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The Trump regime is going off the rails. But Trump trolls insist he’s still #WINNING

The Trump Administration (Artist’s conception)

Today might not have been the worst day for the Trump regime, but it was definitely the most embarrassing. Watching Angela Merkel’s face as Trump blathered on about imaginary wiretaps at their joint appearance today was just painful. The world is laughing at us.

But Trump’s most fervent fans haven’t noticed yet, continuing to insist that Trump is actually WINNING in some hypothetical 4D chess game.

I hate to break it to you folks, but YOU’RE NOT WINNING.

Both the first and second versions of Trump’s Muslim-ban-that-he-insists-isn’t-a-Muslim ban have been stopped dead in their tracks, and Trump’s own dumb rhetoric on the subject has made it pretty much impossible to revive.

Trump and Ryan’s “healthcare” bill is going down in flames. Only about a third of Americans support the Trump/Ryan plan, according to a Fox poll this week; more than half support Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Trump’s proposed budget is so comically awful it’s dead on arrival, and the Trump administration’s sad attempts to defend its cruelest cuts are so cynical and heartless they threaten to do massive damage not only to Trump but to the Republican party overall. Trump’s plan is also so light on details some are wondering if he even knows what a budget is.

Aside from scaring some of the most vulnerable Americans, inspiring an uptick in hate crimes, and needlessly damaging our relations with allies and enemies on the world stage, Trump has basically achieved nothing of note since taking office.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the MASSIVE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT that’s arisen to defend our country from Trump and the Republicans.

All told, it’s perhaps no surprise that Trump’s approval rating is hovering just above 40%, according to most polls, a terrible rating for a new president. Here’s the latest chart of his approval and disapproval ratings since he took office,according to the daily Gallup tracking poll. (FYI, the dark line is his disapproval rating.)

That’s not what “winning” looks like.

I’m not sure what the most appropriate metaphor for the Trump regime is, so let’s go with all of them.

It’s a trainwreck.

Don’t worry; this is not a real trainwreck. It’s a real train, but this was staged for a film.

It’s a dumpster fire.

It’s this guy:

It’s Wile E. Coyote, running off a cliff … but not realizing it at first.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is what happens next.

Trump fans, please return to the real world.

The last time Trump won, it was on election night, and only because our ridiculous electoral college system awarded the victory to the guy who got three million votes less than Hillary Clinton.

It’s been pretty much all downhill from there.

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@Handsome :Punkle Stan: Jack
Oh don’t remind me of the mainstream media giving him more slack every chance they get. I already have enough reasons to hate them, the entirety of these few months highlighted them all and them some.

From what I see Trump IS paranoid. He doesn’t have a cocoon to shield himself from the world criticizing him at every turn, he keeps getting stopped by Judical Courts and the people who helped him get in office aren’t being 100% loyal to him. The wiretapping crud only reinforces the fact that no, he is not a god who can bend reality to his whim. In popularity even Fox says the people really don’t like him and combine that with losing the popular vote by 3 million and you get a person whose ego is constantly attacked on all sides with very little reprieve.

That’s why he keeps taking these obscenely expensive vacations, they’re the only times where he manages to recharge himself and maintain what little composure and self image he possesses. I only hope that at some point even frequent vacations won’t relieve him of pent up anger and cause him to make the biggest and stupidest blunders imaginable. I also hope that we don’t get an American Reichstag or some other event that turns everything his way.

@Virgin Mary
Welcome back!

Like you and Violet B., I could also use those Soros $$$$.

We need to find out how to sign up for this gig. I’ll check Craigslist.

Donald Trump can’t be bothered to shake the hand of the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

He also can’t be bothered to be embarrassed.

I’m embarrassed for him.

I know that the reason Trump dislikes handshakes is that he’s touch-averse. I find this a humanising trait, and therefore feel empathy as a fellow human being.

It seems that Trump dislikes the fact that it humanises him; and so does his best to work around it. He doesn’t want to be seen as a human being with weaknesses, but as an avatar of All That Is Manly. Ironically, this makes him even more human: I’ve met lots of men who feel this way, and it always comes across as sorta squalid.

Tragically, if Trump (or his fans) were asked to comment on the concept of being touch-averse, they’d probably dismiss it as unmanly weakness, and would laugh at the idea of making allowance for it.


I meant he’s paranoid about what he’s talking about rather than him being paranoid in general but yeah.

I’d imagine or hope that people will get tired of him spending so much time and tax payers’ dollars on vacationing than working. He’s going beyond Bush with how little he spends in office.

Although considering that the people who voted for him have so little knowledge on what the government does and funds, it seems that they won’t mind paying for his golf and Melania’s stay until shit gets cut.


Uh, if he’s touch adverse then why does he so easily shake the hand of other men? (And he does it in a way that’s rough and aggressive to assert his dominance because that’s what humans do.)

When I look at Trump’s body language when he shakes hands with men, I see that he’s very forced and awkward about it. Given what a physically expressive and gesticulation-heavy person he is normally, it looks very stiff and unnatural to me.

@EJ: If Trump was touch-averse, he wouldn’t have assaulted a ton of women, would he? And he wouldn’t try to toss other men around the room to display dominance?

It’s not that he’s touch-averse. It’s that, on some level, he understands his hopeless inadequacy, especially when facing women who will not take his shit.

Also, I’m pretty sure he’s a germophobe rather than touch averse…

I know that some people are only touch-averse depending on gender. There seems to be various reasons for that, and they range from “totally understandable” to “you can’t be fucking serious”.

Like how some people struggle with androphobia, sometimes because of PTSD. On the other hand, seems some men have a knack for the “ew, gaaay” thing – probably explains a lot about Trump, I dunno. He does seem to me like that kinda person, but what do I know. Though that’s definitely childish and petty, and he is childish and petty, so…

I know in my case there’s only a handful of men I can actually feel comfortable around (basically, friends), and I’ll go far out of my way to avoid any physical contact with anyone else. That doesn’t include shaking hands though, and it certainly doesn’t make me try to rip people’s arms off like he does.

Seriously, it looks to me more like he’s going “GOTCHA ! ALMOST MADE YOU FALL TROLOLOLOLZ” or as some kinda weird display of man-strength. Am I the only one getting that strong school-bully vibe from it ?

My sense is that he heard or read a body language expert talk about how a strong handshake is perceived as a sign of confidence and aggression and he took it way too far because yeah, he’s a school yard bully. So he tries to take the arms of other men off.

I think he’s repulsed by women for the most part. With the exception being those he is sexually attracted to. He would prefer if an over the wall non-hottie like Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton not enter his field of vision or even exist. Like most misogynists, his hatred of women comes out in different ways depending on whether he finds a particular woman boner pleasing. Merkel doesn’t please his boner so her very existence is an affront to him so he couldn’t bring himself to even touch her. He’s like that troll we had in the other thread who thinks that women over 30 emit a strange smell, therefore older men have the right to super hot 18 year old virgins.

I agree with WWTH – I think Trump hates the idea of a woman being on the same level as him. Shaking hands with a female leader means he’d be forced to look her in the eye and acknowledge her standing as an equal. There was no handshake with Hillary Clinton at the debates, either (though that may have been as much due to sheer loathing on Clinton’s part).

Whenever Trump shakes hands and does his little dominance yanks, it makes him look like he’s trying to start a lawnmower.

I don’t find Shinra’s touch-aversion – if that’s what it is – a humanizing trait, because he’s the president of the fucking United States and sometimes that means he needs to do something he isn’t fully comfortable doing for the sake of America. There are a lot of perks to the job and also some drawbacks, and he doesn’t get to pick and fucking choose which he wants to have and which he doesn’t.

If he didn’t want to shake hands with strangers, he shouldn’t have run. Period.

There are a lot of perks to the job and also some drawbacks, and he doesn’t get to pick and fucking choose which he wants to have and which he doesn’t.

This needs to be screamed into a bullhorn at several members of his administration. Also, maybe a basic definition of Diplomacy.

Yep, people ought to stop making excuses for him. He needs to do the fucking job, comfortable or not.

I have a telephone phobia. I absolutely hate talking on the phone, and will go to some lengths to avoid doing so. But do I resolutely refuse to ever use the phone when I’m at work? No, because the job occasionally requires it (thankfully, infrequently). If I were filthy rich, though, I could have staff handle those uncomfortable aspects of life for me, and people would indulge my peculiarities if they wanted to do business with me. That’s where Trump has been until recently. But when you get to be president, meeting and greeting is an inescapable part of the job, and how you behave around other world leaders carries a lot of weight.

Trump is so enamoured of being the most important person in the room that he hasn’t understood that the office is more important than the individual.

[CW : Link is to the Daily Stormer, so as usual, all warnings apply]

So, Anglin thinks that North Korea is a setup.

Like, the nation of North Korea. Is a setup. To entrap Trump.

I uh, I’ma take a walk. If you need me for anything, just follow the sound of my head banging on stuff.

@Sinkable John
Yes, the Korean Governments created a tyrannical state of poverty, oppression and hunger spanning decades because they knew, someday, North Korea would bring Trump down to his knees.

Casual bigotry at it’s finest. He didn’t even explain why, or how or anything to justify his claim.

So, Anglin thinks that North Korea is a setup.

Like, the nation of North Korea. Is a setup. To entrap Trump.

I…wasn’t North Korea around when Dump was a toddler.

That was a really long set up, The International Jewish Cabal, but I guess it will pay off at the end. Can’t wait for Dump to parrot such talking points to the media!


He didn’t even explain why, or how or anything to justify his claim.

To be fair, it’s not like there’s any possible explanation. Or more like, Anglin has just enough of a grip on reality that he can’t come up with anything yet – but let’s give it some time, he probably posted it so that Alex Jones could pick it up and fill in the blanks.

Re Trump handshakes: Yeah, what WWTH and PoM said. Whether or not he’s touch-averse, he’s also a huge fucking misogynist and a general asshole.

@Sinkable John:
Alex Jones and Andrew Anglin are like a game of reverse madlibs. I don’t know what the sentence is going to be, but I know they’re going to fill the blank with the phrases “The Jews” and “Western Civilisation.”

That’s hilarious. Thanks so much for linking it.

Well that was idle speculation on my part, I haven’t actually given much thought to whether or not it’s plausible.

But I don’t think that’d make him any lazier than he is though. You just don’t get any more intellectually lazy (and dishonest) than being a nazi.

Lord Dampnut and his cabinet of swamp creatures have put this country in a mess that will take years to undo, but they’re “winning.”
I’d sure hate to see what “losing” looks like.

When I was in college, my parents paid me a visit and my college boyfriend met my father.

My boyfriend told me later that when he and my father shook hands, “I just held on and tried not to wince.”

All I could say was, “I’m sorry.”

At that point in my life I had never heard of that little trick. But based on my boyfriend’s reaction, I surmised that the trick was not completely unknown.

I prefer to see Merkel as the girl. Because it’s usually the human who win that kind of confrontation.

I watched the Blue Brothers on Saturday and thanks to that film I know where the Trump trolls are going along with the Nazis.

There’s the old trick of jabbing the point of your thumb into the fleshy bit between the other persons thumb and forefinger if they’re overdoing it with a handshake – it’s really very uncomfortable to the receiver but doesn’t look very different to a normal handshake to an observer. I’d love to see someone do that to Trump when he’s doing his odd Alpha-Dominance-HeMan grab thingy.


The other old trick would be to immediately grab their hand with your spare hand, fall to your knees and yell “JESUS FUCK OW WHAT THE HELL”.

Alas, I don’t see anyone doing that to trump either.

Poor Billy Butthearts all want to pretend Trump is top dog. It’s just sad, really.


Could we not, please?

What’s the issue? Legit would like to know 🙂

IIRC, “butthurt” originated as a male-on-male-prison-rape reference.

Ohhh… I thought you had a problem specifically with buttheart… which I now realize would have similar fuckery attached. Sorry, I’m slow on the uptake in the mornings sometimes 😛

@BaronJenks, @Pie
You made me laugh, imagining anyone taking revenge on Trump that way.

In related news, Theresa May has broken her silence on WTF Trump was doing when he held her hand:

“I think he was actually being a gentleman. We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward,” she said.

Which actually makes more sense than any of the other theories, such as Trump has a fear of step-like things.

If you ask me, however, that whole gentleman thing was just a ruse to get to hold her hand. And make her look like she can’t handle a slight change in the landscape.

Well, there was always Trudeau’s response to Trump’s handshake, which went rather viral, as Trudeau managed to retain some control of where his hand was despite Trump’s attempts. Then again, Trudeau was almost certainly coached on this after the Japanese Prime Minister got his hand shook, and Trudeau is a decent amateur boxer.

As far as Trump is concerned, handshake tricks should be kept to a minimum. He doesn’t deserve the most elaborate ones, so just stick to the basic, dumb one that shifts into an upward slap at the last second.

It’s fittingly low and bully-like, yet deserved.

Then again, Trudeau was almost certainly coached on this after the Japanese Prime Minister got his hand shook, and Trudeau is a decent amateur boxer.

@Jenora Feuer – You know the world is ridiculous when one national leader has to be warned about another’s handshake, of all things. (Yes, yes, the world was already ridiculous, but Trump has made it more ridiculous in a not-fun way.)

IIRC, “butthurt” originated as a male-on-male-prison-rape reference.

@EJ (Marxist Jazz Weasel) – That’s… awful if it’s true. I’m not always the one to come up with the least morbid explanations for things, but I’d thought the idea was more “you’ve been sitting at the computer so long that your butt hurts, go and do something else.” Or just that the word “butt” sounds funny. 🙁

I did not know that; since “butthurt” is a word that sounds so…childish, I thought it referred to young kids crying because they fell on their ass.

According to a quick Google search, “butthurt” evidently started as a reference to how a child would react after being spanked. Not that that precludes it from also being a reference to prison rape, though I’d say that’s more in the intent of the person saying it. I’ve never used it frequently, but the times I have at all it’s because it comes across like a sillier way of phrasing “impotent rage” to me. (By that token, I’ve used “buttmad” pretty interchangeably with it, and perhaps more often in the already infrequent number of times.)

@EJ: Admittedly, the sourced “first appearance” of the word still isn’t great: it was apparently a comment on H. R. Giger’s website calling the man himself so because he objected to how the Alien franchise was being treated (I think, at least, don’t really have time to recheck right now), and the comment ended by calling Giger a “poor baby”.

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