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Friday Night Imaginary Karaoke Party with Weirdly Filtered Pic of Debbie Harry (Open Thread)

Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass

It’s Friday, at least in my part of the space-time continuum, so here’s an open thread for you all. No trolls, MRAs, Trump fans, etc.

And since I’m posting weirdly filtered pics, here’s a weirdly filtered pic of my cats in their kitten days:

And some random ladies having a drink:

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And I’m all WHY A HANDBASKET? Who even specifies which limb holds a basket, are there footbaskets? COME ON.

There are not. However, there are a wide variety of baskets which lack handles, and are carried on the head, in both arms, of mostly left in one place; these are not handbaskets. Why things go to hell in one is less clear.

Also, maybe if she wasn’t already IN a relationship, something not-serious could have happened because I am so curious damn it!

As described, it sounds as though she may have wanted something to happen regardless of that relationship. (I hesitate to speculate on the effects on the relationship in question; it may well be that they’ve an agreement on such matters.) There may be pertinent details I am missing that would change my read of the situation, of course.

I think I figured something out in the shower. Don’t ask why I suddenly thought of it.

Alpha = Successful PUA
Gamma = MGTOW
Omega = Incel
Beta = Anyone with a generally manospherian outlook who doesn’t fit the above categories
Sigma = Any Beta who doesn’t identify as a Beta because they’re totally super-speshul, dammit!

Why things go to hell in one is less clear.

I think it mist be in order for somebody whose name I’ve seen around – I do not know who this person is – to rejoice in the wonderful internet handle of Helena Handbasket.

A great board game for younger kids (say, 4 and up) is Labyrinth. We loved it because we could include our youngest even when she couldn’t read, but it was interesting enough for the older one and the adults.

(Now in the correct thread! :P)

@WWTH, absolutely creepy as hell. If they’d had the same premise and decided to explore the disturbing aspects of it, that might make for a very interesting film. But as far as I can tell, they’re not portraying it as anything worse than some boyish hijinks. Oops, ruined your life to manipulate you into sex! But, you know, boys are gonna be boys.

Speaking of boys will be boys, Boyfriend and I were at the bookstore and we saw a book about the Dallas Cowboys with that exact title. Ensuing conversation: “Wow, that’s… wow.” “Oh my God, seriously? Who approved that?” “Is it just me, or does that heavily imply–” “Yup, sure does.” “Worst title ever.” “Yup.”

Oh my god guyse, i think it’s a sign of the end times

@WWTH, I haven’t seen much about the movie, but from what I’ve seen? ugh. Yeah, for once I’d like to see a movie where a man and a woman are isolated together for some length of time and they don’t end up in a romantic situation.

I mean, hell, not even for the sexist nonsense that the trope represents, just for the novelty of it. I haven’t even seen more than bit of the trailer and I already know the plot. Lemme guess, they’ll have an awkward friendship at first cause they have to, cause they’re the only ones there. Then he does something to offend her and she’s all bitchy cuz bitchez amirite? Then there’ll be a disaster or something where he has to save the day, and she forgives him, and they have sex, and that’s the happy ending because the hero did the thing and got the prize.

Gag me with a spoon, you guyse.

@Scildfreja, the premise is actually even creepier than the trailers suggest. This review explains more. I’m not going to state here exactly what it says, in case someone feels that’s a bit spoilerific, but my understanding is that this is not some big twist at the end but is known to the viewer from the outset. I think it’s worth looking up if anyone is considering watching this film.

I don’t get why that’s creepy. Also, don’t know the premise, since I just roll my eyes and skip the ads for it when they come up.

EDIT: hhhhholy shit

What the hell is wrong with people? I hope this movie craters, and that all staff involved in crafting the storyline of it are banished in shame from producing any movies ever again. How could you think this sort of movie plot was a good ide-

– oh, because women are prizes to be won and not people with autonomy. Right, forgot about that for a brief moment.

In space, no one can hear you scream. That is too damn appropriate for what the fuckery this movie wrought. You don’t see Misery and sympathize with the kidnapper, why would you do that in this film director and writers?!

Yeah kidnap and enslave a woman and put her under surveillance just so you can escape your loneliness by dragging someone else into being imprisoned with you for the rest of her life, and pass that all off because LOOOOOVOCOVCOCCVVVVEE. That totally wouldn’t cause alot of people to raise a few eyebrows, and tomatoes, and torches.

I’ve only had a cursory glance at the synopsis but it sounds suspiciously like that episode of Red Dwarf where Lister tries to persuade Rimmer to resurrect Kochanski.

I am even more convinced that the only major differences between a modern psychological horror movie and modern romance movie are the camerawork and post-production. The stories and scripts themselves are interchangeable, it’s just in how Creepmaster 5000 is framed as he pursues the object of his desire.

If I weren’t already too lazy to keep my existing blog up to date, I might be tempted to start one where I did recaps of romances and romantic comedies as if they were horror.

Anyone remember Three to Tango where Matthew Perry pretends to be gay to get Neve Campbell’s guard down? Yikes.

And I don’t remember what it’s called, but I think there’s a movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence where she handcuffs and kidnaps him and drags him to her parents and has him pretend to be her boyfriend. Eesh.

Then there’s 13 going on 30. A 13 year old makes a wish that she’s 30, wakes up in Jennifer Garner’s body and dates and flirts with 30 year old men.

And who could forget the timeless horror classic Beauty and the Beast?

All that without even getting to the terror that is Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray. Shudder.

Had not heard of Passengers, now will not be watching it. It just really reinforces how people who make these films expect everyone to be male, and empathise with the male character.

Like, how is that not the most terrifying thing you’ve ever been pitched? Who greenlit it? How did it get out of preproduction hell???

How did no one say “Wait, this is super super creepy, and it’s going to make probably half of the audience really uncomfortable?”

Also, how are there no contingency plans to deal with like, the initial incident?

I posted this to FB (more or less):
“If the story had been that once she realizes what he’s done and why, she swears revenge and hunts him through the ship with blood in her eyes and murder in her heart, while he attempts to flee, his desperation growing – I’d be first in line for THAT.”

A commenter said my version did sound better.

Wait, wait, wait you guys. I got it. I figured it out. They don’t have to worry about alienating women from their movies.

See, women don’t like spaceships or cool science fiction things, they prefer, like, cooking and babies and girly-stuff. This is a boy-movie. So it’s safe, guys! The girl’s just one of the elements of the space movie, after all.

What about the one with Meg Ryan where she and Matthew Broderick are both trying to sabotage the relationship of their exs and they do messed up shit like intentionally introduce allergens to Meg’s ex (because his new girlfriend will dislike him for having allergies?!?) and in the end Meg and Matthew’s characters fall in love. I just looked it up, it’s called Addicted to Love. That one creeps me out so much.

I hate romantic movies and dislike violent movies. There are almost no movies that interest me anymore. They all seem to fall into those categories, increasingly over time. I just find myself watching MST3K or youtubes instead. Why do peoples gotta be so creepy and awful?


Do you dislike movies with violence in them, or is it movies where violence is the point? I have a local theater that shows a lot of neat independant/smaller budget movies that aren’t big enough for wide release, but generally big enough that I see them on Netflix after a few months, and I tend to like them far more than 95% of the blockbusters that come out lately. I’d be happy to recommend a few if you are interested!

Edit: or like, anyone else who wants some lesser-known movie recommendations, just lemme know what you like 🙂

I swear to Arceus why make hyper training at level 100 when all online formats and in game are capped at level 50, and on top of that have no high level trainers to fight that are at the 70-100 level, and you only get 1 lucky egg, why?

Two lovers and a bear: no violence against persons, some against property. Not an easy film!

Um… that’s all the movies I’ve seen lately.

I’m in Iqaluit! It’s beautiful!

And it’s fucking cold. And dark. Golden hour is at noon; the sun sets before 2pm.

I tried to walk my girlfriend to work this morning, but I wasn’t quite geared up enough: my face was in pain in minutes, and one wrist was exposed. A second try at noon got me to see the shore, where I could hear the ice groan from the tide coming back in, and steam coming off cracks in the ice. But my feet got cold after just 45 minutes and that same wrist again, somehow I can’t fit the coat and mitt together properly. I’ll figure this out eventually.

@numerobis Excellent! You made it! 🙂

@Scildfreja A movie I like that might meet your requirements:

Secret of Roan Innish

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