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Mike Flynn’s fall, as told in tweets with the word “cuck” in them

Mike Flynn: Cuck, or cuckity cuck cuck? Trump fans can’t agree

There are a lot of questions still swirling about former National Security Advisor and current unemployed person Michael Flynn.

But there is one question we can answer right now, and that is how people who use the word “cuck” a lot on Twitter have reacted to Flynn’s resignation.

What follows is a WE HUNTED THE MAMMOTH EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT that clearly isn’t just a bunch of Tweets I found by searching for “flynn” and “cuck,” with some snarky remarks from me thrown in.

Let’s start on Sunday, when one cuck-talker’s spidey-sense started tingling:

But one @uppityCUCK wasn’t having it:

Travis here wasn’t quite so thrilled with Flynn’s notions of loyalty:

And then, BAM!

The cuck-based hot takes (say that three times fast!) began almost immediately.

(Don’t worry, folks, Cernovich will be getting a WHTM post of his own today.)

While none of the cuck-talkers disagree that there is some kind of cuckery going on here, there is some doubt over who exactly is the cuck here. One fellow took a survey:

SPOILER ALERT: Last I checked, Flynn was way ahead in the race for cuck of the day.

For many, the big question wasn’t whether or not Flynn is a cuck — that’s a given — but how much of a cuck he is.

What might be an appropriate punishment for Flynn’s alleged cuckery? Conbon here has a suggestion:

This fellow seems a little confused about “resignations” like Flynn’s.

Hal, hate to break it to you but Flynn did not abandon ship. He was walked off the plank.

It didn’t take long for someone to blame the Jews:

Others blamed the secret machinations of Big Pizza.

One energetic if not terribly inventive fellow started popping out the memes:

Our energetic meme-maker also had some thoughts on Flynn’s son.

Not sure that one is going to catch on.

So is it all over for Flynn, like forever? Cuck-talkers can’t agree.

Some think he needs to have a fork stuck into him:

Others think Flynn is just getting started:

One thing’s for sure: whatever happens, the word “cuck” will be involved somehow.

21 replies on “Mike Flynn’s fall, as told in tweets with the word “cuck” in them”

I think we need a word to use as a retort against misogynists, particularly those who say “cuck” a lot or lionize PUA tactics.

How about “quag”? It’s short for Quagmire (as in Glenn). It also sounds like quagga (an extinct animal, just like these guys’ ideas should be extinct).

Examples of its use in a sentence:

-Donald Trump is our quag-in-chief

-Better to be a cuck than a quag!

-How come 4chan and Reddit have become totally quagged lately?

-As the number of times a man unironically uses the word “cuck” increases, the probability of his being a quag approaches 1.

I, for one, love getting my information with a side order of snark. 😉

Seriously though, thanks again David for once more wading through the swamp of assholery to bring us the ‘highlights’. I don’t think this is said enough and I hope you know how much your work is appreciated!

Unrelated: Happy Valentines/Galentines/Palentines Day to my Mammothy friends – you peeps help me stay sane in this increasingly bizarre world! (Psst – I know some people don’t like Valentines Day, and I can relate, so if that’s you please take this merely as some positive, kind thoughts coming your way – I know we all sorely need those right now!)


I have reached semantic satiation with that word (yes I had to look that up).
It was a stupid word to begin with and has now lost all meaning.

I’d like to register the name “Cuckleberry Flynn” right now. I’m sure I can get some royalties from it if it catches on.

Russia appears to have used this opportunity to deploy their new cruise missile system.

I don’t think there’s anything sinister in that; they’ve been wanting to do it for ages. But it’s a good time whilst there’s no one on at the White House to deal with the situation.


I’d like to register the name “Cuckleberry Flynn” right now. I’m sure I can get some royalties from it if it catches on.

Surprisingly considering how law-and-order they sound at times, I suspect that the Knights Who Say Cuck may not be the most literal adherents to internal copyright law.

Yup, worst thing that can happen to somebody in the eyes of a Trumpster is looking bad in front of the enemy (read: liberals/progressives/SocJus).

This is what Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have wrought on politics, folks.

The cuck word has indeed lost all meaning. Or, its original meaning, anyhow; it’s simply devolved into meaning “something we don’t like.”

I guess all of the other perfectly cromulent words that could be used have SJW/lefty cooties on ’em or something?

Does anyone else think Mike Flynn looks a lot like Garcia Flynn, the villain from Timeless?

With a cuck-cuck here,
And a cuck-cuck there,
Here a cuck, there a cuck,
Everywhere a cuck-cuck

From the lesser known “Old McDonald Had a Shitty, Racist Farm”

I find their one-upsmanship (one-cucksmanship?) kind of hilarious, where they try to act like “cuck” has some definitive meaning and argue about its application so that they can maintain arbiter status. They’re all just desperate to stay ahead of the curve, lest they find themselves tossed out of the increasingly extreme in-group.

That Wikileaks tweet is hilarious. I know plenty of self-identified left-wingers who still strenuously insist that Assange isn’t in the tank for Trump and Putin, and that Clinton would have been far worse anyway, and the rape allegations were a setup and blah, blah, blah… They still think Clinton would have been worse than Trump, too, which I feel should disqualify them from ever identifying as progressive ever again.

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