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Will the sentient robots of the future ally with men or women, MGTOW wonders

Beta male cuck defends woman from robot justice
Beta male cuck defends woman from righteous robot justice

Leave it to the deep thinkers of the Men Going Their Own Way community to ask the tough questions that no one else dares to ask.

For example: In the future, when men are reduced to 5 percent of the population and forced to flee to Mars or Venus, will the sentient robots ally themselves with men or with women?

In the MGTOW subreddit, an aspiring futurist calling himself FalloutFan2 laments what he sees as the inevitable rise of a gynocentric dystopia in which men are more or less bred out of existence, except for a tiny minority that the women keep around for sperm and giggles.

“It’s sad how everything in modern society is already gearing towards a female-only future,” FalloutFan2 notes wistfully.

I think there will come a point where all men rebel against the system and form their own colony on Mars or Venus or whatever, where we’ll bring some female sex-bots for entertainment.

It’s rare that I find myself agreeing with anything I read on the MGTOW subreddit, but if you guys want to go start a MGTOW colony on Venus I will not only support you but help you pack.

Of course the women will just keep using their dildos because they are emotionless beings who care little for actual interaction, whether it be sentient robot or human.

I have to admit that “women are emotionless automatons who prefer dildos to robots because they don’t like talking to people” is a stereotype I have not encountered before.

Do you think the sentient robots will ally themselves with mankind and not womankind?


I think that due to their advanced intelligence they will not see a possible future where they could be on equal footing with women (due to the female’s natural inclination to boss everyone around), so they’ll settle for a society where they are equal to men.

I’m pretty sure sentient robot ladies would kick you guys to the curb as quickly as actual human females. Especially since two sentences ago the only sentient robots you were interested in were of the sexy sex slave variety.

Of course, if we do all end up on Mars, women will just eventually send nukes to destroy the colony regardless, out of bitter spite (if they figure out how to press the correct buttons that is, but typically some beta male nuclear scientist would have left blatant instructions beforehand that even a toddler would understand).

Ha ha ladies can’t even nuclear holocaust men right!

Women just can’t handle the fact that men just want to be happy.

Well that’s a bit of an ironic statement to find on the MGTOW subreddit, to put it mildly. I can’t think of a group of men less interested in being happy, or more inclined to wallow in their own bitterness, than MGTOWs.

They can’t comprehend that men are satisfied with an existence of philosophical stoicism, and not artificially superimposing different contrived existentialisms on reality. Either no one but them can be allowed to be happy, or no one period.

Unfortunately, due to this reason I don’t see any possible way it could work out. Women will just kill themselves off once all the men are gone anyway, cuz there’ll be no one to listen to their nagging bullshit.

Better get yourself an agent quick, FalloutFan2, because this sounds like the greatest science fiction novel never written!

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5 years ago

I have not distorted what you said. You DID brush off the misogyny. That’s what the ‘but’ in your sentence does. WWTH did NOT specifically state that you excused the use of twat. She said you brushed it off. You won’t even read what’s actually being said and instead you make up strawmen. I will not engage you any further as you’re clearly only interested in being right and don’t care about how your actions support a system of patriarchy that demands that women put men’s feelings before their own.

weirwoodtreehugger: communist bonobo
weirwoodtreehugger: communist bonobo
5 years ago

Moving to a different thread doesn’t magically erase your behavior.

And no, we don’t have to consider the points of misogynistic trolls valid.

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
5 years ago

I also thought – and still think – that the accusations of racism with regard to Obama were unfair

Go figure…

My view is that even a misogynistic troll may make worthwhile points

Wrong again. A troll can’t make worthwhile points, cos a troll is inherently not worth anyone’s while

But if others continue to level personal attacks at me on unrelated threads, I think it will be quite clear who is being unreasonable over a difference of view

The passive aggression, I can taste it. The problem isn’t a “difference in view”. You refused to apologize for hurting someone. As I said in the other thread, that means something
Also, after calling Obama ‘articulate’, Hairy referred to him as a ‘specimen’. Don’t tell me he wasn’t being a massive racist. Jackass

Scildfreja Unnýðnes
Scildfreja Unnýðnes
5 years ago


Eálá þéodenes þrym.

May time bring insight.

EJ (The Orphic Lizard)

You’re a smart person. kupo, WWTH and Policy of Madness are all smart people too. If three smart people say that the sky is green when you think it is blue, consider the possibility that you are mistaken.

Apologise, accept, move on. Don’t dig in, please.

5 years ago

One day: I mean, sure, he used a couple of misogynistic insults, but is that really a big deal? Is that really so bad that he deserves the grave punishment of not being able to broadcast his racist opinions all over these comment threads? I say thee, no!
The next day: Hey wait how dare you suggest that I excused his misogynistic insults. That is very insulting and wrong and bad.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
5 years ago

Nick, here is exactly where you are doing everything WWTH and Kupo are saying you did:

Gert was certainly unnecessarily rude, and used a couple of sexist insults – and of course David is fully entitled to ban anyone he wants – but a lot of the responses to him were unjustified.

No, dumbass. All of the responses to him were fully justified. Gert is racist, misogynist, and a self-identified troll. Being nice and kind and understanding and polite and gentle to a racist, misogynist troll is not actually required and being mean and short with Gert was fully justified.

I want you to look deep into yourself and ask yourself why you think it’s unjustified for women and people of color and allies thereof to not coddle the feelings and emotions of a male-identified person who is being racist, misogynist, and trolling.

Yes, I have made an assessment of your moral worth. You think it’s unjustified to be other than gentle and kind to someone who is racist, misogynist, and a troll. There is a moral value in that position and it is not a positive one.

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