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“Most women really have zero interest in sex,” according to our MGTOW of the Day

Zombocom1911 9 points 5 days ago Most women really have zero interest in sex, they are absolutely frigid, and they are looking for a wealthy Chad top 1% male to give them a golden ticket in life. That is why online dating is shit. It's all for their bloated ego to get validation.

Today, some important information about human female sexuality, straight from human female sexuality expert Zombocom1911 in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

Despite Mr. Zombocom1911’s fearsome reputation in the field of Dudes Making Pronouncements About Female Sexuality Based Only On Their Own Dudely Resentments, I’m not sure that I agree with him a hundred percent on his policework here.

Oh, ok, here’s the relevant scene from Fargo.

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I think I could pull off a pair of spandex hotpants.

Yeah, but who would you be pulling them off? 😉

@Hambeast – I’m with you.

I don’t know if I consider myself ace altogether? Maybe? Nobody asks so I guess I’ve never thought much about it. I don’t have any real interest in sex anymore outside of the very occasional sex dream or solo excursion – VERY occasional in the past 2 years.

I’m “of an age”. I just really don’t think about it much anymore. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I used to have a rather rambunctious libido.

My disinterest is likely due to a combination of hormonal changes and an increase in my antidepressant dosage. But who knows?

I do have an entire subgenre of dreams that revolve around being back together with my first ex-husband and trying to semi-graciously-yet-somewhat-exasperatedly get out of having sex with him. Other dream-partners don’t bother me, just him lol.

dreemr – I don’t take antidepressants but if I ever do, loss of libido is one of the side-effects I won’t worry about.

How long did it take for you to stop worrying about it? I think I spent about 5 years chasing a cure. I think a lot of that was just because it wasn’t “normal” for me; I was accustomed to living with my “rambunctious libido” and this was way different. I finally realized that different (in this case) wasn’t necessarily bad. This place and the people here were a big part of that.

It seems a little silly now to have struggled against it for so long.


You know, I don’t think I ever really did worry about it. For me it was honestly kind of a relief. It helps that I don’t have a regular partner that I have to sync up with, I suppose.

I tried to date but it just took up a lot of time and energy that I really didn’t want to spend on it; I have one kid and I’m a single parent working full-time, so for me sex and dating was more of a chore, you know what I mean? I gradually dropped out of dating and then just masturbated, and over time even that pretty much has gone by the wayside. I really only noticed it lately.

I say it’s a relief because when I was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s it could be very very distracting, and not in a pleasant way. There were days when I would have to masturbate at lunchtime just so I could think clearly at work in the afternoon. Sometimes sex could be like just another chore I had to do, like washing the dishes. I really don’t miss that. Having a high sex drive was fun a lot of the time but sometimes it really took a toll, too, because it took a lot of energy, even when I was married to/lived with partners who shared my enthusiasm.

I never say never, of course. The kid is 15 and maybe when he’s grown and I’m on my own again I might want to find companionship or even sex again. But I find I am much happier on my own doing my own thing without having to consider the needs of a partner, at least so far. We’ll see, I suppose?

Uh oh, roadie grapevine saying explosion at gig at Manchester Arena. Police treating as possible terrorist incident.

I’ll see if anything on news.

@ dreemr

Just been talking to mates. We know the crew there. They’re all ok, but apparently it was full of young kids. In-house crew describing a horrible scene. 🙁

ETA: it’s a 20,000 capacity venue :-/

It sounds horrifying; the artist performing is a pop singer very popular with young teens, and I’m sure there were many in attendance.

The news is saying it happened at the end of the show when the house lights were up.

No idea yet why or who is responsible. Ach, those poor kids, their poor parents.

Crew saying explosion either in foyer or just by doors as people exiting.

I just put up an open thread to discuss the horrific news from Manchester.

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