by finally being the one to do the sticking* instead of holding when Catbeast got his sub-q fluids last night.

Unrelatedly, poor Catbeast fell off of the bathroom counter and sprained his leg over the weekend but is much better now. He even walked into his carrier ON HIS OWN for the vet visit, so I guess he knew he needed to go to the vet.

We are also in the middle of a visit from Kidbeast which has been very pleasant.

*because Husbeast will be gone over the Labor Day holiday and my friend who usually helps me when he’s gone will be on vacation, too. I have gotten a new-fangled harness thingy to help me do the sub-q thing on my own and will try that tonight. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*

@Hambeast BTDT, for someone else’s cat. Feels weird to be “inflating” a cat, doesn’t it? Luckily most cats seem to realize the minor discomfort is worth the feeling better afterward.

I don’t have any cats of my own, but I do take care of them for other people.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Don’t have any photos of the cats I know/knew handy, but then I remembered an old photo of President Clinton’s cat Socks and some news photographers that I thought all y’all might find funny.

And also found a couple more funny ones from that same search:

Enjoy. 😀

ETA: the last two links is a pic of Clinton and his dog. Trying to find a better link before the window timed out on me.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Okay, the last pic of mine that isn’t displaying right came from this Asian (Chinese? Japanese?) blog/tumbler, and is the 9th pic down.

The post, based on the rest of the pics, seems to be about various US Presidents and the dogs they had while in the White House. I recomend ‘reading’ this post for the pics. Some of them are pretty funny and/or interesting. I rather liked #15, 16, and 17 myself.

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