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Happy Valentine’s Day, #ResistTrump-ers!

Mike Flynn, we love to watch you go! And you won’t be the last.

Congratulations, Trump Resisters! By making a big stink about the Trump’s regime’s Russian entanglements you helped to bring about Mike Flynn’s downfall.

And thus, indirectly, you may have helped to convince top Republican dudes to spend  a few more minutes having romantic Valentine’s day breakfasts with their wives.

What on earth am I talking about? This is what I’m talking about.

Weird, because when the Republican leaders give a press conference several hours later all they wanted to talk about was the alleged evils of “Obamacare.” And when Trump appeared not long afterwards at some photo op thingy to introduce his terrible new education secretary, he had nothing to say about Flynn either.

All of which suggests to me that they are running scared.

Anyway, if you’re feeling pumped and want to make some calls, I’d suggest pushing more on the Russia thing. Demand a 9/11 style investigation. See my post yesterday for suggestions as to some people you could call in addition to your own members of congress.

And give yourself a big valentine’s day kiss!

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Maybe I’m just an old man (at the ancient age of 31) not in touch with the “kids these days,” but what’s the draw of channels like PewDiePie? Or any of these massive YouTubers that just blare out superlatives in their reaction video titles? It always just strikes me as obnoxious. And it’s not like I didn’t frequent Newgrounds, SomethingAwful and Ebaumsworld back in the day on the lookout for funny web videos in the pre-YouTube era when I was a teenager.

I dunno, just feels odd that all the YT channels I sub to are relatively small (with the exception of a Let’s Play channel or two) and none of them spam reaction videos into my feed. Am I missing something in the zeitgeist or have attention spans really degraded that badly?

@Gussie Jives as far as I know, the vast majority of his fans are pre-teens. He appeals to a more juvenile sense of humor. Which is fine, until he starts bringing in antisemetic jokes (and rape jokes and racist jokes and etc, etc.)…

But there is a reason he was partnered with Disney of all people. The majority of his fans are not young teens, they’re like in the 8-12 range, when some kids honestly consider bad words to be the height of wit.

@PreuxFox Man, when I was 8, I just started watching The Simpsons and still read Goosebumps books (thank you, 90s!) Yeah, swears were something edgy… but I guess what I’m trying to suss out is what’s the trajectory from 8-year-old who likes Pokemon to 4chan edgelord? Is PewDiePie part of it?

@Gussie Jives – seconding PreuxFox. My son LURVED Pewdie Pie when he was a tween, 11-13 yrs old. Mostly just funny LetsPlay videos.

He’s since outgrown him.

This is OT, but this is the most relevant active thread I could find. For anyone who needs a good source for why it’s bad to armchair diagnose the shit-gibbon, here’s a take from the guy who wrote the diagnostic criteria.

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