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The absolute worst reason to oppose Trump’s Syria strike, courtesy of Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo: Still a sad clown

Remember Milo Yiannopoulos, the At-Rightish Breitbart “journalist” who used to call Donald Trump “daddy?” He apparently wants the world to know that:

  1. He still exists
  2. He’s no longer on the Trump Train
  3. He’s one of the worst people to walk the face of this earth

In a recent statement to Mediaite, Milo explained that he was breaking with his former political idol over his missile attack on a Syrian airfield — but hasn’t yet given up on calling Trump “daddy.”

“This is not why people voted for Daddy,” he told Mediaite. “It’s the opposite of why people voted for him.”

Yes, who could possibly have foreseen that the guy who wants to increase our military budget by $54 billion while cutting funds for Meals on Wheels might have a hankering to use military force?

But don’t worry! Milo’s opposition to “POINTLESS FOREIGN WARS” — as he put it, in all caps, in his brief message to Mediaite — doesn’t mean he’s suddenly become a decent person. Far from it!

Here’s why Milo says he’s against intervention in Syria in particular:

I’m as troubled by violence toward innocent children as the next sociopath, but those kids are only growing up to be oppressors of women and murderers of homosexuals anyway.

So everyone in Syria who practices a certain religion deserves to be killed, even the children? Milo Y may no longer be a Trump fan, but he’s still a fascist at heart!

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Handsome :Punkle Stan: Jack


Water balloons.

5 years ago

But but … Milo sleeps with black dudes he can’t be a racist because racists would never screw a person from a group they hate

But but… Milo worked for a Jew therefore can’t be an Anti Semite

But but… You can’t homophobic if your gay . even when you push the idea the being gay “feels wrong” or “that you picked it to get away from woman” or that gays need go back in the closet because they offend bigots

5 years ago

More Fake News. Woke up and thought I was on CNN site. Bravo , I applaud your attempts at sub mediocrity you call journalism!

5 years ago

David. You’ve clearly stolen the entire WordPress layout of CNN’s website. /s

Viscaria the Cheese Hog
Viscaria the Cheese Hog
5 years ago

“Is this what you call journalism?!??!?” trolls are my favourite. No, child, this is what’s called a blog.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I think it’s because they mistake whatever alt-right and/or conspiracy theory propaganda blogs they favor for journalism. So they assume that progressive blogs are bad or fake news rather than the blogs that they actually are.

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