kitties pledge drive

Adorable cats run through filters want to thank you for your support!

Thank you kindly!

A big round of thanks to all those who helped to make the 4th Quarter 2016 pledge drive a big success. Some of you really went above and beyond the call of duty, and I appreciate it enormously.

2016 has been a monumentally shitty year (for everyone but the shittiest of people), and it looks likely that 2017 will be even worse. I will do my best with this little blog to make the coming year just a teensy bit less crappy

If you meant to donate but hadn’t gotten around to it just yet, click the button below! It is easy as pie, and greatly appreciated!

Thanks again to everyone who donated, and to everyone who helps to support this blog in other ways.

I used to end these “thank you posts” with the tackiest cat gifs I could find. But I think I may have already used up all the good ones. So here are some more weirdly filtered kitties for you!

Bonus! A cat that sort of looks like it’s getting blown away in the wind.



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This isn’t a cat video but Hbomberguy just uploaded a new video making fun of alt righters

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