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Men’s Rights Activists reveal greatest t-shirt in history, victory for MRAs now assured

‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man’s rights activist

The Justice 4 Men and Boys party — the UK electoral powerhouse — is selling these on its web store, for real. Get yours before they’re all sold out!

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It… has a collar. And buttons. That’s just wrong. Whoever heard of printing polo shirts?

Also it would look better with the URL on the back, that’s too busy.

Ugh, if you’re going to be evil you should at least have some sense of style.

I thought the org name and URL looked way too low on the shirt… then I realized it’s because it’s a goddamn polo shirt. nothing wrong with a polo, but whoever heard of printing stuff on one?

I don’t know for shirt, but I think the reason I’ve never seen a printed polo shirt is because the print should be around the chest area, and on a polo the buttons get in the way.

#failingmras, how silly can you get?

So much to laugh at here — starting with the fact that the shirt’s message appears to be Photoshopped onto the shirt.

And then there’s the question of who would actually wear this shirt in public, because it’s bound to elicit dirty looks.

But the funniest thing is that the shirt is made through Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, an SJW scheme if there ever was one:

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.

Gentlemen, you’ve been infiltrated!

Gentlemen of the Justice 4 Men and Boys party, read it and weep:

WRAP’s 12 Principles

4. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
Facilities will provide a work environment free of supervisory or co-worker harassment or abuse, and free of corporal punishment in any form.
Facilities will ensure a workplace that is respectful of a worker’s rights and dignity. This includes ensuring that no corporal punishment or physical coercion be used. Facilities will not engage in or tolerate sexual harassment, indecent or threatening gestures, abusive tone or language or any other kind of undesired physical or verbal contact, such as bullying. In particular, facilities will ensure proper training at all levels – including management, supervisors and workers – to secure a workplace free of harassment or abuse. . . .

7. Prohibition of Discrimination
Facilities will employ, pay, promote, and terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.
Facilities will ensure that all terms and conditions of employment are based on an individual’s ability to do the job, and not on the basis of any personal characteristics or beliefs. Facilities will ensure that any employment decision – involving hiring, firing, assigning work, paying or promoting – is made without discriminating against the employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.).

I don’t by any means advocate anyone going out of their way to thump someone who is on the far right politically (and do that in this country and you might very well get arrested, making it less worth it)…but if they thumped anyone wearing one of these awful shirts I’m not exactly going to complain.

Mind, wearing one is probably enough punishment and social humiliation, in itself.

(Also, are there any internet hugs going, because against my better judgement I tried to argue with a libertarian, mostly because they were so utterly utterly baffling. Was as horrible as you’d expect. *Whimpers*)

“This is what a men’s rights activist looks like.”
Poorly thought through and executed ripoff copy of an original product with genuine value?
I totally agree.

When I made screen printing equipment for a living, I researched the industry… and the most-printed style of shirt is, indeed, the polo… they almost ALL have grafix like “Bob’s Janitorial” in small font, right above the wearer’s left tit….

One of the comforting things about the screen print industry, especially for the independent entrepreneur is, sales are pretty much always ok. When times are good, people want a t-shirt to brag about it, when times are bad, people want a t-shirt to bitch about it….

Note… a “t-shirt”… collarless crew neck, Gildan Heavy Blend, maybe fitted, maybe not… but not a polo. Those are for “Bob’s Janitorial”.

Poorly thought through and executed ripoff copy of an original product with genuine value?


Aw, Leo, here’s an Internet hug.

Watch out for those right wingers!

So much to laugh at here — starting with the fact that the shirt’s message appears to be Photoshopped onto the shirt.

I was thinking the same thing. These guys can’t even get a shirt right.

OT: SF power outage made the national newz

Power fully restored after San Francisco outage

I got my hair cut today during the outage. I walked up an old-fashioned dark, twisting staircase, hoping that I didn’t pitch right over the side. My hair stylist works on the second floor of a building on a floor dedicated to hair salon “pods,” salons staffed by one person. She was totally creative and resilient. She borrowed a co-worker’s pod, one with a big window, while he was out. She washed my hair with cold water — brr! — and cut my hair quickly before the other hair stylist returned. The power was scheduled to return at 5 pm. I left her salon at 3, turned the corner of the hallway — and hallelujah, the lights came on!

The denizens of the Cool Gray City of Love breathed a sigh of relief. Tourists too.

weird Eddie: do they really PRINT company names/logos in that position on polos? I’ve never seen it. (though admittedly that doesn’t mean much) usually the stuff that goes there is small and stitched/embroidered into the shirt.

side note: I’m a bit sad at all the pooping on polos in general… I have some I really like, mostly with nerdy logos from fangamer. but admittedly I am far from stylish.

Peevee, thanks for that link. When I browsed it I saw another shirt promoting a fresh (to me, at least) hell: AVfM, in association with Mike Buchanan amongst others, are promoting another conference, to be held in Queensland, Australia this June.
Australian Mammotheers, please get conversation about this out there!
Paul Elam and Mike Buchananananan (sorry, can’t stop spelling his name once I start) are Masters of Ceremony. Girl Writes What, Cassie Jaye, Uma Challa will be speakers.
Local misogynists speaking will include Bettina Arndt – Keynote Speaker, bet that will piss off fellow speaker and not-fancier of being subordinate to womenfolk Mark Latham; also Greg Canning, Miranda Devine.
Early bird registration closed April 1st, so it now costs $300 US to register. Polo shirt apparently not included with registration.

The single most disturbing thing about this for me is this statement:

The conference also provides mental health professionals with Continuing Education Units for their ongoing licensure requirements.

If that’s true, I’d like to see it more closely examined.

Ah, the old “It’s a conference” CEU scam. You look at the website, and the stuff it claims to be interested in talking about almost seems like there could be some good stuff to talk about, maybe well enough to convince someone somewhere to sign off on the CEU OK box. I do hope though, that if anyone with the ability to sign off on CEUs went to it, they’d immediately be, “OK, no, this is a political centered (right) conference.” Then again, the number of people with interesting mental health issues likely to be there, may provide plenty of examples for any mental health providers, so maybe it’s OK?

JS, I absolutely think that mental health professionals who counsel people with the MRA mindset should be familiar with MRA talking points. From that point of view, attending a conference like this can give them a lot of insight.

I find the idea that some of them will self select to only explore the first, apparently academically credible, MRA, perspective they see both frightening and very plausible.

I also don’t have much faith in the likelihood that the bureaucratic staff involved in signing off CEUs research each instance of a CEU for genuine value.
I’m hoping they would rely on specific statements from respected professional bodies that a particular course meets the standards of the profession, and I’m fearful that would mean that this conference has been rubber-stamped by some Australian mental health professional body. In which case, that body should be asked to justify that decision.
Of course, the most likely scenario is that the claim of being CEU eligible is yet another lie. Fingers crossed! In that case, AVfM should be made to defend or retract it.

I can kinda understand that regressive organisations are unable to attract talented, creative designers and artists. But I just can’t work out why their own sense of aesthetics is so broken that they can’t see how crap their own efforts are.

I mean, you’d expect that kind of blindness to their own inadequacy to pop up from time to time… the world is full of people who are a bit rubbish but think they’re pretty good, but this inability to recognise bad design if it smacked them in the face seems to be endemic in the manosphere and alt-reich.

Well, with as much yelling about women as they do they don’t really have the time to think about design, now do they? We should all really be more understanding and more helpful.

Why, we could even help them redesign their shirt. For example, a nice dark brown would be a good colour. One could resize the font to fit on the breast, nicely placed so that it’s on one or both sides of the button.
Granted, it would be hard to read, so the most important word could be in much larger script below the buttons.

And we could correct their spelling, too. Seems they spelled “raging shit stain” wrong.


*internet hug and head pat* there, there. The icky right wingers are icky, aren’t they? Poor thing!

I call bullshit; I can only suspect that people who would consider themselves enemies of the MRM would choose such an article to print supposedly men-friendly messages on (and in such print, nonetheless). I deduce from the lack of skill employed in the making of this article that it was done by a woman, who often possess subpar editing and computer skills than men, and I’m further inclined to think of this shirt as a type of insult, given that if one is to take what the message of the shirt is saying at face value, one would be led to believe that MRAs resemble button-up polo shirts. They seem to be implying with the message “This is what an MRA looks like,” that MRAs resemble t-shirts, a subtle way of implying that MRAs aren’t human.

£19 for that piece of shit? They haven’t even printed the shirts yet, someone just put type across a photograph. That money would be better spent on child support.

one would be led to believe that MRAs resemble button-up polo shirts. They seem to be implying with the message “This is what an MRA looks like,” that MRAs resemble t-shirts, a subtle way of implying that MRAs aren’t human.


I’m dying. I swear I can’t even! This is too good… Please, more!

@Croquembouche: I don’t know why I’m surprised at the $300 (AUD?) price tag, but Christ, that is a ripoff. I could hit five furry conventions for that. And I have to imagine that would be a lot more fun than listening to Paul Elam and friends going on about their usual bullshit for three days.

Or, OR, the arts are not an appropriate MANLY subject of study, so that’s why all their designs suck. Because “real men” don’t waste their precious STEM time on arts and crafts.

It’s traditionally feeemale, anyways. Obviously any man doing arts and crafts is a beta mangina cuck.

Also anything a man does is automagically good. Because a man did it.

NOTE: The above post contains approximately 45% of your daily dose of sarcasm.

I’ve wondered about tagging a troll with an obviously administration added label as a n alternative to immediate banning. Maybe have it colored, or flashing.

Abunga could use an “essence of citation needed” at the very least. Why should I or any other person accept thier opinion about the skills of women? The women professionals I know are quite skilled.

Also trying to suggest “men are shirts” as a means of dehumanization is just bizzare. While objects are often chosen in dehumanizing comparisons this one makes no sense. It’s certainly no “c#mdumpster”. There is an element of “tool like use” to the dehumanization. Where are we suggesting MRA’S are being worn? Maybe there is something in the style complaints but I have to admit that I see nothing wrong with the style (or relevant).

But hey, if a miggy wants to let thier motivated reasoning cause splash damage in thier own community in response to us that’s fine with me.

Honestly I’d have guessed as much if they’d just worn the shirt plain. If that shirt style and color doesn’t scream lonely basement dweller or middle aged bitter divorcee nothing does.

I wore a polo shirt for work for ten years so it’s doubtful that I’ll willingly wear one again. But at least it was a nice forest green with an embroidered logo and not that mess!

Oi, that color. And right after I had a dream I was once again color-correcting catalog items.

Did I blow your MIND, Abungus? I worked in digital pre-press for years as an actual woman among a lot of actual women, we did actual layout on actual computers, with type and photos and color correction an’ ever’thang!!! Women graphic designers are actually pretty common, dear boy.

I am constantly delighted by your ability to use so many words to say so very little!

@Leo – while I’ve never been much of a hugger IRL, I find that I am positively profligate with internet hugs so here ya go!


So, if MRAs are polo shirts, what would beta cucks be? And what kind of shirt is Chad? A mesh-thing to show off his superior alpha physique?

@LindsayIrene – I love those dresses. They always look good.

@zaunfink – I’m sure Chad wears a polo shirt, but with a popped collar. Beta cucks are presumably schlubby, I think, so I would think they wear the white short-sleeved shirt and tie like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down” or, say, popular comics character “Dilbert”.

I suspect a moron wrote Abunga Is Among Ya’s post.

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