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Women are basically Big Macs, but for sex, MGTOW evo-psychologist explains


MGTOW Saturday continues with an exciting new evo-psych explanation as to why women, who are so evil, are also so appealing to most men. Because they’re basically giant, sexy Big Macs, at least according to this evo-psychologist wannabe posting in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

And now I’m hungry again.

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@Herbert West:
Let’s not do that? Three reasons.

– It provides them with an escape-hatch for any hateful statement anyone makes. “No true MGTOW believes X, that must have been just false-flag feminist trolls.”

– It gives them the illusion that there are others who support them; this makes them bolder and drives them to even more extreme positions (or acts.)

– “We are what we pretend to be, so we should be careful about what we pretend to be.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr

As Axe kindly poined out, I was a Vietnam War draft resister. I served my time in Danbury, with the Berrigan brothers and Mitch Snyder, who later became mildly famous as an advocate for the homeless — they made a TV movie about him with Martin Sheen playing him called “Samaritan.”
I don’t want to go back to prison but the potential with the current regime is that things could get bad enough to make illegal resistance necessary, and I’m mentally prepared to do what ever becomes necessary.

The tendency to form splinter groups over relatively minor disagreements, and to conclude in holier-than-thou ultra-pure fashion that the differences must surely be a result of bad faith on the other person’s part, is a threat to any organization, but in my experience it is worse on the left. The dilemma is that you can’t build any sort of large, effective movement without a lot of compromise, but there is a danger of compromising so much that you vitiate your core values.
Life would be so much easier if you could just take extreme positions on various things, but that usually doesn’t accomplish much. Feminism needs to be inclusive to make progress, but there have to be some lines that feminists won’t cross. That “sweet spot” in the middle is often very hard to find, but the chore has to be faced.



Also, here’s the person doing up a rule 63 babadook:

They stole my look. Seriously, I love hats and fishnets.

Speaking of MonMusu, I found out today that there are such a thing as Tarantula girls, and they have fluffy hair, big bodies, and bad tempers.

Apparently I’m a tarantula girl since I have all of these attributes.

cw: spiders


I read your response to the long comment I wrote in the other thread and I’m really sorry about your father and I can’t think of a way to help I can just offer internet hugs if you want them but I have an idea if I’m not being rude to suggest something about your mom. If your dad has been physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to your mother for a long time she might have at least mild PTSD, and her lying to you about ridiculous things that are obviously lies might just be a defense mechanism. Maybe if you sat her down and explained to her calmly you are nothing like your father and will never respond like him could help(if you haven’t tried that already) she may know it logically but not know it viscerally and maybe it could help if you discussed it. Just a suggestion, I do not know your mother so I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, it’s just an idea. Just trying to help if possible.

You’re not being rude at all! Honestly, I would welcome any advice because I’m more or less at my wit’s end with this matter.

I’ve kind of done what you suggested already, really! See, I had many talks with my mother about how I am not like my father.

She still has a firmly fixed idea of what I’m like, and that is a mini-sized version of my father.

An example: even though I ID as female and have come out to her as transgender and pansexual she insists on deadnaming me and misgendering me.

Another example: she really, seriously thinks my greatest ambition is to get a degree and raise a Conventional Heterosexual Family and that for some reason I’m angry at her that I didn’t do these things, simply because my father is angry at her that I didn’t do it.

Now, you all know me fairly well. My actual greatest ambition is to write books, draw anime, and becoming a filmmaker. I would like to raise a family and have a relationship, but as a polyromantic lady. My mother could not possibly be more wrong about me if she tried.

That’s another tiny thing that frustrates me: she has a totally wrong idea about what I truly am like, and it is for this reason that I don’t talk to her a lot about stuff.

For example, I, like most transpeople, am upset about the way my body looks, but my mother will of course interpose herself and assume I’m upset at her Because of Reasons (the reason being my father, of course). Telling her that I am upset about things that are unrelated to her makes no difference.

In fact, she would probably blame herself for me being trans. I guarantee this would happen, 100%. This is partly why I don’t talk to her about it.

Also, recently, since I reasserted my sexuality and gender to more properly and authentically represent myself, I’ve been thinking about becoming a model.

I made no attempt to correct or argue this point with her, since I don’t have the spoons to dedicate to such a task, so at this point I am basically doing like what Sandra does at work and masquerading as a guy when I interact with her.

Also I’m perfectly happy to exchange emails or do Skype(I don’t know what the last thing you mentioned is because I’m computer illiterate) I only know Skype because my brother showed me how to do it so I could see and talk to my niece on it. I’m a touch old fashioned because I started hanging out and making friends before internet was ubiquitous so I still give people my phone number if I want to talk to them. I know that’s considered strange and/or dangerous nowadays and I almost never give it out to people I just met but if I’ve been getting along with someone(I also seem to be a pretty good judge of character, out of everyone I’ve ever given my phone number to, I’ve only had to block 4 of them and that was after either a bad breakup or betrayal of some sort)for a little while, talking on the phone is just so much easier to me than emails cause it’s what I’m used to. From the beginning emails have just seemed so impersonal to me, like something you’d use for work not for friends. I’ve only recently got accustomed to it)But Skype is cool, especially cuz you can actually see the person(to me that still seems like magic😊)Whichever communication method you prefer and makes you most comfortable is fine with me.(I also totally get the not being allowed to have people over. I’m also living with my mom at the moment and I can have a few people over but only people she’s known for over a decade. Pretty much only people I went to high school with)

I actually give my cell number to some of my internet friends, so I’m a renegade like you. None of them have abused their privilege yet, so I am very likely to do the same with you!

I really do think we need to hang out sometime. You sound like a lot of the cool people I used to travel with back in the day. Honestly, my life was not always like this. I used to be interesting once! I swear! 😀

I hope things are going well for you for the moment at least and I’m sure we’ll figure something out eventually. I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the weather. Long Island does seem far away to someone who lives in Manhattan(but not quite here be dragons territory like you joked before, that would be New Jersey😉)but I’m still pretty sure we have the same weather and it was finally warm and gorgeous for a few days in a row. I hope everyone else in the NYC area also got to enjoy the warm weather we finally got this weekend.

Well, I’m trying to keep my shit together, so I guess I’m doing alright. I didn’t really get to do anything or go outside so I didn’t get to enjoy the weather to its fullest extent, but it was nice.

@ fran

Responded to you in the war machine thread. Although not in a very exciting or informative way if you have better things to do.

One thing that came up in my mind while I was re-reading the thread was something I recall reading about elsewhere a while ago:

There’s a huge pressure on trans women (as well as WoC) to present as feminine. They have to shave their legs, arms, pits, faces. They have to wear makeup and do their hair and wear the “right” clothes, and that’s bullshit.

And the idea that because middle class cishet white women forgo feminine things in the name of feminism, and thus that’s the standard we all have to meet in order to be “properly feminist” is also bullshit.

In short: The idea that we have to be non-conforming to feminine traits in order to be “proper” feminists is nonsense and I for one won’t fucking participate in this.

Another thing it brought up (and I’ve talked about this here before, but for those who weren’t here for it,) is how I feel about my own “feminine” traits and styles of dress.

Long story short: I was sexually abused as a kid, over the course of two years as another level of a ten year living hell of physical and verbal abuse from a man I sincerely hope will drop dead Kira-style sooner rather than later.

After he got sent to prison when I was 14, I didn’t feel “safe” being feminine anymore. I wore men’s clothes, I cut my hair short, I tried being as “tomboyish” as possible. Because it made me feel safe. I wasn’t a target because I wasn’t feminine.

After five years of that I put on a skirt again, and I loved it. I nearly cried at how good it felt. I felt whole for the first time in over a decade.

I’ve been going down the feminine rabbit hole ever since. And I’m happy like that. Hell, some of the styles I’d like to wear are considered too feminine for men (and that was the point of styles like Gothic Lolita in the first place)!

I reclaimed feminine styles of dress and traits for myself, as part of my healing process. I’m not ashamed of being feminine or liking feminine things, and the idea that I should be in order to progress women’s liberation is garbage.

And so is the idea that one has to be exceedingly feminine in order to be considered a woman. (And the idea that if you’re NB like I am, you have to be perfectly androgynous.)

So, sorry for the slightly off-topic teal deer, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.


I normally prefer science fiction, but fantasy also has the advantage of not being set in the real world.

@Alan Robertshaw

Just stick the Ark of the Covenant on Ebay and you’ll never have to work again.

But it belongs in a museum! Oh wait. I don’t actually care about that.


Fishnets and a bowler hat is one of my looks as a Rocky transie.

I don’t have any meaningful advice about your mom and dad, except that secrets, lies, and deceptions in the service of your survival are not merely acceptable, they are good.

@Paradoxical Intention

There’s a huge pressure on trans women

Yep. I feel this pressure, and I’m not sure how much of the feminine things I do are cause they make me feel better and how much is because people won’t read me the way I need to be read if I don’t do it.


I’m sorry. Would it cheer you up to hear that the Rojava YPG/YPJ have begun their assault on ISIS’s capital city?

Also, while this is still up for debate, it is said that the model of Democratic Socialism currently in place in Rojava is certainly admirable.

Internet socialists have been portraying Rojava as a sort of spiritual successor to the CNT/FAI of the Spanish Civil War, except that they are winning.


I did spend some time yesterday 1. looking up reputable charities to help Syrian refugees, and 2. watching Robin Seplut videos on youtube, a guy in Russia who feeds his local stray cat colonies. Kittehs are like psychological manna from heaven.


As a species, we have made more progress in means of destruction than in means of community and harmony.

I find that I can confront these horrors only so much before I begin to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if our species hadn’t existed. But you can’t give in to that, because you need to hope that you can have at least a slightly positive effect on the world. That, in essence, is what I spent 18 months in prison for. And, if it comes to that, I am willing to spend the rest of my life in prison if there’s some hope that it will help at least hold back the advance of evil.

“Hold back the advance of evil.” I like that. Sometimes you can’t make things much better, just help keep things from getting much worse.


Also, Off-topic for thread, on-topic for site:



It took me a few moments to realize the first picture of the grungy crusader didn’t have him wearing red and black cat ears for no goddamn reason.

@All, Re: Richard the Homophobic Crusader

He is an SCA/HEMA player. He’s shown up to one of our Dagorhir practices, he only recently moved to the area. The Einherjar Dagorhir chapter was in contact, or at least trying to be in contact with the local SCA barony to inform them of his actions previously, I will message you if I can figure out anything further.

And that’s why I am suspicious of these medieval-loving types.

He fits the mold of the Hateful White SCA Person I’ve bumped into.

Who’s he trying to emulate? I’m already a bit peeved he’s using pentagrams, but I’ll be especially annoyed if he’s trying to be Templar.

ETA: ah, kinda ninja’d

I’d love to read your story! And reading is one of the few things I’m not insecure about. I probably can give you a good review because reading fantasy books is like half of my life, if I read for less than four hours a day I get cranky. I’ll contact you shortly with the info you put in the comment. I’m a day-sleeper so I only woke up a little while ago especially cuz in NYC it is super hot, 90 something degrees. I love the heat when I’m outside but sleeping in it is a little difficult, I need a new AC.

Mr. Grumpy Old –

Please thank your wife for my nice cool home! 🙂

I noticed what you said about her being the first woman to study physics at her college, and I am the same, but by my time – there were plenty of us.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, as they say, and those who came before us and paved the way for us.

Also because of my education (mechanical engineering) – I was able to fix my AC system myself 🙂

95 outside, 75 inside. Tell your wife thanks!

Many thanks to you, too – for standing up to tyranny.

Who’s he trying to emulate? I’m already a bit peeved he’s using pentagrams, but I’ll be especially annoyed if he’s trying to be Templar.

Maybe he’s imitating Sir Gawain, who had a pentacle on his shield?


Does that guy really think he’s promoting Christian values? He’s got pentagram nipples!

The general view is that pentagrams are occult, but not satanic. That’s inverted pentagrams, preferably with a goat’s head. So, hardly orthodox, but not necessarily non-christian. But nowhere near any flavour of modern christianity.
Christian values, though? Why not? I’ve seen plenty of alleged christian values that lack any point of connection with christianity as I know it. Mind you, I’m still a member of The Church of Sweden for three reasons:
1: They’re inoffensive and do a lot of good.
2: Burials are still (to best of my knowledge) a bit problematic if you’re not a member of any faith.
3. To be able to vote against the neo-nazis in the church elections.
So my view of christianity is flavoured by the church I grew up with and is still a member of (a statement never made afore me, I’m sure :P).


If you have facebook, check out this post: it’s got eyewitness accounts regarding his actions.

I’m not too surprised it didn’t make the news, to be honest. People already think Pride parades are messy, and they probably thought this ‘guy’ (using the term loosely) was funny because he tore up those posters.

Oh, ripping signs out of people’s hands. Freeze Peacher at work.

Yeah, I’m a bit annoyed at the news for not bothering to cover local Pride parades, but let’s make sure we cover the counter-protests at those silly old “neo” nazi’s parade every time, even if it’s in another state. Let’s make sure we get almost a minute footage of them marching, too. Show the counterprotests for less than 10 seconds. Only show Pride parade footage if someone does something sexy or humiliating, but not TOO sexy.

“liberal bias” my ass.


> about the armored harasser
From his tabard, I have not find any crest en parti d’argent et de sable, à pentacle versé et rayonnant d’argent doublé de sable à senestre (maybe because my reading is wrong). The only official crest i have found with a pentagram (and not a circled one) is from Morocco (and its color is sinople). So, probably coming from a game or it is an unofficial (or not yet approved) crest.

> about the main topic
Yeah, Weight Watchers has invented nothing. It is well known that cavemen were already looking for the quantity of salt or sugar, and the number of calories of their meal, pretty important when they were working out before the mammoth hunt, while the cavewomen were preparing mammoth sandwitches in the cave kitchen. Evolution at its best.
And thanks to evolution, i also have a third arm and hand to facepalm while reading this and typing that.

Have a nice day.

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