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#ResistTrump! A list of 30+ #MuslimBan protests TODAY (Sunday)

Protests at JFK airport last night

Last night was just the beginning. Here’s a list of the dozens of protests scheduled for TODAY, from Birmingham, Alabama to Seattle Washington.

This info in this list comes from, and only includes protests taking place today; there are some scheduled for the days ahead that I have not listed.

The list at GetGroundGame will be updated throughout the day; my list here will not. So check there for the latest info and to see what protests have been added, as well as for protests scheduled in the coming days. If you have a protest to add to the list, contact  @JessLivMo. on Twitter, not me.

If your city isn’t listed, see @JessLivMo‘s Twitter feed, which has info on it that hasn’t yet made it onto her big list.














New York

North Carolina





Washington (state)

United Kingdom

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I never expected to live in times like this.


I’m pissed Trudeau took the call.

Me too, but not in the least surprised. He likes to say a lot of pretty words about inclusivity and welcome, but he doesn’t seem willing to stick by his convictions when they are politically inconvenient. I’ve been disappointed with him ever since his everyday, business-as-usual response to Trump’s election. It’s easy to say nice things when you don’t have to back them up with action when the chips are down.

@wwth, I empathize with what you’re saying about community building. These are real relationships. There have been two times since I started commenting here that there’s been a huge blowup among the commentariat, with many people (incl me) leaving or refusing to speak to one another, and both times it was absolutely devastating. I have personally chosen to distance myself emotionally a bit from the community here, specifically to avoid feeling that way again. But I get what you’re saying, and it sucks, and I’m really sorry.

@oogly, this has been said by others, but you deserve so much better than the abuse you’ve been experiencing. You are important. You are perceptive. You make incredible contributions here. It’s okay to not be able to go to school or work. Your father is lying to you.

Quebec related:

Alexandre Bissonnette est connu dans le milieu communautaire de Québec pour ses critiques en ligne. En voyant sa photo circuler dans les médias comme le suspect dans la tuerie de dimanche soir, François Deschamps, qui gère la page du groupe Bienvenue aux réfugiés, dit avoir reconnu immédiatement l’un de ses « trolls », soit une personne faisant du harcèlement en ligne. « Ça faisait un an qu’on le voyait aller », a-t-il dit.

My translation:

Alexandre Bissonnette [prime suspect in the terrorist attack] is known in community-organizing circles of Quebec City for his online “critiques”. Seeing his [Alexandre’s] photo make the rounds of media as the suspect in Sunday night’s massacre, François Deschamps, who manages the “Welcome to refugees” page, said he immediately recognized on of his trolls. “It’s been a year that he’s been ranting” said Deschamps.

So, right-wing troll commits a massacre. The motivation is looking pretty fucking clear. Thankfully our system calls a spade a spade: this is terrorism.

Thank you, @numerobis and everyone, for keeping up with all of this. I have no energy for it right now, and a pulsing migraine to boot. I’m still shocked by the attack. I’m really glad that they traced it back to an online troll, too. Pin that where it belongs.

As for Trudeau not confronting Trump directly – I have some sympathy for him. My opinion of him absolutely crashed a few months after the election, but there have been some things that have turned it around a little bit. He’s lowered income tax for people making under $200K, and raised it for those over. He’s also implemented a weapons ban on selling cluster munitions to some countries. It’s not everything, but they’re getting some progressive work done quietly, in the background.

I am reading this as Trudeau being the “nice, genial, no-offense public face” in order to prevent Trump from destroying our economy, and he really could.

Trump needs opposition, and I want our government to do something – I would love it if Trudeau condemned the actions of the Executive. I just don’t know what the government could do that doesn’t involve a reply of “Oh yeah? 35% trade tax” followed by our economy crashing into the ground – which could be exploited by the Conservatives to put Kevin O’Leary in power, who will be thrilled to work alongside the Putintate.

I don’t know what to think about it. All I know is that I sometimes feel like I need different friends here at home 😐

KOL is already attacking Trudeau for not being Trump incarnate.

Appeasing the monster next door isn’t going to work. It never does. The US under Trump will crush Canada the second it’s politically expedient to do so. It’s imperative we get Trump out before that happens.

@PreuxFox: Your point of view (and Lord Pabu’s) is definitely welcome — to me at least, and I would suspect to everyone here. I understand how tiresome constantly explaining yourself to others can be, but that goes with being out of the “normal” line. When was young, I went through it with regard to my non-violence. Perhaps you could look at it as a matter of educating people — of making things better for the trans people who come after you, as the original gay activists did for gay people. People like me want to hear from actual trans people, not transplainers (however well-intentioned they may be).

Having raised four children, I understand all too well that everyone is born with some apparently hard wired personality and temperament traits. My father was a pretty good Dad, but he never figured out how to deal with the fact that he was very outgoing and I was painfully shy. He seemed to think that I could just change if I wanted to enough.
I am willing to accept the possibility that there may be some sex-related differences in how the brain is wired, but considering the effort society makes to mold us into its stereotypes right from the moment of birth, I believe there is a very major burden of proof on anyone who claims that certain personality traits are sex-related. (It does seem almost certain that hormonal differences DO affect certain behavioral aspects, although not nearly perfectly, but that’s not the same thing.)
And, yes, our knowledge of the brain — though increasing quite rapidly — is still far too limited to draw anything more than tentative conclusions. My objective is simply to work for the day when people who don’t fit the stereotyped gender attributes, rather than believing that something is wrong with themselves, instead decide to work towards the discarding of the roles altogether. (As I said before, I tend to believe that destroying the role that we call toxic masculinity is necessary to the survival of the species.) As a parent (in a role-reversed household) I tried to avoid common things like calling your son strong and your daughter pretty that reinforce the roles.
And I think — in the long run — Trump is a speed bump on the way to liberation from the prison of gender, not a roadblock. But we still need to resist him. I just can’t stop myself from wishing that so many on the Left hadn’t bought into “Hillary is just about the same.”

@ scildfreja

He’s also implemented a weapons ban on selling cluster munitions to some countries

Bit confused here. I thought Canada had signed the Convention Against Cluster Munitions, so it shouldn’t be manufacturing or selling them at all. So maybe it was an absolute ban?

I totally, totally agree, @numerobis. I just can’t think of any good side effects of Trudeau calling Trump out. All I can see down that path is a trashed economy in Canada (and huge knock-on effects in the States, as we supply them with a lot of material) and renewed vigor against progressive positions in Canada.

I kinda like the idea of Canadians protesting – a lot – and the government supporting that right – a lot.

Frankly, I’m sure that my brain’s just run dry and I can’t imagine good outcomes very well right now. Something-something-serotonin-adrenaline-ACC-fatigue.

I’ve also lost a lot of places I can turn to to talk about this stuff. A number of my friends are all “Well, at least Trump has kept his campaign promises” and “don’t be a conspiracy theorist” and “you’re blowing this out of proportion.” I don’t have the energy to communicate with them on this, and it’s horrible finding out how uncaring your friends are.

Im’a go try to have a nap, I think. Soup and nap. Brain calories.

The Quebec City mass shooting, so sad yet so predictable.

I’m feeling a bit less apocalyptic than I was last night. Actually got something close to a good night’s sleep. Well, closer, not actually all that close but I will take what I can get.

@Alan, my mistake. Here’s the actual bill. It’s not passed, but it’s in its first hearing. Apparently strong support.

An Act to amend the Prohibiting Cluster Munitions Act (investments)
Short Title
Prohibiting Investments in Cluster Munitions Act
Sen. Salma Ataullahjan
Last Stage Completed
Introduction and First Reading in the Senate (2016-12-15)

This enactment creates a new prohibition against investing in an entity that has breached a prohibition relating to cluster munitions, explosive submunitions and explosive bomblets.

@David, soup and nap for you too! Brains can spit up terrible things if they’re not properly fed and rested and walked. Sorta like puppies.

@ scildfreja

Ah, that makes more sense, thanks. Although arguably such investments would be illegal anyway; it is tricky though in these days of international finance.

I like how the bill is in both English and French, but now another puzzler! The French version doesn’t have all the clauses.

All of our bills look like that, english on one side and french on the other. I’ve always found that it makes the documents look pretty, just visually. It’s also a good way to keep the multicultural aspect of our nation in mind while bills are being crafted. Certainly a pain to ensure that both versions say the same thing, though!

(If you think that’s bad, though, imagine India with it’s 26-or-so official languages!)

I imagine that the bill was framed in english and french originally, and then later modifications before the reading were done by english-speakers. They’ll be the same before it’s finished obviously!

@ scildfreja

Apparently* only English and a particular form of Hindi are the official languages in India. Weirdly the law stating that came in in the early 50s. It was envisaged that Hindi would be the only language, to be phased in by the 60s; but the the non Hindi speaking areas objected.

(*Got that from a couple of Indian barristers at a lawyers’ do. There was a free bar so take with a pinch of salt)

@Alan, I’ve heard and read the same.

@scildfreja: maybe go for a walk? 6:30 pm at the legislature if you’re in Edmonton, or at city hall in Calgary. I’m headed out now (just had to get better dressed).

Oh, Trudeau is openly thumbing his nose at trump already: the government is looking to fund NGOs affected by the Mexico City rule, likely in collaboration with the Netherlands.


It hasn’t felt like a flaw, exactly, but it does feel like there are Important Life Skills that everyone has (makeup, knowing what shoes are ‘cute’, whatever) that i have never had.

You don’t know what shoes are cute?!

Forget Donald Trump, this is a serious problem!

Luckily, there is a solution. Fashion magazines are very willing to let you know what shoes are cute — or at least are cute this season. Think of it as a public service. Without fashion magazines, we’d all be scratching our heads and wondering, What shoes are cute?

@numerobis, I would love to, but I’m positively flat right now. Can’t swallow, massive migraine, hot-cold shivers, nausea. It’s been going around and I guess it was my turn. I could potentially drive into the city, but I don’t think I trust myself on the road right now, and I’d be spreading whatever-it-is around the crowds. Please know that I’m there in spirit at least.

And thank you for the news update. I love the Dutch so very much. I’m sure it’s the congestion and sinus pain, but I’m in shaky tears over the reaction we and the Netherlands have had to these awful events. I really hope we can get those poor stranded people in to safety, and that we can raise our refugee acceptance limit to compensate for those who are now barred from the US.

Canada kicked the Nazis out of the Netherlands once before and we’ve been close ever since. I’m hoping that the two of us, together, are able to do much more now. Love you guys, Netherlands!

There are thousands of people at the metro station closest to the vigil, moving at a snails pace just to get to the vigil.

Couldn’t be happier to be half Dutch. Pretty much all of the news that I hear come out of the Netherlands makes me incredibly proud of that part of my heritage. In fact I’m hoping to visit for the first time this summer, and maybe meet some relatives too! I’m 2nd generation Canadian, so there’s quite a few over there who aren’t too distant relation-wise, but simply haven’t had the chance to meet due to the geographical distance.

@Kat: ahahaha, thank you, i will definitely check in with the fashion magazines for that definition!

I realised that i should have perhaps expanded my list to qualities that are unnessesarily gendered, like empathy, compassion, aggression, the drive towards excellence (the word for which i cannot think of right now) because that is obviously more important than shoes.

(Also i think i found a pair that i actually like, i just wish my feet weren’t so comically small, so i could fit mens shoes. All i want is a plain leather combat boot with no zipper or extra buckles or high heel. A friend mentioned corcoran, and if i could just get a field boot.. sigh.)

I hope everyone feels better soon!

@numerobis and Scildfreja, I’m unable to respond in detail atm but I just wanted to say that I’ve read and considered what you’ve both said re: Trudeau.

@ rhuu

All i want is a plain leather combat boot

Try searching online for tactical boot rather than combat. They’re the same sort of thing but because they’re designed for police and security use rather than exclusively military, they tend to also come in smaller sizes.

ETA: search for ‘female’ as well as women’s size, cos you know, military 🙂


Canadians across the country hold vigils for Quebec mosque shooting victims

Thousands in Montreal. The metro was packed at my station, but that’s normal at rush hour. When I transfered to the blue line, the station was packed — very unusual, it’s usually empty even at rush hour. We tried to squeeze in, but some people got stuck waiting for the next train. Then the train basically emptied at the station for the vigil. One train holds over a thousand passengers. It took about 15 minutes to get out of the station. There were a lot of people.

Waiting for my friends, a man asked me what the hell was going on. I broke the news to him. He seemed almost uncomprehending. 30s before my friends arrived, the mayor of Montreal walked by.

There were speeches. I heard an occasional word, but the sound system couldn’t fill the square. Plenty of cheers. Some signs, but not as inventive as at other protests — people need time to come up with those.

As we were leaving (my friends were getting cold), we were slowly inching away along when the call came: “À qui la rue? À nous la rue!” — one of the standard chants in marches in Montreal (roughly: whose street? Our street!). I turned around to see the Wobblies had unfurled a banner and were leading a march.

So we switched from walking home to marching home, chanting slogans against racism and islamaphobia, behind a sign with the hammer and sickle.

First we took half the street, then the other half. When we spread out, the first block there were a few cars and a city bus. The police moved fast to redirect traffic so we’d have the whole street without cars. Cross traffic honked in support. And one person in anger, but mostly in support.

I learned two things in discussions during and after: (1) the deradicalization centre in Montreal has been doing interventions in Quebec City with right-wing extremists, and had warned the mayor there at a conference in October. He insisted there was no radicalization, but it was good to keep things in mind in case it spread (uh, douchebag, it’s spreading *from* Quebec City!)

And (2), every Friday, Vice puts the finishing touches on their weekly video that they publish every Wednesday. The one going out this week, that they finished last week after a couple weeks of work: right-wing radicalization in Quebec City.

In news which surprises approximately no-one, Alexandre Bissonnette, the mosque killer, is reported to be a big Trump supporter:

Bissonnette s’était coupé de quelques amis depuis un mois et ne répondait plus au téléphone ni aux messages Facebook, selon M. Debroise.

«Il aimait beaucoup Trump et avait un mécontentement permanent contre la gauche», ajoute-t-il.

So that’s something for Trudeau to talk about, next time he chats with Trump.

Yeah, as a gender nonconforming person (I just refer to myself as butch) it’s annoying seeing the constant debate on how I should view my own gender.

I like masculine clothing and I see the clothing I wear as masculine. It’s annoying when people are like “actually there’s no such thing as gender you aren’t masculine”.

you wouldn’t talk to a gender conforming cis man/woman like that.

Leda Atomica:

Mo… mom?

Ha! I knew this name would be confusing if I kept using it here. There was at least one time I had to explain on an anti-abortion site that Leda was not my daughter but my cat, who, at the time of writing, was dead, and who therefore didn’t particularly feel any angst over the possibility that her mother might have aborted her. I got the name because, when faced with the actual prospect of picking my name, all the clever options I didn’t write down vacate my mind. Leda got the name because she had a feather obsession. In retrospect, that seems slightly tacky. We also had Edmund, who got his name for his skill in climbing up my bare legs. We now have Ricky, who came with that name and is known as Richard J. Kitty when he’s being a pain (it pisses me off that he shares a middle initial with the current president, especially since he is also orange); Fuzzy, who should be obvious; Dawn, who was named by my son and is otherwise known as Stretchy McStretchypants, Doofus McCatface, Dawn of the Dinosaurs and The Thing From Planet Huh? All pre-owned kitties, all fabulous. I work at a vet clinic to subsidize my cat habit.

@kupo thank you for explaining the block quotes! I do see the ‘quote’ button now and I feel a little silly for not noticing it before 😛

@GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina – I think you may be operating under some misconceptions. I didn’t really want to get into this, but to start with, the ‘man in a woman’s body/vice versa’ language was forced on trans people by cis gatekeepers (therapists, doctors, etc. who we need to impress to access transitional care); there is an older generation of trans people who do use this language to describe themselves, but it’s because they’ve been told to do so by people who have power over how they present themselves.

And trans people, on the whole, do not decide they are trans based on gender stereotypes. I didn’t realize I was a trans man because I played with trucks instead of dolls as a kid. If anything, I’m more stereotypically feminine than masculine, actually; I bake, sew, and pursue creative projects. I’m not a very aggressive person and I don’t like sports at all. Gender stereotypes and gendered traits have little to nothing to do with being trans, and a trans guy is just as likely to be into ‘girly’ things as a cis guy is; likewise, there are many butch trans women out there, and trans women who pursue typical ‘masculine’ interests or careers.

I don’t characteristically go into detail these days about my own path to transition, and everyone’s is different, but for myself, my decision to transition came from a feeling that I can describe like this: I felt as if I was living a lie as long as I kept presenting myself as my assigned gender. I felt like I was hiding a part of myself from the world, and the idea of hiding that way for my whole life, growing into an old woman and eventually dying and being buried under a woman’s name, was the worst feeling I could imagine. When I was introduced to other trans people and realized that this was a thing I could be and could do, it was a huge relief – like someone had given me permission to live my life.

None of my life plans changed. It wasn’t like I was depressed at the thought of being confined to a woman’s role. I planned to live my life childless and marriage-free then and I continue to plan to live that way now. I am a person of low aspirations and am very happy working in the loan servicing department of a local bank, while pursuing my writing on the side. None of my hobbies changed or became more ‘permissible’ or ‘normal’ when I came out as a man. I’m just infinitely happier because I feel like I am living as myself, rather than living behind a mask.

Also @everyone else, thank you for your responses, I appreciate them. I do tend to feel like I’m overbearing and long-winded at times, especially here where a lot of people tend to keep their comments short, so it means a lot to me that anyone bothered to read both (!! And here I go double-posting again, of course) of my comments all the way through.

I dont know I like what you say about how older trans people refer to themselves. they have every right to use whatever language they want without younger people accusing them of being some sort of sell out to cis people.

@Victoria honestly you’re right, and I regretted how I worded that after I posted my comment, but I hesitated to triple-post. I didn’t mean that bit the way it came out, and I apologize. I’m from the first generation that fought back against being forced into that particular terminology and I still have some of that fight in me, but that’s not an excuse to disrespect how anybody in the community identifies.

Heck. That wasn’t even a good apology. I’m sorry, folks, clearly it’s time for me to get off the internet and go take a nap before I start eating my other foot too.

So fyi, I’m (currently?) cis and so obviously my voice on trans issues is not to be taken as an authority. I feel this is a needed disclaimer because a. A lot of cis people here seem to think they can use their annoyance with gender stereotypes to invalidate trans people and b. I know I sometimes sound like a pretentious explaining arsehole when trying to contribute to discussions and want to make it very clear if I do that here, it’s unintentional, please call me out.

Having said that: can we all, uh, shush and listen to Preuxfox for a moment? Not even because they’re trans, although yes can we please start prioritising trans voices on their actual lives, but because they are speaking a lot of sense and an awful lot of this discussion looks like cis people seeing an opportunity to voice their discomfort with something they don’t understand and jumping at that chance without thinking about how that’s kind of a shitty thing to do; especially since we know there are trans readers on this blog (and even as a cis person obviously presenting as the gender I was assigned at birth, I know trans people are having to defend just existing basically every minute of every day, and it’s a dick thing to do to put our fellow commenters here on the defensive.)

@GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina

I get the feeling you are trying very hard to be inclusive and talk something through so you can understand it, but what you are doing is actually ignorant and harmful. I know that’s hard to hear and maybe it seems like a mean thing of me to say, but please at least think about it. I think you and a lot of the people here who seem so confused on how to reconcile trans issues with their own hatred of enforced gender roles (and I know this is a hard thing to do!) need to do some reading before continuing this discussion. The first thing I read that really helped me was called “not your moms trans 101”, I believe it’s old now but maybe you can find the blog. Or, really, just read stuff by trans people, who have done this hard work for you (because they have no choice) and have published many careful breakdowns accessible on Google. Your request that this be seen as an opportunity for trans people to educate you may have been meant well, but it was demanding that people who are asked to do this all the fucking time put aside their time, effort and emotional resources to educate you, when you could just Google this stuff. It’s harmful, and suggests (inadvertently I hope!) that their time is less important than yours.

I would like to suggest people read assigned male, a webcomic by a wonderful and patient trans girl.

I also recently learned of a… Theory? About womanhood, oppressed genders as a class, and trans people. To my knowledge it was put forward by a cis person trying to limit very harmful terfy rhetoric, but it did seem helpful to me. This was the idea that your identified gender, the gender you are, is what matches your “internal map” that directs your life. This internal map is based on the gendered stereotypes of the society we are raised in. Thus: you can have an understanding that men are expected to be violent. You can understand that you are a man. You can reject the notion of violence as part of your identity, but because this rejection is based on something you acknowledge to be part of a stereotypical “male” gender map, you are still acknowledging you are male, and non-violent, and that is against your societal norms. The fact you are male is not rooted in you being violent; but your rejection of this violence that you understand is expected of you is part of you acknowledging yourself as male. It’s tricky to explain but its about how we internalise the messages we receive about gender roles, even if we don’t agree with them; taking male, female, neither or both messages as directed at us.

Teal deer: Let’s not be shitty about trans people, even if they confuse you. Here’s some suggestions for how to start thinking about this stuff without accidentally harming trans people.

Not talking about shootings, Trump here because I can’t do that right now for mental health reasons. I support David in whatever direction he takes his blog. I agree this is both burn-out territory and of utmost importance.

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